Thursday, May 29, 2008

'Panzer Operation': Spanish Army Weapons in the Hands of Extreme Right Gangs

(transl. from Spanish)

The Crisis and the impunity of the neonazi armed gangs at Valencia Region, Spain

Interventions telephone, custom-month follow-ups and information infiltrators led to the Civil Guard to dismantle at the end of 2005 one of the politico-criminal armed gang of ultras, largest and most dangerous of the recent history of Spanish rule. Despite the fact that most detainees reside in the Valencia Region, the armed gang reaches more points in the state. The fact that the People's Action against impunity were people in this cause has prevented the case-still under instruction-end held before the trial and that defendants will no longer dream of escape unpunished as on previous occasions.

Feature of the research team AIP.

A criminal organization calling itself Anti System Front (FAS) acted as a organized for profit: planned robberies and assaults also sells all kinds of weapons, in collusion with military assets that had no hesitation in removing weapons from the Spanish army, as launchers and handguns. FAS was captained by Juan Manuel Soria, a fur tanners sentenced to more than two years in prison for extortion and grave threats to a priest-Valencia, which was surrounded by a legion of individuals with no known occupation. The weapons were used because individuals like Pedro Cuevas, the murderer of Guillem Agulló, could profit by selling Internet on behalf of the motherland. This is the so-called “Panzer Operation”, a criminal armed gang neo-fascist who has been on the verge of sleep the sleep of the righteous, if not by outside intrusions, five months ago scarce, "People's Action against impunity" that has arrived in the case, when the 27 suspects are already rubbing their hands thinking that, again, could continue to act with impunity.

Military, businessmen and criminals were part of a armed gang to Valencia, under the banner of the Third Reich, organized actions of Nazi propaganda for recruiting new militants and distributed all types of weaponry, among other criminal activities. The danger that the Guardia Civil detected allowed to undertake an investigation that led to uncover a criminal organization that had a veritable arsenal and alleged contacts within the law enforcement authorities in the state.

"Take always an ace up its sleeve"

"Today, in everyday life, you must ensure the security and tranquillity of yours, as well as that of your trade, and local housing. Carries always an ace up its sleeve!" This phrase led websites PRODEF, protection and defense systems, and other web Streetdefense virtually the same call, both illustrated with a photo where various individuals Pat a person who is covered as it can on the floor, and under the symbol of neo-fascist Celta Cruz. The tranquillity with which this business is advertised on the Internet and various groups that make complaint leading to the Civil Guard, towards the end of 2004, to investigate, within the range of neo-Nazi websites, this curious branch dedicated in commercial arms sales. The products sold ranging from crippling esprays up brass knuckles, electric batons and knives of all sizes and measures, and everything indicates that the fabric part from the Valencia Region. For months, agents intercepted phone for those responsible for web sites or detect that, beyond arms sales, there is a perfectly structured organization and with a doubtful legal purposes. It starts well what the Guardia Civil known as Pazer Operation.

Ten years ago that Spanish police had dismantled in Valencia the most active neo-Nazi group in the Valencia Region, Radical Action, protagonist of the razzia against immigrants and leftist militants and coordinator of much of the movement skin Spanish. They had organised music concerts RAC (Rock Anticommunist) failures during 1992 and 1993, which had moved skinheads from across Europe until the capital of l'Horta. The publication in one of their fanzines a blacklist of goals, among which were teachers, squats, homosexuals or independence, resulted in the dismantling. On this occasion they also found weapons, a hierarchical structure and racist propaganda. The story appeared again ten years later, but with a significantly higher magnitude.

Everything starts at Silla city. The initial clues contributing websites detected in late 2004, and comments within the movement, too often point to the town of Silla (Horta Sud region). This population has become one of the current nerve centres of the extreme right at Valencia, to the point of having given the party Spain 2000, a councilman in the last municipal elections. Various sources indicated that certain individuals linked to neo-Nazi movements Valencians were behind websites offering all kinds of weapons and racist material. An active neo-Nazi of Silla city, with criminal records, Joaquin Saludes Prieto, together with his wife, Mary Sandra Rentero Monzó, focusing much of the first steps of the investigation.

Another neighbor who fall under the Silla initially suspected Serrador is Alejandro Ferrer, aka “skull”, board member National Spain 2000 and known by a corpulent and exaggerated because of loitering in matches with the club Valencia CF Ultra Yomus, along with Joaquin Saludes. Rueda was part of the internal structure and decision-making bodies of the neo-Nazi organization Anti-System Front. According to sources of research, with the tranquility that had acted as these activities are spread by extremist environments, as also disclosed that the infighting traspasaban fiercely walls of their premises. There was a rivalry between its members that all too often passed by word of mouth in addition to the environment, with constant disqualifications of each other's throats.

Pedro Cuevas returns to scene.

Pedro Jose Cuevas Silvestre confirmed his relationship with neo-Nazi organizations after having gone through the prison for the death of Guillem Agulló. Linking to do and the tasks performed returned to this sinister character to the world of violence and the swastika. He was one of the main charge of the chain of manufacture and sale of certain weapons. It was known within the movement further that the murderer of Agulló could get brass knuckles of various models and prices. Cuevas had become a character in environments known for his neo-Nazi murderer sad history. We knew also that he was very quiet after having passed the passage through the prison following the case Agulló -which in no way had served to rehabilitate. It had become an example of impunity, and their involvement in making and in the business of weapons strengthen this image.

Arms sales and Nazi propaganda.

Through the website, make disclosed his Nazi ideology and also linked with more pages devoted in arms sales, administered by members of the same organization. The headquarters in Tres Cruces Avenue, number 69, of Valencia, served as a center of operations, and organized proselytizing activities in which supporters of the racist ideology came regularly to be educated, and where they could acquire material and neo-Nazi attend lectures and concerts group RAC. Currently, the same local party headquarters as well as National Alliance, which militate curiously diverse involved in the case Panzer and hosting activities similar to those organized by the hare.

The first blow against the police organization was September 2005 when they arrested 22 people and searched several premises around the Valencia Region. Months later, the investigation into the Civil Guard was lengthened with the arrest of five more people, and arrived at the figure of 27 defendants, most magnitude of the case against the extreme right of Spanish rule. The locations where the operation were deployed Valencia, Sagunt, Puçol, XIV, the Pobla de Farnals, Torrent, Silla, Paterna, Fuente de la Figuera, Xirivella and Burjassot. Among the arsenal seized from there until pens pistol, brass knuckles, guns, katanas, knives, crossbows, shotguns cut and a military grenade launcher. According to the Civil Guard in the fabric of neo-Nazi websites make a clear apology for the violence with political purposes, and provide weapons to reach these objectives, a business that served to finance the organization. One point of concern is the linking of professional soldiers of the Spanish Army in this armed gang. THE TIME magazine ( could know that at least three of those arrested worked for the military or armed forces while working with this organization.

For the Civil Guard, the defendants belong to an unlawful association, and charged them crimes of possession, trafficking and stockpiling of weapons and ammunition, robbery and crimes against public health because there are among the arsenal seized anabolic intended for illegal sale to thicken muscle mass of customers.

From conspiracy to political parties.

In addition to sharing local hare-organizing desarticulada in Operation Panzer militancy part of a newly created party, Alianza Nacional, heir to the defunct Alliance for National Unity (AUN), the formation of the historic ultra Ricardo Saez de Ynestrillas. Alianza Nacional, founded in Valencia in 2006 and headed by Pedro Pablo Pena, from AUN, premiered with incomes of the latter in prison and two more militants, after a short time to try to rely bomb attacks against a coach of relatives of ETA prisoners.

"The location remains open, and continue as before, military National Alliance."

It's clear what makes Juan Manuel Soria Monfort in a forum of a neo-Nazi Web when you ask what remains of doing. Soria, who was considered a leader of the organization dismantle operation under the belly, spearheaded the project in the country AN Valencià after a few months dismantled the illegal organization. We must highlight the leading role in the controversial visit by the leader of the Ku Klux Klan, David Duke, in Valencia -the only place where the Spanish state could do a talk-and that was always accompanied by Soria. The event was held at the site said it was refused permission consecutively in various hotels in Valencia, following the campaign of collective social and anti-fascists against the visit of American racist.

The employer was prosecuted one year after the Panzer Operation, accused of having extort a priest of the Royal Pla with religious images of explicit sexual content between the end of 2004 and early 2005. His accomplice in this adventure is also implicated in another case Panzer, David Montiel Pedro Garcia, aka “skull”, one of those who fought in a more fierce within the organization to achieve power. The defendants admitted the facts in the case of the priest, and accepted the sentence requested by the prosecutor and the private prosecution, which was less than two years' imprisonment for crimes-raising and threats. The Nazis had obtained the pictures and asked him 15,000 euros for not making them public.

But the character who did jump all alarms, both to do as this then in the electoral lists of AN in Xiva city, was Pedro Jose Cuevas Wild, author of the death of Guillem Agulló. Cuevas ranked number eight in the municipal candidacy headed by Soria, and his presence lifted the reaction of social and political movements Valencia, who gave a press conference complaints and asking the illegalización of this party. Another implicated in the case Panzer occupied the second place gives lists Xiva city, Ramon Luis Gomez.

Another party which is splashed in the case Panzer is headed by businessman Jose Luis Roberto, of España2000 organization, which curiously gained a councillor in the municipal elections of Silla, Andres Vicent. One of the few women detained during the operation, Maria Sandra Rentero Monzó, ranked number three in the candidacy for chair, along with other involved, Laureano Ruiz Piquer, worker Levantina Security, Roberto security private company, and number 38 of the candidacy of E2000 in Valencia in the last elections. Piquer was convicted of an offence of misconduct last December by the magistrate No. 2 Ibiza, condemning the company also alternatively Levantina General Services, linked to the multifaceted entrepreneur Jose Luis Roberto. Alejandro Rueda, the chair, also belongs to the party for Roberto, is part of the national board and, according to Andres Vicente (Spain councilman from 2000), working with young people for the "away from violence" and to "change the aesthetics ". His defense in this case lies with the firm of Roberto.

The presence of the platform of People's Action Against Impunity has long period of investigation of the case still open. So there is still no trial date, but at least we can infer that the facts are known judged by public opinion and not pass unnoticed as if it were a banda common vandals.