Sunday, July 13, 2008

Max Mosley: Aryan Doesn't Mean Nazi

Caitlin Fitzsimmons
July 7, 2008

Formula One boss Max Mosley said in court today that the word "Aryan" should not be equated with Nazism.

Mosley, speaking under cross-examination in the high court in London during his invasion of privacy case against the News of the World, said he could not recall the word "Aryan" being used in a sadomasochistic sex orgy at a flat in Chelsea. However, he denied the word was meaningful in the context and said the role play had no Nazi overtones, either implicitly or explicitly.

"I wouldn't automatically assume that was Nazi," Mosley said. "The fact that someone mentioned they're Aryan doesn't ipso facto mean Nazi."

Mosley is suing the News of the World for breach of privacy over claims he was involved in a "sick Nazi orgy". He argued his sexual activities were a private matter, with no element of public interest or bearing on his ability to perform his job, and the allegations there were Nazi overtones were false and especially hurtful.

Mark Warby QC, the counsel for News of the World, played the audio track to the first of two sex orgies involving Mosley caught on video by the newspaper.

The courtroom and public viewing balcony was completely packed and gasps were audible as a woman, identified as Woman A and Mosley's main S&M contact, clearly said "but we are the Aryan race, the blondes". ...

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