Sunday, July 08, 2007

Karl Rove & New Hampshire Sen. John Sununu/Sununu and Big Oil

Karl Rove’s PowerPoint on John Sununu
March 30th, 2007

Boy, the news for John Sununu just keeps getting worse!

The Washington Post reports, that in a January 26 Jan. videoconference, Karl Rove deputy J. Scott Jennings, directed to the chief of the GSA and as many as 40 agency officials stationed around the country listing the names of Democratic candidates considered beatable and Republican lawmakers thought to need help.

Such a blatant political presentation to government staffers and using government resources may have been illegal.

But because congress is now investigating the propriety of such behavior we now have access to thinking current thinking of George Bush’s Brain and his most influential political advisor: a one Mr. Karl Rove.

The Congressional committee investigating this monkey business has released Karl Rove’s PowerPoint slides. A map from Rove’s slideshow clearly shows Senator John Sununu of New Hampshire one of the eight Republican Senators who will be on the “defense” in their re-election bids for 2008. ...
Sununu Has Taken Over $170,000 in Big Oil Campaign Money

Concord - Today John Sununu voted to let big oil keep billions of dollars in excess profits rather than use that money to expand incentives for alternative energy development.

Sununu's votes helped kill an amendment that a bipartisan group of Senators voted to attach to an energy bill being considered by the Senate - and it's no surprise why given the more than $170,000 Sununu has gladly taken from the oil and gas industry. Even New Hampshire Senator Judd Gregg broke with Sununu and voted against gutting the amendment.

"John Sununu had a chance today to choose a cleaner environment over the big oil companies who are funding his campaign, and he made the wrong decision for New Hampshire," said New Hampshire Democratic Party Chair Ray Buckley. "Other Republicans were willing to reach across party aisles to support this important legislation, but apparently John Sununu's ties to Big Oil are too strong for him to ignore. New Hampshire deserves better then a Senator that seems to be bought and paid for by the big oil companies."

Sununu Twice Voted Against Raising Billions From Big Oil Companies to Fund Alternative Energy. Today, Sununu twice voted against collecting $29 billion from big oil in order to fund alternative energy sources. First, Sununu parted with Judd Gregg and voted to gut the program by requiring the Secretary of Energy to declare that the bill would not raise gas prices or increase dependency on foreign oil before the provisions could be implemented. After his attempt to gut the measure failed, Sununu then voted against the whole tax package. [Vote 222, 6/21/07; Vote 223, 6/21/07; Senate Finance Committee Markup, 6/19/07; Dow Jones, 6/19/07; AP, 6/19/07; Chicago Tribune, 6/21/07]

Top Committee Republican Agreed That Oil and Gas Tax Package is The Way to Go. The penalties for big oil and gas companies earned bipartisan support, with Sen. Chuck Grassley, the Finance Committee's top Republican, saying, "We have entered a new era in energy markets...(that) requires a dramatic shift away from tax incentives for oil and gas production" and toward support for other energy sources and efficiency. [AP, 6/19/07]

Sununu Has Received More Than $172,000 in Campaign Contributions From Oil and Gas Industry. The big oil & gas industry has contributed at least $172,130 to John Sununu's campaigns over the years. [Center for Responsive Politics, accessed 6/20/07]