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DynCorp Sub-Contractor Inter-Risk was Behind the Oct. 10th Suicide Bombing of Pakistan's Army HQ

" ... The charges against [INTER-RISK'S] Capt. R. Zaidi also consist [of] the alleged arrangement of suicide jackets to one of the arrested suicide bombers. The shocking revelation is suddenly deleted from the media reports. ... "

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ISI Website Suspects Inter-Risk was Behind October 10th Assault on Pakistani Army Headquarters:

Arab News Blog

This website is said to be linked to the ISI, and seems to be blaming the attack on the Pakistani army HQ on the US.

“On October 10, 2009, we witnessed a deadly attack on the Pakistan Army GHQ in Rawalpindi. We take this as a direct assault on the national security, sovereignty, integrity and dignity of the State of Pakistan. We suggest and recommend that the following measures should at least be taken to respond to this serious attempt to sabotage Pakistan’s national security:

"President Zardari and at least his erstwhile Interior Minister Rehman Malik should be thrown out of the avenues of power immediately and must be interrogated regarding granting mass-scale permissions for suspicious US personnel to enter Pakistan in recent months, allowing foreign ‘diplomats’ to carry illegal weapons in the Federal capital and permitting the suspicious activities of foreign security agencies like Inter-Risk, DynCorp, etc. and their possible link with today’s attack. ...
Security Firm’s Role in Pakistan Questioned

* Police raids on Inter-Risk – subcontractor for US firm DynCorp Int’l – reveal unlicensed arms

Daily Times Monitor
October 08, 2009

LAHORE: A firm providing security for US diplomats in Pakistan is equipped with sophisticated weaponry that appears more suited to Special Forces commandos, raising questions about its real role in a country facing a serious terrorist threat. ...

A senior Pakistani defence official privy to the situation said there had been “extraordinary concern among government officials over DynCorp”.

... A US official denied that the US was sending CIA operatives or special operations forces commandos to Pakistan under the guise of DynCorp guards.
A week before the attack on Pakistan's army HQ ...

Inter-Risk owner disappears
By Imran Mukhtar
The Nation
October 03, 2009

ISLAMABAD - The owner of notorious Inter-Risk Security Company, Syed Jafar Ali Zaidi’s whereabouts are not known anymore. He was on physical remand with the Kohsar police for the last two days but now he has “disappeared”.

Sources privy to the developments claimed that Zaidi had been admitted in the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) for treatment early this morning (Friday). Dr. Waseem Khawaja, the spokesman of the PIMS was contacted several times but he gave vague answers saying that he was not clear about Zaidi’s admission in the hospital and was still checking his presence there.

This scribe himself visited PIMS but could not find out the whereabouts of Zaidi in the hospital. A close friend of Zaidi was also contacted but he replied that even he could not succeed in tracing him.

Police sources claimed that Zaidi was not present behind the bars of Kohsar Police Station but was “out”. However they did not make it clear the exact location of Zaidi.

Rana Akram, Station House Officer (SHO) of Kohsar Police Station was contacted time and again but was not available for the comments.

Zaidi was given under the custody of police on two-day physical remand on 30th of last month by the court of Judicial Magistrate, Fahim Shah. The US diplomats spoke in his defence in their talks with the press. Could they have had a hand in Zaidi’s disappearance from the police station?



"Anti-Terrorist Course from British Special Air- Services (UNITED KINGDOM). Pathfinder Operations Course from United States Army Infantry School, Fort Benning, Georgia (USA). Airborne Operations Course from United States Army Infantry, School, Fort Benning, Georgia (USA). Protective Group Course (American Special Secret Services Training Group (USA). ... "
Pakistan's Perspective on Inter-Risk, Terrorist Ties

A few days after the disappearance of Inter-Risk's proprietor, it was reported that he'd been arranging suicide bombings, and that the media were suppressing information to this effect: " ... The charges against Capt. R. Zaidi also consist [of] the alleged arrangement of suicide jackets to one of the arrested suicide bombers. The shocking revelation is suddenly deleted from the media reports. ... The tone of Americans seems to be satanic ... "

Black Water and DynCorp with Inter Risk are our enemies
Oct 5th, 2009

The roar in Pakistan against Black Water and private armies of USA has reached the highest pitch. The voice of the media and every Pakistani is showing anger and discomfort over the issue of Black Water and other private armies operating in the name of security agencies. Inter Risk is among the list of those companies or agencies who are working behind the curtains and sometimes openly against the interest of our motherland Pakistan.

Many people know that Capt R. Zaidi the owner of Inter-Risk was involved in attaining most sophisticated weapons without Government's permission!! those sophisticated weapons have been taken into custody by the security agencies of Pakistan. Most ashamed to know that Government is trying to keep the matter in low profile and media is not given access to complete information. The charges against Capt. R. Zaidi also consists the alleged arrangement of suicide jackets to one of the arrested suicide bombers. The shocking revelation is suddenly deleted from the media reports. It is most disgusting that people of Pakistan and the Government have sacrificed a lot to fulfill the ugly demands of USA. The whole country is burning with no investment coming in and no development since the war on terror started. Still after paying the huge price for the sake of America, the tone of Americans seems to be satanic. They always intimidate Pakistan sometimes on nuclear issue, sometimes on the issue of Taliban's shura allegedly present in Quetta and in many cities in Pakistan. The devastating reaction of Americans was expected after uncovering of black agenda which was to be executed through their private armies. The biggest slap on Pakistan's face was seen today when an office of The World Food Program of United Nations came under the attack of a suicide bomber who somehow managed to slip through highly secured and guarded area of Islamabad. Just moments after these attacks, our Government stated like parrot what USA wanted them to speak. Immediately the responsibility was put on Islamic militants and Beitullah Mehsud's accomplices and it is confirmed that Talibans of Pakistan would also accept this responsibility soon to obey their masters sitting in Washington. One must look seriously how the Government so quickly arrive to the conclusion that this attack is done by Mehsud's men??? Why America does not object if investigations are not made seriously about the previous attacks??? why no serious investigations are made on these incidences??? One must understand that America, Beitullah Mehsud and all the enemies of Pakistan are working on the same frequency. The only motive to attack Islamabad now and that too in a very highly secured area seems to be a message drafted for the world to make every body understand that Pakistan's nukes are still not safe!!! Ironically no condemnation is made by USA and instead of putting some ice cubes on Pakistan's wounds the Ambassador to Pakistan Ms. Peterson is trying to prove that the threat of nukes falling into the hands of militants is still a possibility.

I would tell the nation and the high ups that it is time to bring the truth in front of the public eye. People should know what kind of weapons were confiscated from Capt. R. Zaidi's house. It has been learned from different sources though unconfirmed, that among the weapons confiscated were some highly sensitive anti surveillance devices which can block the CCTV, Explosive detectors, voice tappers and many other equipments. Although this is hard to believe but the way it is seen on the footage of today's blast it is quite possible that suicide bomber may had possessed any such device which blocked the capability of explosive detectors and other security equipments installed in that area. The Government should look into the matter through this angle. This is an alarming development and if it is true that terrorists are using any such device then people should also know that such complicated and highly dangerous devices are manufactured in USA by Black Water and Dyn Corps subsidiaries and suppliers.

Today Pakistani people are dieing like chickens and the Government is fearing to disclose facts about USA's private armies and their backstabbing. As a nation we should understand that with Aid Bills like Kerry Lugar, our sovereignty is at stake and we must also understand that Beitullah Mehsud was and his men are allegedly the old CIA and RAW agents further supported by the Pentagon. These criminals are creating havoc in the country only to benefit Americans and their allies who have great interest in the change of geographical status of Pakistan and to capture our nuclear assets. Even if Pakistan will kill the whole population of Waziristan and Swat, American thirst would never end, they will always ask to "Do More" "Do More" and Just Do More.

I would request the government to see if there is really such kind of anti surveillance device owned and kept by Capt. R. Zaidi? If that kind of equipment had arrived from USA then it must be investigated that how it reached to Inter Risk for further distribution to the terrorists.

The Government should take a firm stand. We should not term this Kerry Lugar Bill as a worthy one for the nation. It is just a sugar coated poison and a symbol of our undeclared slavery.
Why is US embassy protecting Inter-Risk?
October 4, 2009 Sikander Shaheen

ISLAMABAD – The ongoing investigations with the owner of notorious Inter-Risk Security Company, Captain (Retired) Ali Zaidi would unearth some shocking revelations in the days ahead, with a bulk of startling discoveries already in store.

Even though Zaidi has confessed during interrogation that most of the recruits, whom he called ‘company’s security guards’, carrying weapons of prohibited bores are deputed at the US consulate Peshawar; these recruits are inaccessible to investigators due to the alleged protection being provided to them by US Embassy.

As rightly pointed out in a news item published in this newspaper entitled “Trained recruits plus record go missing,” the major problem encountered by Pakistani authorities in Zaidi’s case involves their inability to reach out to the recruited lot. “If the authorities succeed to apprehend the recruits and they divulge information, one can’t imagine how big breakthrough could be, but the US Embassy would never want this to happen,” The Nation heard from a well informed source. Despite their best efforts, the investigators have not been able to get hold of the accurate record of recruits and their original documents that could be instrumental in this regard. “We have been trying for the last many days but still we are clueless about those guys who received trainings from Zaidi, we really don’t know who are they, and how do they operate,” source added. ...

The Nation


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