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A Urantia, 9/ & CIA Mind Control Technology Development Timeline

e-dited by Alex Constantine

Byron Belitson – founder of and a figure to be reckoned with in the 911 Truth Movement, publisher of Jim Marrs' book on the NYC air assaults under the Origin imprint – is the world's leading guru in the Urantia movement, a front for the research & development of CIA mind-controlling psychotronics.

I've attached a highly instructive history of the Urantia cult at the end of the lead article on psychotronics, tracing its origins to Seventh-Day Adventism and the Kellogg family.

Background briefing – For a "BRIEF HISTORY OF THE APOLCALYPSE" in relation to Urantia programming, the Family of God and other prominent theocratic/intelligence cults, see:

Also see Nico Haupt's fine work on Urantia & the surreal "BizarreGate" encroachments and infiltrations of the 9/11 movement in the December archive bin.


– Alex Constantine

The "Voice" of Strangers
(John 10:5)

An In-Depth Timeline Showing the Possible Use by the Intelligence Community of "Synthetic Telepathy" in the Urantia Movement, Teaching Mission (TeaM), A Course in Miracles (ACIM), Findhorn, and Other Religious/Cultic Organizations.

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[NOTE 1: "Synthetic telepathy" (or as it is sometimes called "artificial telepathy") is defined here as being the human, intentional, surreptitious, production of intra-cerebral "voices", pictures, thoughts, and/or ideas by means of hypnosis, inaudible transmissions, or a combination thereof, which are experienced by an unwitting subject either directly in the mind or apparently extra-cerebrally as emanating from no known source. One of the most current known technologies capable of producing an intra-cerebral "voice" is called "acoustic psycho-correction". It involves the transmission of specific commands via static or white noise bands into the human subconscious without upsetting other intellectual functions. Alternately, by using an infrasound very low frequency-type transmission, the acoustic psycho-correction message can be transmitted via bone conduction. See article at for more.]

[NOTE 2: It is not the intention of this author to disparage or undermine the belief in genuine spiritual contact. The URANTIA Book, however, warns that "a human being would do better to err in rejecting an Adjuster's 1 expression through believing it to be a purely human experience than to blunder into exalting a reaction of the mortal mind to the sphere of divine dignity" (1208 A, 110:5:5), and that "in scrutinizing mental situations, safety lies only in the prompt recognition of each and every thought and experience for just what it actually and fundamentally is, disregarding entirely what it might have been (1199 C, 109:5:3). The Bible says: "Beloved, believe not every spirit, but try [test] the spirits whether they are of God: because many false prophets are gone out into the world" (1 John 4:1).

[NOTE 3: Author and former CIA operative, Miles Copland, states that when the CIA’s Special Projects Division makes "connections with international religious groups for the purposes of aiding or supplementing espionage operations (it) is almost as touchy an issue as its association with criminal rings. To start with, Jewish and Catholic organizations are out. ... Organizations stemming from other religions are fair game, however." And he quotes one CIA official as saying that before they "tie into a religious group it’s got to be so offbeat that anyone in the agency who belongs to it may be fired as a security risk."]


1940s – Sheena Govan and Dorothy Maclean, who will in the following decades help Eileen Caddy start Findhorn (see, 1962), a New Age community in Scotland, are actually working for British Intelligence while ostensibly employed as secretaries at the British Embassy in New York. The two are present there when the OSS (Office of Strategic services, the forerunner of the CIA) was formed in New York with the help of British Intelligence (see, 1942).

– During the 1940s OSS will begin "the first systematic effort to evaluate an individual’s personality in order to predict his future behavior". (John Marks' The Search for the Manchurian candidate: hereinafter, "SEARCH", online at: , a "must read" for readers who know little of the MKULTRA scandal)

1942 – British Intelligence, in New York, helps America set up its own intelligence agency, the Office of Strategic Services (OSS).

c. 1942-1944 – Future URANTIA Book translator, Jacques Weiss, fights with the French Resistance. Thus, he is presumably in contact with the OSS, which during these years was helping the "Free French". Sooner or later Weiss would reportedly claim he followed invisible purported celestials whom he called the "hierarchy" (also see, 1980 and 1962).

1947 – The CIA is created out of the OSS. It begins some preliminary work with drugs, starts a mind-control drug project at Bethesda Naval Hospital in Maryland, and investigates hypnosis.

1950 – CIA's Operation Bluebird Begun. British and Canadian observers are present at its first meeting -- all agree to continue investigating behavior control methods (SEARCH).

Sidney Gottlieb

– Helping to make up Bluebird’s staff are Richard Helms, James Jesus Angelton, and Sidney Gottlieb. They establish liaisons with police departments and criminology labs. They contact hypnotists, physicians, and psychiatrists. They design activities to create an "exploitable alteration of personality".

– The CIA contemplates operational use of hypnosis to control a subject "to the point where he will do our bidding against his will and even against such fundamental laws of nature as self- preservation" (SEARCH).

1950s (early) – Eileen Caddy, later the primary channeler of Findhorn, leaves her five children and her first husband (Andrew Combe, who is both Peter Caddy's Commanding Officer and a member of Moral Rearmament, a religious organization which has been linked to the CIA) for RAF Officer, Peter Caddy (who was at the time married to "former" British Intelligence operative Sheena Govan -- see, 1940s), and it will not be long until Eileen begins to hear a "voice" claiming to be "God". Before it is over she will fill some thirty thousand notebook pages with the "voice's" dictation to her. (See, 1954)

1951 – An internal report describes Bluebird’s purpose as "the specific subject of devising scientific methods for controlling the minds of individuals".

– Bluebird is renamed, "ARTICHOKE". Artichoke’s interests are in electro-psycho-therapeutic techniques (see 1993), and it reportedly began work with supersonic radiations.

– Morse Allan (Bluebird/Artichoke) uses hypnosis on CIA secretaries.

– CIA convinces British and Canadian Intelligence to start their own behavioral research programs.

1952 – North Korean brainwashing (using Chinese techniques) of American POWs is reported. The CIA sends agents to investigate their methods.

[NOTE: Presumably it was around this year as well when Army psychologist, "A Course In Miracles" (ACIM) channeler Helen Schucman's future Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons Psychology Department colleague, and expert hypnotist, Herbert Spiegel (see, 1962 NOTE 3), carried out his own investigation of the brainwashed Korean War POWs for the US Army. He is considered to be one of the earliest American experts in Chinese brainwashing techniques.]

– National Security Agency (NSA) established by Harry Truman .

1953 – MKULTRA begun (officially, it actually got into operation the year before), with Dr. Sidney Gottlieb as its director. Gottlieb later testified before Congress that, MKULTRA’s purpose was "to investigate whether and how it was possible to modify an individual’s behavior by covert means".

– ACIM's William Thetford, U.S. Government psychologist, Washington D.C., consultant to Foreign Service Institute, Beirut, Lebanon.

[NOTE: This was apparently the year that, according to one of Schucman and Thetfords's student-colleagues, Father Benedict Groeshel, Thetford admitted to having been some sort of spy. This disappeared off of the web at about the time that information concerning Thetford's work for MKULTRA appeared there.]

c.1954 – Eileen Caddy, in England, begins to hear “God’s voice”.

– MKULTRA absorbs Project Bluebird/Artichoke. Morse Allen turns a CIA secretary into a sort of “Manchurian Candidate” 1. She, however, is given an unloaded gun with which to "shoot" her victim, and the results are controversial.

1956 – Peter Caddy installs Eileen Caddy with Sheena Govan on the Scottish island of Mull. It is populated largely in the south by Duart Clan Maclean. Sheena subjects Eileen to what appears to be nothing less than a case study of classical (Chinese technique) brainwashing, at least as her experience is later described by Paul Hawken (see, 1962), who interviewed her for his book, The Magic of Findhorn. It includes isolation, sleep deprivation, prolonged maintenance of painful positions, ego-devastating disparagement, etc. Previously to this she had refused to believe that the "voice" she was hearing was actually that of "God", as it had claimed. (By this time, after having returned to and again left her first husband, Eileen has married Peter Caddy. She has also tried to kill herself during another, earlier, less intense apparent attempt at "brainwashing" by Sheena Govan.)

[NOTE 1: I have not so far established a connection between Findhorn's co-founder, Dorothy Maclean (see, 1940s), and the Macleans of southern Mull].

– Future highly placed Teaching Mission (TeaM) channeling supporter, URANTIA Brotherhood Legal Advisor, retired USMC General Duane Faw, (see, 1983 October 6), at this point in his military career a Major, is the Training Depot Legal Officer at Parris Island during the "Ribbon Creek Incident", wherein a highly-rated Drill Instructor (DI) led his charges into dangerous waters causing the drowning death of six recruits.

[NOTE 2: Inasmuch as this incident might have answered questions which the CIA's MKULTRA was presumably asking at this time (see 1950, 1951, and 1953), and that there was a window of opportunity at the base sick bay for the use of hypnotism and mind-control drugs on the DI (he was given a probable hypnotic drug for pain in his leg), some suspicion is justified. Also, according to John C. Stevens III (Court Martial at Parris Island: The Ribbon Creek Incident, © 1999), powerful backstage legal politics arranged for the DI to be defended by a former Air Force Intelligence Officer, Emile Zola Berman, who later likewise defended Sirhan Sirhan, Robert Kennedy's believed hypnotically programmed assassin, who reported hearing "voices" in his head. Please understand that "suspicion" does not constitute certainty. However there are too many inconsistencies and "coincidences" to simply accept the Ribbon Creek story at face value. Speculatively, Major Faw's role as Legal Officer allowed him to keep the investigation away from any sensitive areas, and Berman's role would have been a similar one. Faw seems to have a facility for popping up around CIA activities. In the next decade, he and his unit of combat-ready Marines (Faw transferred from staff to line officer status, he says, to increase his chances for promotion) will be peripherally involved as a possible backup landing force for the CIA's invasion of Cuba at the Bay of Pigs, and later they will be close at hand as an occupation force if needed during the CIA-backed invasion of the Dominican Republic. (See, 1961 and 1965)]

[NOTE 3: "A Course In Miracles" channeler, Helen Schucman's future colleague in the Psychology Department at Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons, expert hypnotist and brainwasher, Herbert Spiegel, (see, 1952 NOTE) is likewise connected to Sirhan Sirhan. Spiegel accused William Joseph Bryon Jr. – a hypnotist who immediately following the assassination of Robert Kennedy had publicly asserted in the media that Sirhan had been hypnotized to shoot the Presidential candidate – of having himself been the hypnotist. Spiegel based this accusation against Bryon on Spiegel's own esoteric interpretation of a seemingly nonsensical phrase which appeared in Sirhan's "automatic writings". This is sufficient evidence for speculating that it was Spiegel who carried out the actual necessary hypnosis on Schucman, convincing her that what she heard post-hypnotically in her mind was instructions being given by Jesus. It may also be speculated that Spiegel's accusation of Byron was merely a ruse to draw the scent away from himself, and that it was he, Spiegel, who hypnotically turned Sirhan into a Manchurian candidate. Please understand that such speculations only constitute working hypotheses which require further proof.]

1958 – Dr. William Sadler's son, Bill Sadler, acknowledges in an intra-office memo that "a really clever conspiracy could destroy the [URANTIA] Brotherhood or otherwise divert or destroy its mission." This same year he also wrote: "There is no place in the Urantia Foundation for naivete." Both warnings have been largely ignored.

– "A Course in Miracles" channeler (see, 1965), Helen Schucman, goes to work for William Thetford in the Psychology Department at Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons. (See URANTIAGATE article: Lie Down with Dogs, Get up with Fleas!: The MKULTRA Milieu Surrounding the "Scribing" of A Course In Miracles).

[NOTE: Peter Caddy and William Thetman play almost identical supportive roles in relation to their channelers, respectively, Eileen Caddy and Helen Schucman. Both men appear to be unwavering in their belief in the genuineness of the women's "contacts", both convince the women that what they are hearing is indeed real and encourage them to continue in spite of their doubts. Caddy, however, appears to have carried his "support" over into actual brainwashing, as it was practiced in the post-Korean War era. Peter Caddy had only a known indirect connection with British Intelligence through his wife, Sheena Govan. However while he was in the RAF he did undertake a secret, wartime, intelligence mission to Tibet for his government. On the other hand, William Thetford's secret direct connection to the CIA's mind-control program, MKULTRA, has been exposed by the release of FOIA declassified documents.]

– Project ORION is reputedly begun. It is said to study drugs, hypnosis, electronic brain invasion with radar, microwaves, and extremely low frequencies (ELF) of sound. Leading Edge attributes Orion to USAF, but others say CIA. (see also, 1990, "Elizabeth Y. Fitzhugh")

– Captain Al ("Cappy") Hubbard, whose contacts include the OSS, CIA, and, as evidence would indicate, MKULTRA, writes to Urantia movement leader, Meredith Sprunger, asking for information about The URANTIA Book (see letter at, and more about Hubbard at, Scroll down 10 paragraphs). Sprunger when recently asked could recall no outcome of this event.

Late 1950s – Meredith Sprunger introduces Vern Grimsley, then a high school student, to The URANTIA Book.

[NOTE: I have neither wish nor reason to implicate Sprunger in any of this. The above entry is made simply for its chronological interest in the unfolding of events.]

1960s – CIA-funded investigators discover correlation between EEG (Electroencephalograph) patterns and the ability to remember numbers . (SEARCH).

[NOTE: This is similar to the type of scientific investigation carried out for MKULTRA by Helen Schucman and William Thetford's co-author, David R. Saunders (see, SEARCH, Chapter 10).]

Early 1960s – ORD takes over most of MKULTRA’s mind control research.

c. 1960-1962 – Bert Kaplan, Psychology Professor at the University of Kansas hires Vern Grimsley as an undergraduate research assistant on his National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH) grant. NIMH is known to have acted as a conduit, both funding and fronting grants for the CIA's MKULTRA research during this period. (Also see, 1993)

[NOTE 1: The problem is that Kaplan's version of the terms of Vern's employment reportedly differs sharply from what Vern is said to have later told his friends as well as from autobiographical material which he used in his speeches and elsewhere on occasion for years. Grimsley apparently believed that he worked for two years, not the single one which Kaplan reported to Caston, who interviewed him around 1984. Vern reportedly told people he spent a second year in Washington, D.C. managing a Kaplan-overseen grant from the National Science Foundation. Caston attributes the different stories to exaggeration on Vern's part. However he does not appear even to have considered the alternative that Kaplan, or someone connected to him, may have funneled Vern to be used as an unwitting subject in then ongoing MKULTRA investigations, even though the scandal surrounding the MKULTRA exposure had filled the media less than a decade before he wrote his analysis of Vern's experience. He certainly does not include it among his six "Possible Scenarios", but Caston does include "nefarious forces exploiting an overdeveloped ego and plotting to discredit and split the URANTIA movement . . . to abort the mission of The URANTIA Book". Which, of course, may in fact be what this synthetic telepathy phenomenon is all about. (Refs., "Vern Grimsley Message Evaluation", by Hoite Caston, © 1984, hereinafter, "EVALUATION").]

[NOTE 2: I have established no direct connection with any intelligence agency for either Kaplan or the University of Kansas during the year(s) of Vern's employment in the Psychology Department. However the university medical school was possibly the only institution to hold a symposium on the Russian device which is capable of putting the "voice of God" in the head of an unwitting subject (see, 1993 NOTE), and the University of Kansas Psychology Department shows up on a conspiracy theory webpage as having provided disinformation on the subject of programmed false memories (see, http:/ l, scroll down to the alphabetical listing.)]

1960 – Ex-CIA agent, Philip Agee, documents the fact that even as late as this date the "most important liaison operation of the CIA is with MI-6 (British Intelligence). They exchange information and mount joint operations . . . . The inner club includes Canada." (Inside the CIA: CIA Diary, by Philip Agee, hereinafter "INSIDE")

1961 – Bay of Pigs: The failed CIA invasion of Cuba. Future URANTIA Brotherhood Legal Advisor and important Teaching Mission (TeaM) channeling supporter, Duane Faw, the commanding officer of a US Marine landing force, is fully armed and ready for combat in the vicinity of Vieques, a Puerto Rican island used for USMC assault landing training, US Naval bombing practice, etc. Here also the expatriate Cuban frogmen were trained by the CIA for their part in the invasion. Ostensibly Faw's unit was merely rotated by turn into the area in line with standard training procedures, but the operation may have been orchestrated to have his backup available. Even Faw admits that his unit might have been called into action, but this option was abruptly canceled when President Kennedy at the last minute issued orders forbidding all direct US military involvement in the CIA operation.

[NOTE: The suspicion here is that Faw, following the Ribbon Creek incident, represented a known and proven quality who would not balk – as an unproven quality might – at carrying out CIA orders if and when they came. A further supposition is that such a known quality might be persuaded to infiltrate a cult to provide intelligence/security agency support as perhaps a misconceived patriotic duty and for an extra retirement income. (See, 1956, 1965 and 1983 October 6)]

1962 – Helen Schucman and William Thetford co-author a paper on "The personality theory of John Gittinger" (See,, hereinafter "PAS BIBLIOG"). This was published by the Human Ecology Fund, which has been identified by John Marks as being a MKULTRA front.

[NOTE 1: John W. Gittinger (SEARCH, see Chap. 10) was the primary personality assessor for MKULTRA. He pioneered scientific methods to enable him to identify the most susceptible types of personalities for Dr. Gottlieb's nefarious, amoral, and often harmful U.S. government- sponsored exploitations of innocent human beings, including children (see, MKULTRA Subprojects 102,103, and 117: Gittinger's MKULTRA research eventually surfaced as his "Personality Assessment System" (PAS), which also both has been studied and used by legitimate scientists for non-exploitive purposes.]

– (Sept.) Helen Schucman and David R. Saunders co-author a paper relating to Gittinger's PAS (see, PAS BIBLIOG).

[NOTE 2: David R. Saunders is mentioned in Chapter 10 of John Marks' book as having carried out secret personality profiling investigations for MKULTRA.]

– (Sept.) Helen Schucman, William Thetford, and David R. Saunders co- author a paper relating to Gittinger's PAS (see, Gittinger Bibliography of References: Hereinafter "PAS BIBLIOG").

[NOTE 3: Besides Thetford and Saunders, another of Helen Schucman's Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons Psychology Department "colleagues" around this time was Herbert Spiegel, a recognized expert in hypnotism and brainwashing (see, 1952), who was then teaching courses in hypnosis. During – by his own estimation – "maybe the mid sixties", Spiegal was also associated with the case of "Sybil", a Multiple Personality Disorder victim. Because "Sybil" was so easily hypnotized he was using the woman for demonstration purposes in his classes. Spiegel since that time aligns himself on the "disinformationist" side of the False Memory Syndrome (FMF) controversy, (see,, as also apparently does the University of Kansas Psychology Department (see, 1960-1962 (circa) NOTE 2), where the URANTIA movement's "WW III" channeler, Vern Grimsley, had been employed.]

[NOTE 4: Schucman appears to be like a mouse caught on a glue trap surrounded by cats. Two of her "colleagues" (one a dear friend) have or will have direct, secret connections to the CIA's mind-control program, MKULTRA. A third "colleague" is an expert hypnotist and brainwasher who is perfectly capable of making unwitting subjects see and hear whatever he wishes. Likely her psychological weaknesses were pinpointed and categorized by Gittinger's PAS, and probably she had been hired for the very reason that she fit the profile of a "hypno-patsy" or a "manchurian channeler". When the backgrounds of her "colleagues" are brought into scrutiny, what took place between 1965 and 1972 at the Columbia University college of Physicians and Surgeons Psychology Department in the so-called "scribing" of A Course In Miracles is so blatent as to almost be overt! Even Eileen Caddy, surrounded as she was by ex-British Intelligence personnel comes in a poor second to Schucman! ]

– Led by Eileen Caddy's "voice", Findhorn is begun in an old house trailer pulled up near the beach on a bleak section of the northern Scottish coast adjacent to Kingloss Royal Air Force Base. Eileen's husband, Peter Caddy, is a former RAF officer and recently the husband of Sheena Govan, who worked for British Intelligence during WW II. The Caddys are accompanied by Dorothy Maclean, who was formerly employed by British Intelligence under Govans' supervision (see, 1940s). Later Govan became something of a recognized spiritual teacher and cult leader with ex-underling Maclean and husband Caddy as, at least, two of her "disciples". She apparently continued to direct Caddy after he had left her bed for that of Eileen's, and she played a direct role in Eileen's earlier "brainwashings" (see, 1956).

[NOTE 5: Author Paul Hawken, who later visited Findhorn, will write in The Magic of Findhorn, about the "thick, vibrant energies" felt in the house trailers and gardens. "Whatever it is, it seems to be the physical stuff of the place. If you walk across the road to the bay, it is not quite there. . . the intense energy field is lacking. Everybody here talked about it, knew about it, referred to it as 'the energies'. It was a 'buzz' which was more felt than heard" (see also, 1979, Ken Cory). No one seems to have thought to ask whether or not the Kingloss RAF Base next door might have been somehow responsible, even though on the base immediately adjacent to Findhorn was a posted secret, fenced-off area protected by guard dogs.]

– Publication of La Cosmogonie D’Urantia, a French translation of The URANTIA Book by Jacques Weiss. (See, 1942-1944 and 1980)

– Martin Myers and Richard Keeler drive to Chicago to meet Dr. Sadler and Christy.

1964 – Vern Grimsley begins his URANTIA Book teaching based radio broadcasts on KFAX in San Francisco. He agrees with the URANTIA Foundation that he will not mention the book by name on the air.

1965 – (June - October) Helen Schucman experiences "a dramatic progression of waking dreams . . . culminating with her experiencing a Voice which speaks clearly in her mind. The Voice, which Helen references with a capital "V", explains to her the visions she has been receiving" (ref.,

– Sir George Trevelyan, in England, gathers together "all of the New Age groups under one roof for the first time," with Air Marshall Sir Victor Goddard former chief of British Air Intelligence -- in attendance. Peter Caddy, who was uninvited, "gate crashes" this event to announce the beginning of Findhorn (The Magic of Findhorn).

– Future URANTIA Brotherhood Legal Advisor and important Teaching Mission (TeaM) channeling supporter, Duane Faw, and his combat ready Marine landing force, lay in wait just over the Caribbean horizon from the Dominican Republic. If called by the CIA officers directing the invasion, they are to go ashore to seize and hold the government. The situation, however, developed in such a way that they are not needed. (See, 1956, 1961 and 1983 October 6)

[NOTE: Again, this is an illustration of the high degree of trust placed in Faw by the intelligence/security community.]

1965-1968 – Helen Schucman, with William Thetford's support, "scribes" ("channels" into written form, purportedly directly from Jesus) "A Course In Miracles" (ACIM).

1967 – Family of God Foundation (FOG) established by Vern Grimsley in California.

1968 – MKULTRA's Gittinger and Saunders co-author an article or paper relating to Gittinger's PAS (see, PAS BIBLIOG).

– Martin Myers moves into in the Chicago URANTIA Foundation and Brotherhood headquarters to live there with Dr. Sadler and Christy (whom the Sadlers had "adopted").

– In the beginning many hippies were drawn to Findhorn, who likely could be expected to be familiar with psychotropic drug effects, but around this year, according to Paul Hawken, Peter Caddy began to "verbally thrash" them for "the slightest deviation from the rigid order and structure of the community". Most left. Only those who, as Hawken paraphrases Timothy Leary, "gave up, gave in, and submitted" to the "thick overlay of authority" stayed behind.

[NOTE: Most, if not all, of strange experiences described by Hawken during his own stay – which Findhorners ascribed to spiritual causes – are similar (actually appear to be identical) to the effects of a variety psychotropic drugs (including marijuana and MDA, or "love drug"). This same similarity is also apparent in the earlier purported religious experiences of selected Findhorners, such as Robert O. ("Roc") Crombie, who had several LSD-type experiences which he believed included a genuine visitation by the "horned god Pan". Caddy and others supported this illusion as being reality. At least 25 MKULTRA Subprojects concern drugs or botanicals]

1969-1970 – Recent Yale graduate and future URANTIA Foundation trustee, Neal Waldrop, is employed and trained by the National Security Agency (NSA), then and possibly still America's most secret spy shop.

– The CIA accomplishes brain-computer link-up. The process unscrambles an individual’s brainwaves, deciphers and records them, and injects them into another subject. ( Hereinafter "LEADING EDGE")

[NOTE: The labels "brainwashing victims" and "Manchurian candidates" will evolve through "hypno-patsies" to, currently, mental or emotional "clones". The development of this particular technology during the past three decades may account for this change. It is believed that secret technology also presently allows for direct wireless access to an unwitting subject's visual cortex both for inputting and downloading of realtime awake and dreaming field of vision data. The idea that other areas of the brain can be equally accessed should not be dismissed.]

1969-1971 – Helen Schucman, with William Thetford's support, "scribes" ("channels" into written form, purportedly directly from Jesus) the ACIM "Workbook"

1970 – Future URANTIA Foundation trustee, NSA-trained Neal Waldrop enters the U.S. Navy, attends Officer Candidate School.

[NOTE: Phillip Agee described his own experience in becoming a CIA officer with a military cover. After being inducted into the agency, he was hired as a civilian by an "Air Force cover unit". A few weeks later he enlisted in the Air Force. "While in the Air Force," he wrote, "I will be treated like any other enlisted man. . . . Keeping the secret will be a part of my training -- learning to live my cover." (INSIDE)]

– Rand Corporation publishes a report entitled, "A Direct Mechanism for the Direct Influence of Microwave Radiation on Neuroelectric Function", by R.J. MacGregor. He "notes that power densities of close to 1000,000mw/cm2 can produce auditory hallucinations in a field that would be averaged as low intensity and non-thermal." (LEADING EDGE)

1971 – Harry McMullan makes initial contact for Vern Grimsley’s Family of God Foundation (FOG) with Radio Free Europe (RFE) while in New York. RFE at this time is a "proprietary arm of the CIA" (Mark Lane). Congress will later force the CIA's disassociation from RFE.

– One month after this possible CIA involvement began, Vern Grimsley visits Bert Kaplan (see, 1960-1962), who was by then teaching at a college in California.

-- The CIA's Radio Free Europe dispatches a questionnaire to be filled out by all FOG members. Later RFE produces and airs a half-hour documentary about Vern and FOG ostensibly based on the group's answers.

[NOTE 1: It is not impossible that this questionnaire also was to be used for creating Gittinger-style psychological profiles of the members. The FOG Diary describes it as a "list of questions dealing with the religious beliefs, and principal religious doubts, of America's young people, the mission and future plans of the Family of God Foundation, together with a request for background information on 'what led you (VBG) and your associates into this work?'" (quoted in EVALUATION, p. 129). Generic, unanswerable questions about "America's young people" would tend to open a Rorschach-like window into the subconscious mind of the individuals answering them rather than to elicit real facts, which the testees could not be expected to know.]

– The printing plates for The URANTIA Book are destroyed after the second printing by the URANTIA Foundation, thus severing the last physical link between the published work and the original "Papers", and thereby erasing a benchmark for future scholars and translators.

– Eileen Caddy’s "voice" is discontinued. She will remain at Findhorn.

[NOTE 2: Peter Caddy (after divorcing Eileen) will tour the international New Age scene, propounding the "spirit" of Findhorn and group consciousness until he is killed in a car wreck. Dorothy Maclean (ex-British Intelligence), along with a few more Findhorners, will start the Lorian Association in California. Sheena Govan, after having suffered from "cluster headaches" for much of her adult life, has died. It is worth noting in this context that in the early 1960s ultrasonic experiments on 225 Fort Ord soldiers produced brain lesions.

– General Duane Faw retires from the Marine Corps (see, 1961, 1956, 1965 and 1983 October 6).

1971 - 1978 – MKULTRA's David J. Saunders and ACIM's William Thetford together secretly contract to the CIA's MKULTRA to do personality theory research (see,, Subproject: MKULTRA 130).

1972 – Helen Schucman, with William Thetford's support, "channels" ACIM "Manual."

– The U.S. Army publishes a study entitled: "Controlled Offensive Behavior: USSR" which concerns itself with targeting individuals with "mind altering techniques" and "the total submission of one’s will to some outside force." The study involved the use of pulsed microwaves. (LEADING EDGE. See also, 1993)


1973 – Dr. Sidney Gottlieb and Richard Helms order the destruction of most of MKULTRA's records. Many, however, apparently overlooked, will later be found intact, declassified, and subsequently released to John Marks (1,600 pages of documents) and others as a result of Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) requests.

[NOTE: In 1977 John Marks will make a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) request for ORD files on "behavior research related to bio-electrics, electric or radio stimulation of the brain, electronic destruction of memory, stereotoxic surgery, psychosurgery, hypnotism, parapsychology, radiation, microwaves, and ultrasonics". The CIA reports back as having 130 cubic feet of material expected to contain pertinent documents. Marks regretted that he could not afford to obtain them.]

1974 – "J.F. Schapitz proposes a project, later funded by the U.S. Department of Defense, showing how the spoken word of a hypnotist may be conveyed by modulated electromagnetic energy directly into subconscious parts of the brain. The subject cannot consciously control the information input." A monograph entitled "Psychotronics in Engineering" published by the Joint Publications Research Service in Arlington, VA. repeats Schapitz’s claim, adding that "voices would program the subconscious mind without employing any technical devices for receiving or transcoding the messages ... "[emphasis added] (LEADING EDGE. Also see, 1993).

– An Army Medical and Information Agency document, entitled, "Biological Effects of Electromagnetic Radiation" discusses, among other things, the induction of voices inside the brain by use of signal modulation at very low power densities. (LEADING EDGE)

– The author of "Microwave Auditory Effects and Applications", Dr. James Lin, notes that "the capacity of communicating directly with humans by pulsed microwaves is obviously not limited to the field of therapeutic medicine." (LEADING EDGE)

– Future URANTIA Foundation trustee, Neal Waldrop, becomes a URANTIA Book reader while serving in the U.S. Navy in Washington, D.C.. Each of his duty stations have the word "communications 3" in their name.

[NOTE 1: The NSA's primary mission is to monitor and analyze "communications".]

[NOTE 2: Ex-CIA operative, Phillip Agee describes two methods by which the CIA puts agents where they want them. Sometimes they will recruit leaders of groups they want to infiltrate. And the other way of penetrating, he says, is to have an agent join and then work his way up from the bottom. (INSIDE)]

– USMC Brigadier General (Ret.) and Pepperdine University Law Professor, Duane Faw, makes his initial contact with the URANTIA Foundation. He will associate himself with Vern Grimsley's cult-like organization, the Family of God Foundation (FOG), and shortly be given the position of Chairman of the URANTIA Brotherhood's Legal Committee. Faw will become the chief "inner circle" supporter of Teaching Mission channeling and "stillness practice", both of which appear to be contra-indicated in The URANTIA Book! (See, 1099 D, 100:5:8 through 11)

– Paul Snider, for the URANTIA Brotherhood and as its President, signs the Foundation's "Confirmatory Agreement," essentially a lie which denied that the registered trademark "Urantia" had been in general use up to that time, ceding all rights to it (and to the three azure concentric circles) to the Foundation. The Foundation later used this to "disenfranchise" the Brotherhood in 1989. Without this agreement it would have had no grounds to do so.

[NOTE: This "Confirmatory Agreement" was so hypocritical and dishonest that a number of Urantia Brotherhood Societies refused to become signatories to it, so "Licensing Agreement" governing each Society's use was then drawn up and signed by each of them.

The Brotherhood's General Council reported to its membership in 1989 -- just a month and a half before the Foundation "formally terminat[ed] the Confirmatory Licensing Agreement" and evicted the Brotherhood from their shared office space -- that in retrospect there were four "perhaps unintended" (my emphasis) effects to the 1974 signing:

1. "It partially defeated the initial founding effort to separate the work into two automous orgizational entities".

2. "It caused the URANTIA Foundation to believe it had veto power over Brotherhood activities".

3. It "seemed intended to sever the inherent organizational integrity of URANTIA Brotherhood".

4. "It set up an almost inevitable conflict between" the official, organizational use of the name "Urantia" and its "also valid use" as a symbol with spiritual meaning by readers of The URANTIA Book ", Sept. 16-17, 1989).

The split between the two Urantia movement organizations can be seen as having its roots and beginning in this document.]

1975 – A version of Vern Grimsley's radio program is being carried on 874 outlets of Armed Forces Radio Network (AFRN), including 572 onboard Navy ships. Each station is indicated by a destroyer on the FOG map. AFRN is known at times to have loaned its facilities to the CIA. (Mark Lane). Vern's complete program is being heard in all 50 states and in a number of foreign countries, as well. FOG claimed a grand total of "more than 1,000 stations around the world" and "over 100 million listeners", figures which are disputed by Caston.

– (April) Future URANTIA Foundation trustee, Neal Waldrop, is admitted to URANTIA Brotherhood as a member-at-large.

– Carolyn Kendall, a former Forum member (joined in 1951) and Urantia movement leader, believes that the URANTIA Brotherhood was diverted this year from its primary role of fostering serious and systematic study, to marketing The URANTIA Book, the "endless reassessment of its [organizational] purpose," and the "fine tuning of its organization". (Ref., "The Plan for The URANTIA Book Revelation", by Carolyn B. Kendall, April,1996)

[NOTE: I myself see no direct revelence to this issue in this, and Kendall dismisses the idea that it may have been conspiratorial (however, she does not appear to have been considering a governmental conspiracy). I have included it since it shows a general trend. Also, I have yet to learn General Faw's role here, if any, which may alter the entry's significance.]

1976 – Neal Waldrop is sworn in as a Foreign Service Officer in the U.S. Department of State (which is well-known to provide cover for CIA and NSA operatives).

– Emma “Christy” Christensen tells then URANTIA Brotherhood President John Hales that Vern Grimsley is a member of the Reserve Corps of Destiny 3. Many believe that "voices" which she heard told her this.

1977-1979 – Future URANTIA Foundation trustee, Neal Waldrop, co- hosts the Washington, D.C. study group.

1978 – Secret journals purportedly prepared by Dr. Sadler and kept in a locked file cabinet until this year unexplainedly disappeared, as Urantia movement member Barbara Newsom was prepared to testify under oath. [ ref. TENTH CIRCUIT MICHAEL FOUNDATION, INC., a foreign corporation, Plaintiff - Appellee, v. URANTIA FOUNDATION, an Illinois Charitable Trust, Defendant - Third-Party Plaintiff - Appellant, v. HARRY MCMULLAN, III, Third-Party Defendant - Appellee: No. 01-6347 and 01-6348 (D. Ct. No. CIV-00-885-W) (W.D. Okla.):ORDER AND JUDGMENT; II.4B.¶2 ]

– Jonestown mass "suicide". This followed the assassination nearby of Congressman Leo Ryan by followers of Jim Jones. Ryan was at that time investigating what he called "CIA cults". The investigation apparently ceased with the Congressman's death.

[NOTE 1: Author, Michael Meiers, will later claim in his exhaustively researched book, Was Jonestown a CIA Medical Experiment? A Review of the Evidence, that Jonestown was a field test of mind control drugs on African Americans and Native Americans -- two racial distinctions which made up the majority of Jones’ followers.]

[NOTE 2: Jones is said to have once told a reporter for the Black Panther newspaper that all of his thoughts came from the CIA (Mark Lane).]

1978-1979 – Future URANTIA Foundation trustee, Neal Waldrop, is the chief organizer, master of ceremonies, and a speaker at the First through Third Mid-Atlantic Conferences of Urantia Book readers.

[NOTE: The apparent chronological inconsistency above (three annual events in two years) appears in Waldrop's "URANTIA Brotherhood Background" which he submitted in a cover letter to his, "Do We Live in the Shadow of Nuclear Annihilation?" (see, 1983 November 14).]

1979 – Ken Cory, whose channelings became the book Starseed Transmissions writes that while channeling he hears "a low humming, an energy field" (see, 1974, also, 1962 NOTE 4). The messages he receives, he says, "came first in non-verbal form on waves or pulsations that carried the concise symbolic content of what I term ‘meta-conceptual information’" (quoted in Jon Klimo's book, Channeling) This last appears possibly to be similar or identical to the channeling experience of Helen Schucman and Teaching Mission (TeaM) "transmitter/receivers", whose "voices", while dictating, are described as being just at the audible/sub-audible threshold.


– Soviet Union war in Afghanistan: During this time the Russians reputedly used then-secret equipment employing inaudible transmissions that can convince individuals that they are hearing the voice of God inside their heads (see, 1993, the year knowledge of it surfaced in the media). The possibility that some of this technology fell into the hands of CIA-trained and supplied Afghanistani fighters, such as Osama bin Laden, and into the hands of the CIA itself cannot be discounted. The use of this equipment could explain the seeming mass-production of ("mentally cloned"?) "fanatic" terrorist suicide bombers. The probability that the U.S. intelligence/security community had itself developed similar, parallel technology, as indicated in this timeline primarily by Leading Edge and John Marks references, should neither be confused with this Russian technology nor be quickly dismissed.

1980 – Emma "Christy" Christensen receives an apparently audible "message" from "unseen friends", who are believed to be the same Revelatory Commission of supernal beings who created The URANTIA Book. She reportedly informed several people of this occurrence. Thomas Kendall credits the solution of the "French situation" to the credence given to this message.

[NOTE: The "French situation" concerned the first French language translation of The URANTIA Book, entitled, La Cosmogonie d'Urantia, which was made by Jacques Wiess, (see, 1942-1944 and 1962). Wiess was sued by the URANTIA Foundation in 1974 for copyright violation, and his book went into underground, pirated publication.]

1982 – Emma "Christy" Christensen dies.

– Two months after Christy's death, Neal Waldrop submits to the URANTIA Foundation "a detailed Project Outline for a [Mandarin] Chinese Translation of The URANTIA Book, together with a draft Chinese Translation of the Foreword and Paper 1". (EVALUATION)

[NOTE 1: A URANTIA Book reader reports that sometime around this year Waldrop expressed his anger that the Foundation ignored his translation project. Waldrop also reportedly told that same individual then that some unnamed US intelligence/security agency had previously been involved in the Urantia movement, but that it no longer was at that time. If Waldrop's reference was to CIA (MKULTRA or ORD) activity, it would likely have been disseminated only on a need-to-know basis. The fact that Waldrop was privy to that information hardly closes the door to the idea of subsequent or simultaneous NSA involvement (he could hardly be expected to admit or allude to his own undercover mission, if any -- indeed, those readers who know Waldrop cannot picture him as an intelligence operative, a fact which is necessarily the mark of successful undercover work). If this hearsay is factual (and I have no reason to doubt the reader's veracity) it would appear that the NSA may have won a bureaucratic turf war against the CIA. It might be observed that a revelation such as The URANTIA Book, transmitted by extra-terrestrial, ("alien") supernal beings undoubtedly constitutes "communications". This "communications" aspect places the Urantia movement in a distinctly different category from ACIM, Findhorn, Jim Jones' People's Temple, or David Koresh's Branch Davidians. The Urantia Papers had been received in 1934-1935, several decades before intelligence/security community interest in developing synthetic telepathy began. Therefore it could not have been the product of "synthetic telepathy". It would appear, then, that beginning sometime around 1974-1975 (when NSA-trained future URANTIA Foundation trustee, Neal Waldrop, became a URANTIA Book reader and was admitted into the URANTIA Brotherhood as a member-at-large), in cultic activity where there are no purported intra-cerebral "communications" other than those likely induced by "synthetic telepathy" – TeaM, ACIM, Jim Jones' People's Temple, and David Koresh's Branch Davidians – the CIA is in charge, but where the prospect of actual "alien" communications exist – the Urantia Papers and UFOs – then the NSA has jurisdiction. How fine this dividing-line is drawn and exactly where it is placed is known only by the intelligence/security community itself.]

[NOTE 2: I would like to point out the absurdity of trying to present the fifth epochal revelation (The Urantia Book) to the Asian world in a translation sponsored by, or in any way connected to, either the U.S. State Department or the NSA! It is bad enough that the first Asian-language translation is in Korean, the nation in the eastern hemisphere in which there is probably the highest concentration of U.S. Intelligence/Security presence, whose own intelligence agency, the KCIA, was started with CIA help and which likely still maintains CIA ties. The U.S. Congress actually found connections between the KCIA and cult activity in the United States (the Sun Myung Moon organization). And one of the present URANTIA Foundation trustees (who reputedly made the translation) happens to be a naturalized American South Korean. Dr. E. Kwan Choi, a Profesor of Economics at Iowa State University, was elected trustee in March, 1997 . None of this may be expected to encourage Asians to accept the revelation. One must wonder if there is a plan to keep the revelation from widespread acceptance in Asia! Kwan is presently (2002) suing the other URANTIA Foundation trustees for alleged organizational, including financial, improprieties.(See also, 1958)]

– Six months after Christy’s death, Vern Grimsley, "awoke one morning with a strong feeling that he must buy a new property for his organization, the Family of God (F.O.G.). He developed a picture in his mind of what it should entail and encompass." (EVALUATION).

– The following month, while viewing the vacated St. Anthony's College campus, which was being shown to him by a Realtor, Vern heard an audible "voice" from no apparent source telling him, "This is it!"

– Before the end of the year Vern bought his new "Spiritual Renaissance Institute" at Clayton, California for $4 million. Its was situated four miles from the Concord Naval Weapons Station and partially surrounded by a dozen other strategic installations with varying importance as possible targets, including two Naval shipyards (one for nuclear subs), two military air bases and an international airport, a Naval fuel depot, a Naval supply center, and Livermore Nuclear Research Laboratory -- all at distances from fifteen to twenty eight miles from Vern's soon-to-be purported holocaust survival headquarters (see, 1983 October 6).

– Many Urantia movement people believe Christy's "mantle" as de facto leader of the Urantia movement had been passed to Vern.

[NOTE 3: In 1969 when Dr. William Sadler died, his last words spoke of passing the "torch" to Christy who would then pass it to younger members.]

1983 – Vern Grimsley has "over 100 ‘contacts’". He would emerge from sessions "in a very tired and worn state". Vern said that his messages came, "even when I am asleep" (EVALUATION).

– (October 6) Vern’s "voices" tell him to prepare to survive a nuclear exchange (WW III). They then began to develop survival strategies (including – in answer to a question put directly to them – that if necessary attackers storming F.O.G. fallout shelters could be shot!). Accordingly, Vern surrounded the new compound with chain link fence, and F.O.G. began stockpiling arms. Combat veteran, Brigadier General Duane Faw (USMC Retired), a URANTIA Brotherhood official who would soon become the primary inner circle leadership supporter of TeaM channeling (see, 1985), actually gave advice to FOG on military defense procedures, reportedly including such things as "fields of fire". Faw demurs that he never expected FOG's all-out military response to his suggestions. However, the purported celestials spoke to Vern in words which sound more like those of a Marine Corps General than of the seraphim or midwayers recorded in The URANTIA Book. They told him that "the institute in Clayton is projected to be in the top ten percent of functional, slash, protectable locations given current data" (EVALUATION). Ironically, after surviving the holocaust, Vern was expected to carry on broadcasting the light of truth from his radio transmitter tower on top of nearby Mt. Diablo (Devil Mountain)! This area was once reputedly the home of the Devil, who reputedly made appearances to people in the days before California became a state.

[NOTE 1: While I could find no direct ties between General Faw and the U.S. Intelligence/Security community (beyond his having been assigned as a Matine Corps legal officer to the Judge Advocate General Corps), Faw had the habit of popping up near actual or possible CIA projects (see, 1956, 1961, and 1965).]

-- It was around this point in time that part of the Urantia movement’s inner circle deserted Vern and/or turned against him. The "official", or "organized" Urantia movement would become divided precisely along the pro/con "messages" fault-line. Continuing support of Vern would later be used as the excuse for disenfranchising the URANTIA Brotherhood (see, 1989 October 30), and Thomas Kendall would be suddenly removed both from his position as URANTIA Foundation President and trustee ostensibly because of his support for Vern.

– (November 14) Neal Waldrop submits reasons to the URANTIA Brotherhood why he believes it is impossible that the USA could then be living "In The Shadow of Nuclear Annihilation", thus professionally 5 refuting the message given to Vern by purported celestials. There followed, according to one reader, "a well-neigh general rejection of the ‘messages’ and an overwhelming flow of criticisms" leveled against Vern (ref., Emmanuel DeSurvire, quoted in EVALUATION).

– The week following Waldrop's submission, Vern’s "unseen friends" told Vern, "We won!" – possibly their very last message to him, or the last one about WW III. Vern has remained silent on the issue. It was, at least, the last message he forwarded to any "official" Urantia movement organizations. Rumor has it, however, that Vern is still hearing the "voices" of purported celestials.

– Many FOG members, including Richard Keeler (on Nov. 20), and Harry McMullan (before Oct. 27), abandon Vern's group. FOG (reportedly) eventually will go bankrupt, defaulting on its loan for the Clayton site. Vern's influence as an effective movement leader with a wide following from this point forward is curtailed. Christy's mantle, if Vern had ever indeed worn it, was snatched quickly from his shoulders.

[NOTE 2: It may be speculated that if Vern was an unwitting CIA (MKULTRA/ORD) subject, the withdrawal of its influence from the Urantia movement could have allowed for the "sacrifice" of Vern as a red herring and stepping stone for putting an NSA operative into a leadership position. In any event, the "voices" eliminated the widely acknowledged major contender, the "voices" caused the movement to be divided over the issue of belief in them (see for instance, "Special report to the Readers of The URANTIA Book: URANTIA Foundation Ends Its Relationship With The Former URANTIA Brotherhood", by URANTIA Foundation, April 1990, p. 15 and p. 19-3), and afterwards "NSA Neal" Waldrop was put into the catbird seat (see, 1989).]

1984-1989 – The climate at Foundation headquarters reportedly continues to deteriorate.

1985 (circa) – What will become the first Teaching Mission group (see, 1989) begins as a small channeling group in New Zealand (see,, where one of the NSA's largest facilities is located.

1986 – Hoite Caston is made a trustee of the URANTIA Foundation.

– First Spanish language translation of The URANTIA Book. It contains serious flaws, and is reputedly distorted in meaning.

1989 – The entire Executive Committee of the URANTIA Brotherhood are signatories to a letter to the Foundation trustees referring to Martin Myers' "questionable and secretive use of 'instructions' or 'mandates' supposedly given [by supernal beings] in confidence to our predecessors" (but see, 1990 Helena Sprague letter).

[NOTE 1: These "mandates" were received over the years as physically materialized writings and each contained an instruction at the bottom that it was to be destroyed by fire no later than the publication date of The URANTIA Book. Reportedly, however, Dr. Sadler and Christy were given permission to retain some beyond that date which were destroyed immediately upon the death of Christy. On the other hand, copies of the "mandates" made by Forum members were reportedly extant after that year. These might constitute a body of "secret communications" worthy of NSA interest.]

– (July through October) Three URANTIA Foundation Trustees and several staff members resign in reaction against Martin Myers’ actions and policies.

[NOTE 2: The question has never been answered whether these trustees and staff members might have been influenced by synthetic telepathy. The fact is that at least one 533 Diversey Parkway, Foundation/Brotherhood part-time office worker reports having herself heard "voices" in her head which she continues to the day of this writing to believe were genuinely supernal in origin. These, she says, supported Vern Grimsley's "messages" and directed her into performing certain undisclosed activities which she describes as being seemingly mundane, but which she maintains nevertheless were purported to her as being necessary to help ward off the nuclear holocaust (WW III). She alludes to having knowledge of others like herself who heard similar "voices", and there were also rumors of "voices" being heard in that same time-frame in Hawaii by URANTIA Book readers there. (Also see, 1990 "Helena Sprague" letter)]

– The new URANTIA Foundation Board of Trustees at this time consists of three of Vern Grimsley's college fraternity brothers: Foundation President Martin Myers, Hoite Caston and Richard Keeler (as of July). Also on the board are Patricia Sadler Mundelius (who, of course, bears the honored Sadler name), and Neal Waldrop (as of August), a Foreign Service Officer with a NSA background..

– (October 1) Martin Myers quits his upper managerial bank job and assumes full-time URANTIA Foundation Executive Directorship.

– (October 30) URANTIA Foundation Trustees formally disenfranchise the URANTIA Brotherhood and evict it from their shared headquarters at 533 Diversey Parkway, Chicago. (See, 1983)

– A New Zealand channeling group (four members) is introduced to The URANTIA Book by a channeled purported celestial named, "Abraham", self- identified as being the same Abraham who is the Biblical "father of the Jewish race". This is the beginning of TeaM as such. After this, members of the group reportedly took TeaM to URANTIA Book-oriented internet listserves, newsgroups, and web- forums – as well as to URANTIA Book study groups – where they carried on a process of recruitment. The goal, according to one purported celestial, was to create at least one or two channelers in every study group. (See also, 1985)

1990 – Then-recently-resigned, former URANTIA Foundation Trustee Helena Sprague writes that "Martin [Myers] has been heard, with several present, to bestow approval of the midwayers on one individual and to tell another, 'The midwayers are not pleased with you . . . you are in league with Lucifer.'" This leaves one with the distinct impression that Myers also may have heard "voices" and believed himself to have been in direct contact with purported celestials. It is therefore possible that his guidance was not limited to extant copies of previously materialized "mandates" or "instructions" (see, 1989 "Executive Committee" letter).

[NOTE: Many accused Myers of having a "chosen person" attitude. Speculatively something of the sort might be expected to have developed if intra-cerebral voices, claiming to be midwayers, had told Myers that Christy's "torch" or "mantel" of Urantia movement leadership had been passed to him instead of to Vern Grimsley. (See, 1982 NOTE 3)]

– Elizabeth Y. Fitzhugh's ad appears in some New Age newspapers promoting her channeling of a purported entity named "ORION" (she uses the upper case -- this is the same name as what is believed to be a MKULTRA, ORD, or U.S. Naval Intelligence program which includes, among other things, "electronic brain invasion" (see, 1958). One of the ad's two favorable blurbs says:

"I found . . . that I could listen to the ORION spokesperson as though I were listening to music or observing a natural scene. . . . I became totally absorbed by the utter beauty of the voice and the language."

It is signed, "S.G., Boston, VA". The only listing in the telephone directory for the Boston area in 1990 conforming to those initials is Sidney Gottlieb, known to be the then retired former director of MKULTRA. Boston is a small, U.S. postal rural delivery area connected to a combination post office and general store. Gottlieb's retirement location there is well documented.

1991 – A URANTIA Book study group member in Woods Cross, Utah begins channeling a purported celestial named "Ham". This becomes the second TeaM group, and the first to appear in the United States. For a number of years thereafter the procedure for a study group to obtain a "teacher" to channel was that they must first telephone their request to the Woods Cross channeler, who would forward it on to the purported celestial during a "contact". It is now presumably just as possible for the massive email and telephone monitoring programs currently being run by NSA and its data-sharing partner nations to flag any interest voiced in these communications mediums by persons desiring "personal" or group "teachers" ("purported celestials" who are believed to communicate intra-intellect) as it is for them to flag the words "cocaine" or "bomb". It should be noted that not all who desire these "teachers" get them.

[NOTE 1: Although I have found no direct connection between the Woods Cross group and either the CIA or the NSA, Utah is the center of Mormonism, and Mormons have long been especially sought out for recruitment into the U.S. Intelligence/Security community. It may be speculated that widespread support for secret intelligence projects might be found within that state.]

[NOTE 2: TeaM has not to this date subjected itself to any testing procedures such as those to which Dr. Sadler subjected the physically materialized text (as well as the channeling-like activities which preceded it). Neither has TeaM so far attempted to correlate the reception of intra-cerebral "teachers" to previous open expressions of a desire for the same on electronic communications media. If TeaM wants to behave responsibly and to find anything approaching mainstream acceptance in the Urantia Book reader community, it needs to rule out synthetic telepathy as well as ordinary psychological delusion as providing the platform for its purported celestial "teachers". Also the finding of MKULTRA fingerprints all over "A Course In Miracles" demands that its antecedents be thoroughly investigated as well!]

1991-1992 – A manuscript copy of this writer's, "URANTIAGATE: The Conspiracy Theory", consisting of much that appears here, is mailed to the URANTIA Foundation at its headquarters office, to each individual Foundation Trustee, and to other movement leaders.

1992 – Martin Myers is dismissed as a URANTIA Foundation Trustee. He will be successfully sued to relinquish his position as President.

– Neal Waldrop resigns as Trustee, and is reportedly transferred by the U.S. State Department to Australia and New Zealand.

1993 – Revised Spanish language translation is published. It has flaws of its own and continues many of the 1986 version's problems.

– U.S. Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms officers and David Koresh's Branch Davidians exchange gunfire at the Davidian compound outside of Waco, Texas. This precipitates a 51-day FBI siege which ends in a conflagration that gutted the building which the cult was defending and left Koresh, who followed a "voice" which he believed to be that of "God", and 82 of his followers, including children, dead. Autopsies revealed that a number of the adult male victims did not die by flames but had received twin fatal gunshot wounds in their heads which had been administered by a person or persons unknown during the fire.

[NOTE1: For what it is worth, convicted Watergate burglary conspirator, G. Gordon Liddy, maintained on his syndicated radio talk-show that the FBI hostage rescue teams, such as besieged the Branch Davidians, cross-train with Navy Seals (Liddy is an ex-FBI Special Agent and one of Liddy's sons is a Seal Officer). The Seals, the elder Liddy maintained, are taught a method of execution called "double popping", which consists of two shots fired in rapid succession into the head of the victim. The Seals are also known to cover their tracks by fire.]

[NOTE2: Interestingly, but perhaps coincidentally, Koresh's presumed direct communication with "God" ceased immediately following the initial BATF shootout. It was not restored until after two separate individuals, days apart, crossed FBI lines surrounding the compound and entered the besieged Davidian headquarters. One must wonder if some hidden transmitting equipment had been accidentally knocked out and required repair or replacement. Both people left the compound before the fire.]

1994 – Mind control technology, called "acoustic psycho-correction", capable of producing intra-cerebral "voices" at the time of the Waco siege surfaces in the media:

"The FBI consulted Moscow experts on the possible use of a Soviet technique for beaming subliminal messages to Koresh. The technique uses inaudible transmissions that could have convinced Koresh he was hearing the voice of God inside his head." (Newsweek, Feb. 7, 1994 – emphasis added. See also, 1972, 1974)

[NOTE: Although the Russian device was not used on David Koresh, American Rifle Association President and movie actor, Charlton Heston, had been considered for the "voice" role. If similar technology was already being used on Koresh and others it would have been a closely guarded secret, even possibly from the FBI itself! The Russian-developed equipment is presently being manufactured in the USA for commercial sales. The University of Kansas, where Vern Grimsley was employed in its Psychology Department (see, 1960-1962), was the only reported organization that I found which held a symposium on the device and its technology (at its Medical College). The device reputedly was originally designed to be used as an electro-psycho-therapeutic technique (see, 1951), but was reportedly used by Russians during their war in Afghanistan (1979-1989) to free (cure?) the minds of their own troops from their moral inhibitions against, as well as from guilt resulting from, the atrocities which they were expected to commit there. The CIA, of course, had trained and supplied Osama bin Laden and others to fight against the Soviets, and it is a possibility, if not a likelihood, that some of this equipment fell into both bin Laden's and the CIA's hands then.]

"For God shall bring every work into judgment, with every secret thing, whether it be good, or whether it be evil." (Ecclesiastes 12:14)


[EDITORIAL NOTE: Due to technical difficulties with a word processing program a very small number of the above dates may be slightly off. All are believed at this time to have been found and corrected, however.]


1. Adjuster, or Thought Adjuster: "If the finite mind of man is unable to comprehend how so great and so majestic a God as the Universal Father can descend from his eternal abode in infinite perfection to fraternize with the individual human creature, then must such a finite intellect rest assurance of divine fellowship upon the truth of the fact that an actual fragment of the living God resides within the intellect of every normal-minded and morally conscious Urantia [Earth] mortal. The indwelling Thought Adjusters are part of the eternal Deity of the Paradise Father. Man does not have to go farther than his own inner experience of the soul's contemplation of this spiritual-reality presence to find God and attempt communion with him." (62 B, 5:0:1)

2. Manchurian Candidate: Strictly speaking, a person who has been programmed unwittingly with the use of drugs, (Chinese technique) brainwashing, and hypnosis to be an assassin. Ably performed by Laurence Harvey in John Frankenheimer’s film, The Manchurian Candidate, also starring Frank Sinatra, Janet Leigh, and Angela Lansbury (1962). Also see: John Marks' The Search for the Manchurian Candidate: online at:, which details the CIA's MKULTRA program's attempt to create such an "asset". I have coined the term, "Manchurian Channeler" to apply to situations such as appear in this "synthetic telepathy" timeline.

3. Neal Waldrop's duty stations:

1. 1971-1972, U.S. Naval Communications Station, Sidi Yahia du Rharb, Morocco.

2. 1972-1975, Office of the Director, Communications Security Material System, Washington, D.C.

4. Reserve Corps of Destiny: "Consists of living men and women who have been admitted to the special service of the superhuman administration of world affairs.
. . .
"Mortals of the realm are chosen for service in the reserve corps of destiny on the inhabited worlds because of:

1. Special capacity for being secretly rehearsed for numerous possible emergency missions in the conduct of various world affairs.

2. Wholehearted dedication to some special social, economic, political, spiritual, or other cause, coupled with a willingness to serve without human recognition and rewards.

3. The Possession of a Thought Adjuster of extraordinary versatility and probable pre-Urantia experience with coping with planetary difficulties and contending with world emergency situations." (1257 A-C, 114:7:1,3)

5. Neal Waldrop's Professional Background: His list in his cover letter to the URANTIA Brotherhood includes, besides those career positions mentioned earlier in this timeline: Foreign Service assignments to the Multilateral Affairs Bureau, U.S. Arms Control and Disarmament Agency; U.S. Delegation to the Conference of the Committee on Disarmament; the Political-Military Affairs Course at the Foreign Service Institute; U.S. Delegation to the Seabed Arms Control Treaty Review Conference; and Political Section of the U.S. Consulate General in Hong Kong.

His letter states: "Within our country's national security and foreign policy communities, intricate issues like these [i.e., nuclear attack and/or annihilation] are under constant discussion and review." (EVALUATION, Appendix)

Reference urls

4. MKULTRA Subprojects: http:/ l
5. Intelligence/Security Connections:


The Urantia Book, Urantia Foundation, Urantia Fellowship, and the Urantia three concentric circle symbol above (Banner of Michael) represent a modern-day Arian/Gnostic cult.  The group began in Chicago during the early 1930's among high-ranking members of the heretical Seventh Day Adventist1 sect.  The cult gained increasing popularity during the hallucinogenic 1960s and 70s, as the interrelationships between drugs, the occult, metaphysics, and the New Age movement were being forged.  Urantia is one of many New Age religious efforts to create spirituality within the context of the philosophic naturalism and modernism that pervades Western culture.2
The Urantia Book (a.k.a. The Urantia Papers, "God's Bible", the Revelation), consisting of 2,097 six by eleven inch pages, was complied in 1934-35 and first copyrighted in 1955.  It is a collection of 196 apocryphal "papers" (i.e. so-called revelations) said to be communicated by various "authors"--i.e. spirit beings who names are listed in the papers.  The book's theme consists of highly detailed, mythology-like descriptions of (our) universe, surrounding universes, numerous extraterrestrial spirit beings which are said to inhabit these universes, the spiritual evolutionary history of planet earth (Urantia), and the life and teaching of a "Jesus", also called "Christ Michael", a "Creator Son".  The Urantia Foundation has provided multiple copies of the cultic Urantia Book to libraries across the United States.

As part of the larger "Urantia Brotherhood", small groups of followers...Societies... hold regular, sometimes clandestine meetings "to study the book and ... pledge themselves to disseminate its teachings."  These groups are found throughout the United States with large concentrations in AZ, CA, CO, FL, IL, OR, TX, and WA.  Larger societies can typically be found in cities and towns which draw above-average numbers of New Age followers, e.g., San Francisco, CA; Boulder, CO; Sedona, AZ, etc.

The Urantia Book

A Brief Description and its Secret Author Discovered by Eric Pement
CORNERSTONE magazine, vol. 20, issue 97, pp. 19, 23.

... Ironically, it was a Seventh-day Adventist minister and physician who was ultimately responsible for the publication of the Urantia papers. Dr. William S. Sadler, a psychiatrist and professor at the University of Chicago and teacher of pastoral counseling at McCormick Theological Seminary, had spent over a decade debunking and refuting spiritualism, even assisting magician Harry Houdini in this task. His better-known works on this subject include THE TRUTH ABOUT SPIRITUALISM (1923) and THE MIND AT MISCHIEF: TRICKS OF THE SUBCONSCIOUS MIND (1929). However, researcher Steve Cannon tells about something that eventually turned Sadler around:

In the appendix of THE MIND AT MISCHIEF Sadler recounts a story of one investigation into the psychic realm that he could not debunk. From the summer of 1911 until the time of his writing in 1929 he had a subject under observation who would go into a deep sleep out of which he could not be awakened. Sadler wrote: "This man is utterly unconscious, wholly oblivious to what takes place, and, unless told about it subsequently, never knows that he has been used as a sort of clearing house for the coming and going of alleged extra-planetary personalities" (MIND, 383). Of the communications themselves, "I can only say that I have found in these years of observation that all the information imparted through this source has proved to be consistent within itself. . . . Its philosophy is consistent. It is essentially Christian and is, on the whole, entirely harmonious with the known scientific facts and truths of this age" (MIND, 384). Sadler wanted to say more on the subject, but the person under investigation would not give his permission to do so.1

W.K. Kellogg

Beginning in 1923, Dr. Sadler invited a group of friends, informally known as The Forum, to examine these intelligences, which were now rapidly becoming more numerous. While the channeler slept, the spirits freely answered questions in a manner not unlike that of Edgar Cayce, the famed "sleeping prophet." Sadler and his cohorts compiled 4000 questions they wanted the spirits to answer. A few weeks later, the channeler handed Dr. Sadler a sheaf of 472 pages, answering every question which had been put to him/them. The channeler's wife told Sadler that the material had been written in a single evening. By 1935, the last of the messages was delivered, and the entities asked Dr. Sadler, by now a true believer and an ex-Adventist, that the work be published.2 Twenty years later THE URANTIA BOOK appeared in print. The identity of the channeler was kept secret for many years by the Urantia Foundation. In fact, the board of directors took a pledge of secrecy not to reveal the human author or its means of transmission. However, in 1991 Martin Gardner identified the channeler as WILFRED CUSTER KELLOGG, son of Rev. Charles Leonidis Sobeski Kellogg, a Seventh-day Adventist minister from Vermont. Wilfred was a shirttail relative of W. K. KELLOGG, founder of the Kellogg's Cornflake Company, and also happened to be William Sadler's brother-in-law (the men had married two sisters).

Wilfred moved to Illinois when he married, and he and his wife lived for a time with Dr. and Mrs. Sadler. He was one of the founding members of the Urantia Foundation, and his home was half a block from the present headquarters of the Foundation in Chicago. He died in 1956.

The Adventist background of both Kellogg and Sadler does explain a few things. For example, it's a point of Adventist doctrine that Jesus is really Michael the Archangel.3 Martin Gardner pointed out some other interesting parallels with Adventism, notably how the name of an Adventist friend of Kellogg, G. W. AMADON, appears as an important figure of the Urantia papers. Gardner's articles were published in the SKEPTICAL INQUIRER, Spring 1991, with significant corrections in the Fall 1991 issue. The Urantia Foundation officially has "no comment" on this matter.