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Jonestown, the CIA & Mind Control

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[Excerpts from a CIA mind control briefing]

In 1973, just after the CIA's redirection in the next stage of testing and development of the M.K. ULTRA and related operations, it was decided that religious cults best represented a new and virtually fool-proof operations platform in which to further Mind Control technologies. Several religious "sects and cults" were examined by the Agency for their possible utilization by the CIA in Top Secret studies of Mind Control operations.

In late 1973, under this new focus of the CIA, Deep Cover Operative George Philip Blakey made the initial $650,000 deposit for purchase of what would become known as "The People's Temple" in Guyana, under the management of Reverend Jim Jones. During this period, Jones moved his People's Temple from California to Guyana, where the Agency felt it would be isolated and kept away from public or government scrutiny which might interfere with the operation.

Jones himself was already well known to many in California government. Among other things, he had been the Housing Commissioner of San Francisco. The CIA operations specialists were enthusiastic about the People's Temple operations. Like the abortive UCLA Center for the Study of Violent Behavior, The People's Temple membership was largely Black and impoverished, while the upper management under Jones was all White.

There was also help from within California state government to assist in building up Jones' power base. Among those assisting was Ukiah District Attorney Tim Stone, who was largely responsible for acquiring state mental patients, wards of the state, etc. and turning them over to the People's Temple to act as their Guardian.

Many of the same interests in the UCLA Center also displayed interest in the People's Temple operation. Dan Mitrioni was another key player who aided the Agency in its operations base of the People's Temple. Mitrioni was an associate of Jones in the early days of the temple. Mitrioni was a former mid-Western police chief who went to work for the CIA. He was involved in the instruction of torture, brainwashing and public terrorism to government soldiers and security teams in countries such as Bolivia, Uruguay and Brazil for the purposes of establishing and perpetuating the "fational Security State".

Jim Jones was known to have had a long history with Mitrioni as they were childhood friends and had grown up together. In addition, Jones was in Brazil in 1962 at the same time that Mitrioni was there instructing Brazilian Security Services in extraction of information from political prisoners, tortures etc. Th6ir friendship was rekindled during this period. Prior to this time together in Brazil, they had last been involved with each other in Evansville, Indiana where Jones made his start in religious evangelism by studying the methods and practices of a Black evangelist known as Father Divine. Father Divine was also known as a fraud and con man.

On November 18, 1978, more than 900 people allegedly committed suicide in Jonestown, leaving over 200 more people unaccounted for to this day as 1100 passports had been issued to temple members to travel to Guyana. officials later stated to the press that only 900 passports had been issued. of those 900 individuals, over two-thirds of them were either shot, strangled or showed injection or puncture marks on their bodies. Contrary to what all established media said at the time, very few actually died from self-administered, cyanide-laced KoolAid.

What was true was that the Jonestown massacre was indeed precipitated by the visit and consequent murder of the Congressman Leo Ryan of San Mateo, California. The reason was simple. The People's Temple and Jonestown were placed in Guyana for two reasons. The first and foremost was this operation was the Agency's long-nurtured test case for clandestine operational Mind Control away from the jurisdiction and scrutiny of the regular arm of the U.S. Government and the public. This operation served as an ideal controlled operations base for ULTRA programs.

The second reason is that the People's Temple was serving as the enforcers for the intelligence arm of the clandestine U.S. power bate to support an extremely unpopular government. The basic indigenous population of Guyana was intimidated by Jones and his followers, who openly supported the local government in power.

The U.S. Government's Deputy Chief of Missions in Guyana was an individual by the name of Richard Dwyer. Dwyer was also the CIA's Chief of Station for that area. Dwyer accompanied Leo Ryan's party on their visit to Jonestown. As far as Ryan was concerned, Dwyer was accompanying his group as a concerned representative of the U.S. Government. In reality, Dwyer was along to observe Ryan and his party and to oversee any interviews and investigations carried out by the groupf thereby ascertaining if any Agency interests or operations were discovered or were in danger of exposure by the congressman and his party.

In one of the tapes which were,recorded by the Reverend Jim Jones himself (as was his practice); it can clearly be heard in the Jonestown chaos as Congressman Ryan's group left for the airport, that several times Jones yells the order to his aides to "Get Mr. Dwyer out of heres quickly!" In actualityf Dwyer remained in Jonestown as Congressman Ryan's party as ambushed at the airport. It is also known that Dwyer observed the massacre that followed. It was well known in certain intelligence organizations of Deep Black Operations that several "Clean Teams" were summoned from nearby locations several hours prior to Congressman Ryan leaving Jonestown for the airport. As they watched the situation deteriorate rather quickly the previous nightf the Agency had decided to bring Clean Teams into the area.

The CIA operations agent, George Phillip Blakey, was also acting as Rev. Jones' top contact and aide. Blakey was instrumental in establishing Jones and his followers in Jonestownf away from the scrutiny of U.S. agencies or family members of the People's Temple cult. Blakeyf with CIA orders, helped arrange for and complete the purchase of the property that would become Jonestown. Blakey also worked for the Agency on assignment in Angola in 1975 with UNITA.

Blakey is also the husband of Debra Leyton Blakey who fled Jonestown. He is the brother-in-law of Larry Leyton who was the only cult member to be fully prosecuted for the killings. Layton's father was Dr. Lawrence Leyton, the former Chief of Biochemistry and Director of Chemical Warfare for the U.S. Department of the Armyf attached to the proving grounds located in Utah. Dr. Leyton later worked as the leading research scientist at the Western Regional Research Laboratory for the U. S. Department of Agriculture then located in Berkeley, Calif. According to Agency documents from the early and mid-1970's. Dr. Layton's particular Chemical Warfare Department had ULTRA contracts at that time. Dr. Leyton also worked for the U.S. Navy at Anapolis, Maryland.

Larry Leyton was later acquitted for his part as one of the gunman who killed members of Ryan's party at the airport. This acquittal was the result of the jury's belief in the Defense's contention that Leyton was a victim of drugs and brainwashing at the time of the shootings and therefore could not be held criminal responsible.

The Phillip family itself also has ties to this area. Lisa Phillip married Dr. Lawrence Leyton. She also became a member of the People's Temple. Lisa Phillip was originally from Germany where her father

was an attorney for the aforementioned I.G. Farben Cop the German chemical conglomerate which was an integral part of the Nazi War Machine.

One of the CIA's operatives involved in the People's Temple cover-up is a long-time CIA asset by the name of Mark Lane. Mr. Lane is a writer and is known to the Intelligence community as a "Vac" or vaccuum. His particular assignments deal with sucking up massive amounts of information from various concerned citizens and public researchers and then supplying these details to the particular intelligence agencies contractjng him. Lane also disperses cover information and "cut-outs", or stories that parrot the basic conspiracy well enough to gain the confidence of the civilian community. The cutout is completed with the insertion of "skids" or elements which are completely fabricated in order to mislead those who seek the truth. [See Agency file on same subject: Mark Lane and Contract Assignment History/CIA Central Files/2011.

Mr. Lane was the attorney representing the People's Temple as well as the attorney representing James Earl Ray during the House Select Committee on Assassinations Hearings on the assassinations of JFK and Martin Luther King. This assignment was during the time of the massacres at Jonestown. The House Select Committee was in the middle of hearing testimony regarding the King assassination when the massacre occurred. The King assassination hearings were instantly overshadowed by the Jonestown events.

Jim Jones was first targeted as a CIA asset in the late 1960's. After spending eleven months in Brazil doing various front operations work, he returned with the operation financing to start the "Mendocino Operation" of the People's Temple. It was the Hughes/Ryan Act of 1974 which ordered that all CIA overt activities must be reported in advance to the oversight committees. It is "ironic" that the coauthor of the act, Ryan, would be assassinated by a covert operation in danger of being exposed.

The action of Agency Clean Teams was to encircle the camp, recon the settlement and, upon orders, close in on the camp itself and liquidate assets. That was a contingency plan to help eliminate those who would not cooperate in ingesting the cyanide-laced KoolAid. The Clean Teams-used two small, specially equipped helicopters as "dusters" to deliver a sleeping gas to put the settlement under as quickly and quietly as possible. Clean Team squads were then sent in to administer lethal injections or, if necessary, to eliminate any individuals attempting to escape by the use of snipers and general small arms elimination.

The Agency's tight hold on the reins of this operation was the reason why no media was allowed into the Jonestown site for several days. The operation to "contain" the true nature of the activity at Jonestown was successful as the cover story was immediately accepted as fact by the U.S. media establishment. It was decided by the Agency experts that the story, as now accepted by the general public, was bizarre enough for anyone with conspiracy in mind to satiate themselves on the manufactured scenario.

This "manufacturing" was immediately apparent to the discerning eye as in the first hours and days of the story breaking, only 400 persons were reported to have been terminated and over 500 were reported to have fled into the surrounding jungle. In reality, bodies were littered over a 3-square-mile area instead of solely in the immediate camp area as was described by so-called "responsible" media.

When questions surfaced regarding the fact that only a few hundred bodies (at most) could be seen in all the camp photographs published in many different publications newspapers, the Agency and its front men dispersed the story that the bodies were literally piled five and six deep and it had taken those who had first arrived after the massacre several days to diicover this. This was a blatantly obvious fabrication as it is immediately apparent from all photographs of

the scene at the center of the camp that this is clearly not the case. There was no official explanation as to why a five-day operation was conducted in the jungle to find the remainder of the 900 who had fled. It is important to realize how easily media channels are manipulated by the Intelligence Community.

In addition to their status as a project ULTRA test group and "enforcers of U.S. interests in Guyana, the Jonestown settlement also assisted in Black Operations processing and shipments of drugs and supplies and operations for Black Fund Activities from that region. These operations were discreetly carried out, but it is known that many of Jones' closest followers were aware of the drug operations being carried out at the Jonestown settlement.

one additional item which the World media did not report on was the fact that Jonestown had a very modem and extensively outfitted hospital. This hospital served as a perfect cover for the actual administration of the drugs and therapy used in Mind Control. Almost every member of the cult was reporting daily to the hospital and they were required to ingest what the medical staff called "vitamins and supplements". In actuality, this was the control procedure, to keep detailed lists of drugs given, in what quantities they were dispensed, and to whom they were given.

It is also known from current classified documentation that basic mini-physicals were administered on a daily basis to the same individuals. On the documents and records themselves are elaborate notes taken on each individual regarding their vital statistics, with details of even the slightest variations of blood pressure, etc., etc.

The preceding briefing is to educate the reader on the Intelligence Community's use of Mind Control and Thought Manipulation that may be implemented today, as well as a few actual case scenarios of successful operations conducted by the Central Intelligence Agency, the Office of Naval Intelligence, and, in some limited capacity, Intelligence Support Activities units.

The scenarios described in this briefing have been selected for their recognition factor for members of intelligence teams as "well known" events in recent history and for their direct involvements with various U.S. Intelligence agencies and selected operations connected to these events.

These manipulations and degrees of control are easily achieved after years of intensive research by both the CIA and the Office of Naval Intelligence. The methods cover the range of actual hypno-programmingr through either overt or covert methods as utilized by the agency concerned in the use of R.H.I.C., U.S.I.C., E.E.O.M. and E.D.O.M. techniques.