Friday, June 15, 2007

All in the Family: OJ Simpson and Paris Hilton are Fellow CIA/Mafia Puppets

Bulemic but intense Paris Hilton

Someone had a motive for killing Nicole Simpson and Ron Goldman ... and it wasn't the jealousy of an ex-husband ...

"Barry Hoestler, a private investigator hired for the Simpson case by Robert Shapiro, said Nicole talked about the idea of opening a restaurant with Ron Goldman as her partner, and financing it with cocaine profits. Hoestler said Nicole and her friends were 'over their heads with some dope dealers.'"

The said "dope dealers" worked for an offshoot of the Lansky syndicate in Los Angeles, as I wrote 12 years ago ... and the press refused to report. The Lansky syndicate has been grafted to the American intelligence establishment for some 50 years. OJ Simpson and AC Cowlings were paid operators in that syndicate.

The murders in Brentwood were preceded and followed by many others.

Simpson's massive legal representation included Howard Weitzman (who subsequently backed off) and Robert Shapiro.

Both are Mafia attorneys.

Both represent Paris Hilton (see below), and when OJ blasts the press for its coverage of a fellow CIA/Mafia puppet ... it's all in the Family, so to speak. This is all over the wires ...

O.J. Simpson Slams Press Over Paris Hilton Coverage

Former American football star O.J. Simpson has criticized the media for its coverage of Paris Hilton's prison sentence. .... and the ties give another meaning to her premature, illegal release from jail by Gil Garcetti. (Joseph Bosco told me a few years ago that he turned the evidence over to LA's lead prosecutor, but he refused to pursue it because the police have already stated publicly and redundantly that Simpson is guilty ((the famed "mountain of (((planted, cooked and corrupt))) evidence" against him?)) - in other words, the suppression of murder evidence is supposedly an LAPD face-saving tactic. Trifling excuse, but there may be some truth to it ...)



Celebrity attorney Robert Shapiro has certainly said a lot of kind things about troubled heiress Paris Hilton lately. And while he hasn't disclosed it in his TV appearances, sources close to the case say he's getting paid for his support—a charge he doesn't deny.

On Friday, Shapiro, best known for defending O.J. Simpson, was a guest on both MSNBC's Countdown with Keith Olbermann and CNN's Anderson Cooper 360° to discuss the case.

On CNN, Shapiro said Hilton's early release from jail was "precisely the correct approach to exactly what has happened here"—even though it was quickly reversed by Judge Michael T. Sauer. Shapiro then sought to disparage Sauer's record, saying, "[A]fter 25 or 30 years of service, he's still doing arraignments in a traffic court in downtown Los Angeles."

He was even more vehement in his advocacy on MSNBC. "I've been practicing law for 37 years in Los Angeles," he told Olbermann. "I've talked to lawyers, judges, and prosecutors. No one has ever heard of anybody being treated like the way they're treating Paris Hilton."

Of Sheriff Lee Baca, who ordered Hilton sprung (and who, as we first reported, accepted a campaign donation from Hilton's family in 2006), Shapiro said, "He's one of the most respected sheriffs in the United States.

He said, 'You know what? Forget the political pressure. Forget the fanfare. Forget this tabloid atmosphere that is permeating this case. I'm going to do the right thing.' And the judge simply wouldn't allow it." As a result, Shapiro hyperventilated, "the entire system of justice is in jeopardy in Los Angeles."

Needless to say, sources close to the case were surprised by Shapiro's failure to disclose that he was not exactly an impartial observer. Contacted by Radar, an assistant for Shapiro said the attorney had no comment on whether he was part of Hilton's legal counsel. Elliot Mintz, Hilton's spokesman, didn't reply to messages, nor did Howard Weitzman, her on-the-record lawyer.

Producers at MSNBC say Shapiro did not inform them that he had a professional relationship with Hilton. A spokeswoman for CNN could not immediately say whether its producers had knowledge of the arrangement but said the network does not generally discuss guest booking.

Update:Nikki Finke e-mails to point out that she reported a meeting between Hilton and Shapiro in early May. Consider it noted.