Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Mae Brussell Videos on the Internet

Click for a list of Mae Brussell DVD excerpts:

And this way comes a note from Brussell Sprout Tim Canale, who has made the Internet video project his own.

I asked Canale to explain a bit of the history of the uploads:

Hi, Alex:

I could write a book of info relating to the 9/11 video. Among other things, CNN threatened to sue me. We went back and forth and it's been a while, it looks like they went away.

But not much to say about the Mae movie. It is what it is. Kyenne [Brussell] gave me the tape about 12 or 13 years ago. We had planned on doing a documentary on Mae and naturally that was to be included. But like most things in life it was all bark and no bite. Neither of us know who actually taped it, which, for obvious reasons, has me a little nervous.

Recently I decided to burn the video to dvd and make it available to people. It wasn 't 100% complete (2 or 3 breaks in the tape) so I thought I'd disguise the gaps by fading out to interviews with a few of Mae's friends.

When [northern California bookseller] Tom Davis died, I inherited all of his audio and video tapes which included many vhs tapes of TV news from the 1980s. I used some of the news clips that matched Mae's topics. And I had many of my own VHS tapes of news clips which I used.

Also in Tom's storage locker were some of Mae's books that I took home.

In the video you'll see the cover to Paris Flammonde's "The Kennedy Conspiracy." That was Mae's.

The movie has been shown at one film festival in Long Beach last summer. It was almost shown at the Austin Underground Film Festival and the Berkeley Film and Video Festival. One problem is it's too long - 2 hours.

I edited the project with Final Cut Pro using my Mac G-3.

Thanks, Alex!

Tim Canale