Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Alex Constantine Cleans Up Hopsicker's Messes, Part One - The Defamation of Dave von Kleist

Re: Hopsicker's Defamation of Dave von Kleist and Joyce Riley ...

A few years ago, Daniel Hopsicker posted an article at his MadCow site listing a number of companies named "Genesis" that were owned by Iran-contra fixer Adnan Khashoggi. It was Genesis this and Genesis that ... and Hopsicker included on his list one GENESIS COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK.

GENESIS COMMUNICATIONS NETWORK IS NOT A KHASHOGGI HOLDING. Hopsicker was wrong - you can Google all day long ... there is NO CONNECTION between Adnan Khashoggi and the Genesis network.

The network airs Joyce Riley, a gutsy activist who opposes federally-sponsored human experimentation (I've been on her show and found her research to be top-drawer), and Dave von Kleist, a highly-visible filmmaker in the 9/11 Truth Movement (he doesn't have much experience as a researcher - and it takes about three years of solid work to establish a FOUNDATION for anti-fascist research, by my estimation - but he learns fast and works hard).

But his article - swallowed whole by Hopsicker's readers - has discredited Riley and von Kleist in the eyes of many in the 9/11 truth movement ...

From the Ann Arbor Truth and Freedom Forum: " ... Hopsicker alleges that Khashoggi owns the whole scam operation that includes Genesis Communications Network. He doesn't have anything on Alex Jones (whose radio show is syndicated by GCN) so he attacks Dave Von Kleist for spreading the 'flash' questions ... "

But Hopsicker was mistaken or deliberately smearing Riley and von Kleist, who have never recovered their reputations.

I like them both, though. Always have. I don't feel that way about "NBC Fake News Artist" Hopsicker, though.

Who pays that guy's bills? That's for me to know ...

- Alex Constantine