Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Portrait of a "Conservative" Blogger - NICHOLAS STIX (and the National Policy Institute)

Nicholas Stix has worked for the racist National Policy Institute (NPI), chaired by William Regnery, Jr.. The NPI flatly opposes racial tolerance:

"White Americans have been led to believe that 'diversity' and 'multiculturalism' are sacred. We’re conditioned to be shy when it comes to standing up for our own beliefs. But doesn’t every race, ethnic subculture, and special interest—from left-handers to lesbians—have all sorts of organizations working for them? Isn’t it about time someone spoke for us?"

"Us" = Caucasians. You know ... Europeans who can't stomach "immigrants" ... and "diversity" - is this now perceived to be a liberal code word? Let's talk straight here. "Diversity" means racial mixing, doesn't it? Integration. No mincing of words ... IT MUST BE STOPPED.

Seig Heil.

At his "conservative" blog, MR. STIX PROMOTES THE WORK OF EUGENICIST ARTHUR R. JENSEN (See below), promulgator of the faux "G-Factor" in racist "biology" - an academic lynching that, like The Bell Curve (financed by the Pioneer Fund), parades as legitimate science.

Stix's defense of the notorious Pioneer Fund - a major influence on the German Nazi Party's eugenics policies - is reprinted here in full.

The NPI site, from an anti-fascist perspective, is for "conservative" racists, but check this out ... amazing:

Elsewhere on the Net he defends Steven Hatfill, the accused anthrax terrorist from SAIC/Ft. Detrick who was on close terms with Prince Bandar and the Oliver North crowd, claiming that every reporter who has connected Hatfill to the anthrax attacks was fantasizing to win Pulitzers. It's standard "conservative" fare - Stix disguises his obvious loathing of Blacks and immigrants behind academic code words, lies about and harasses liberals, supports Bush and the Iraq War ...

It's enough to turn your stomach ... and of course Stix has worked in the media:


A dissident journalist, my work has been published in dozens of daily newspapers, magazines, and journals under my own name and many pseudonyms. Whitelisted in New York, I currently write for some magazines and many Web sites.

Stix Defends of the Pioneer Fund from Racist "Smears"
Runnin’ Scared: Racist Pseudo-Journalism at the Village Voice

By Nicholas Stix
Updated 9:15 p.m. on June 14.

On May 30, the Village Voice published something called “Runnin' Scared; Warp and Woof; An Upper East Side dog lover who funded one of the city's oldest hate groups is dead,” by staff activist Maria Luisa Tucker. Philanthropist Michelle Ilse Weyher – whom I had previously never heard of, and whom Tucker had surely never heard of either – had died. The following paragraph gives as good a sample as any of Tucker’s tactics without my getting repetitive.

Michelle Ilse Weyher was the Germany-born [sic] third wife of the Pioneer Fund's former president, Harry Weyher. The organization had grown up and grown old in New York City, supported by rich city boys like Weyher. It was originally founded by Nazi sympathizer Wickliffe Draper, a philanthropist who advocated segregation and sending blacks to Africa.

Note that based on the above paragraph, the main difference between Wickliffe Draper and Abraham Lincoln is that Lincoln, who was assassinated 55 years before there was a Nazi movement, and who also advocated sending blacks to Africa, did not advocate for segregation, because the propriety of segregation was so taken for granted in Lincoln’s day in the North, that there was no need to “advocate” for it.

Note, too, Tucker's cheap racist shot of referring to grown white men as "boys." This tradition originates with black supremacists such as Jill Nelson, a 1980s affirmative action hire at the Washington Post, who responded to being lavishly paid (for a writer) for little work by undermining the paper's editorial integrity, and with a sophomoric racism. As Nelson later bragged, she once sandbagged a Post story on a rape allegation against corrupt, black Washington, D.C. mayor Marion Barry by getting the headline changed, so that readers would not know that the alleged victim had charged the mayor with rape, or any other crime, for that matter. (And that woman was black -- had the alleged victim been white, I suppose Nelson would have gotten the story killed altogether.) In Nelson's obscenely titled, padded-out memoir of her soft tenure at the Post, Volunteer Slavery, where she bragged about her lack of journalistic ethics, she referred to her aged editor, Ben Bradlee, and other grown white man superiors as "white boys." Already during the 1960s, someone had coined a phrase that perfectly captured black supremacists like Nelson: "People who won't take 'yes' for an answer."

I responded to Tucker with the following letter, which I sent out yesterday.

To the Editor:

For a short article, Maria Luisa Tucker’s smear job on the Pioneer Fund (“Runnin’ Scared,” May 30), is full of errors born of equal parts laziness and malice. She refers to Michael Levin as “an NYU professor,” when in fact he is today, as he has been since 1969, a City College professor. (Tucker probably did a google search and found that a Michael Levin had taught writing at NYU. Although Levin was one of my grad school instructors over 20 years ago, unlike Tucker, I still took the trouble to contact him, to confirm his institutional affiliation.) She confounds the leftwing “Century Foundation” with the racial realist “New Century Foundation.” She identifies eugenics with Nazism, but the same belief in eugenics – of culling the “lesser breeds” – is the foundation of the abortion movement. (Liberal Freakonomics economist Steven D. Levitt has similarly argued that abortion among blacks would cut crime.) She calls the scientific study of IQ “racist pseudoscience,” when the findings of IQ science (e.g., average racial group differences in intelligence) are cold, hard facts, as opposed to the racist propaganda of the totalitarian Left, which she supports. The desperate Tucker even stoops to calling the sort of mailbox address (“suite”) used by countless organizations and corporations “a hoax.” She calls Pioneer, which has a history of funding the world’s top IQ scientists, whom anti-scientific leftist groups have sought to silence and make unemployable, a “hate group,” implying that it has sought to violate the rights of members of certain groups, and inflict violence upon them. Rather, it is the totalitarian Left that has buried the real science, built its own racist pseudo-science on top of it, and which supports using the weapons of racial disenfranchisement and racial violence.

That Tucker would approvingly quote the Southern Poverty Law Center on any topic is laughable. The SPLC is a corrupt, racist group that under the false pretext that it is helping victims of hate crimes fabricates “intelligence,” in order to fundraise millions of dollars per year, promotes race hoaxes, and seeks to have anyone with the temerity to oppose its support for turning America into a racist, Marxist, Third World dictatorship fired, whitelisted, and criminalized.

I recommend anyone seeing this to read the National Policy Institute’s two-part investigation into the SPLC and its report, The State of White America-2007, both of which are available free at , and the works of Linda Gottfredson, Richard Lynn, J. Phillippe Rushton, Arthur Jensen and other scientific psychologists.

Nicholas Stix

P.S. I was honored to serve as the project director of NPI’s report, The State of White America-2007. However, I am not writing in any official capacity on behalf of NPI.
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William H. Regnery, II

White Americans have been led to believe that “diversity” and “multiculturalism” are sacred. We’re conditioned to be shy when it comes to standing up for our own beliefs. But doesn’t every race, ethnic subculture, and special interest—from left-handers to lesbians—have all sorts of organizations working for them?

Isn’t it about time someone spoke for us?

It’s not just the minority lobby who opposes our interests while advancing their own: even America’s white leaders—conservatives and liberals, Republicans and Democrats—routinely push for policies that disadvantage their own people.

Well, it is about time we had a voice in public policy—that’s why THE NATIONAL POLICY INSTITUTE (NPI) was formed. NPI promotes the American majority’s unique historical, cultural, and biological inheritance—and advances policies that, without prejudicing the legitimate rights of others, fearlessly defends our rights... our heritage.