Friday, August 03, 2007

Politics of "Paranoia": Theresa Duncan's Mother - Another "Conspiracy Theorist" in the Family?

The Los Angeles Times Emphasizes Theresa's "Paranoia" - But does not Find it Newsworthy that Theresa Duncan had a History of Harassment, and that her Mother was also being Stalked ...

By Alex Constantine

Today, the Los Angeles Times' Chris Lee returns to reinforce the slanted programming he initiated with his first report on the deaths of Duncan and Blake. The story is a better-written rehash of the first, reiterating the charge that Theresa believed phantom Scientologists were stalking her.

Heavy emphasis is placed on Theresa's "paranoia," as reflected in the headline: "The world as Jeremy Blake and Theresa Duncan saw it - Friends sift through the clues left behind by a glittering 'It' couple who had wrapped themselves in a cocoon of paranoia."

We keep hearing of Scientologists, but other very credible allegations made by Duncan are written out of the epitaph. There is no trace of "paranoia" in blog statements preceding her death: "This would be regrettable, but of no personal consequence to The Wit Of The Staircase if it had not been for the extremely coordinated and professional physical and psychological harassment Mr. Wit Of The Staircase (Jeremy Blake) and I underwent subsequent to Mr. Wit creating an artwork entitled Winchester, a video trilogy based on the violence and guilt in the life of gun-company heiress Sarah Winchester ... "

The entry does not ring with "paranoia": "The harassment Mr. Wit and I are still enduring featured as its centerpiece an FBI file I earned as an undergrad in Detroit for protesting the plant closings there and doing other labor organizing."

Is this one of her "paranoid conspiracy theories?" There are books written by reputable scholars detailing this sort of activity. It's not exactly a face-on-Mars delusion ...

"I also wrote several eloquent articles for Wayne State University's student newspaper demanding a Federal investigation into the Iran-Contra cover up when I was a freshman."

The FBI must have opened a file on Duncan at this time, per Bureau policy. She was obviously a "person of interest": "Wit's [Duncan's] family has generations of working class factory workers on my father's side, and generations of academic specialists in radical political movements on my mother's side."

We'll have to to file an FOIA request on that ...

Duncan: "My mother, who currently works at Wayne State University and has a PhD in political science that is focused on Black Panther and other radical movements in the Midwest, also recently received harassing phone calls, as did my younger brother."

Question: Are Theresa's mother and brother also "paranoid conspiracy theorists?" The FBI murdered 29 Black Panthers in cold blood - or am I subscribing to "looney" theories for stating this fact. On the Net there is a post in which I debate neo-con David Horowitz into a corner on this historical fact. But to any interest vested in suppressing progressive politics, FBI murders are "crazy conspiracy theory."

Theresa Duncan wasn't crazy. She was a typical enemy of the state - smarter than the average programmed prole. And she knew all about Operation Mockingbird and CIA mind control and cults - this makes her my student. I'm not a "conspiracy theorist," either, although the ignorant describe me in these condescending terms. I am, in fact, about ten years ahead of the pack, so the pack scratches its head and wonders what I'm about. So it was with Theresa Duncan.

She wrote about Operation Mockingbird - CIA control of the media. THAT didn't turn up in Chris Lee's smear job, either.

The crazy mind cotrolled types are in the pressroom, those who do the intelligence underground's bidding. You know, the Gestapo ... who do the killing (see archive) ...
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