Sunday, July 15, 2007

Scenes from My Secret Life

I'm a cross-country hiker, and climb mountains to purge politics from my system. In the high Sierras, at 12,000 feet, walking in the sky through paradise, the hypocrisy and corruption of politics never cross your mind, I discovered. Periodically, when the degradations overwhelm, I run off to the mountains to forget. Elemental sensations nurture the soul back to health. Continual immersion in civilization drains the spirit, nature brings it back - a suggestion for anyone weighed down by the evils of American politics. This cascade is Twin Lakes drainage, SW of Tahoe (click on the photos to enlarge).

I camped that night at tiny Smith Lake, woke up to this appallingly beautiful spectacle, rolled out of my sleeping bag into the glacial runoff and had a swim before breakfast:

Hiked roughly 50 miles that time out, and reveled in every minute of it ... hardly thought about Nazis at all ... ahhhh ...