Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Daniel Hopsicker Wins Bullshit "Internet Liberty Award"

Daniel Hopsicker

Hopsicker, the author of Barry and the Boys, writes:

"Over a month ago I had the honor of being named the recipient of the 1st Annual Liberty Internet Award, for which I am well and truly grateful. I’m announcing it now because it’s taken this long to overcome embarrassment and innate Midwestern SHYNESS. ... "


Daniel Hopsicker bills himself as "The Greatest Reporter in the World," plasters his web page with adverts for himself. No one who knows him would describe Daniel as ... "shy?" He's a shameless, blustering egoist, to put it mildly. It would be just like him to rush to press with this announcement ... but he kept it under his hat for a full month.


The "Liberty Award" was bestowed upon Mr. Hopsicker not by a recognized human rights organization or benefactor. The award was given by one man, Douglas Herman, described at the CounterPunch site as "a USAF veteran, served during the Vietnam War." His claim to fame – a vet.

Did Herman mow down Vietnamese peasants – defending their country from the guns of American fascism – in the name of "Liberty?"

Douglas Herman was a killer, and proud of it, currently writing pooly-researched articles on politics for dubious progressive sites like CounterPunch.

He is not qualified to hand out "Liberty Awards."

Hopsicker is not qualified to call himself a reporter, let alone the greatest in the world.

I've pointed out deliberate deceptions in his work in the past. His background is in PRODUCING FAKE NEWS FOR NBC – as he will admit only when cornered and presented with documentation. (I've contacted the personnel office at NBC, and executives there, and they have no employment information on Hopsicker. It turns out that he was a sub-contractor, but I have confirmed that he did produce fake news stories for the network that glorified American capitalism in the Asian corporate market. Thus: "Global Business 2000," Hopsicker's own "claim to fame.")

The award is a sham, has no recognized legitimate sponsorship, is simply one man's misguided opinion. It is as faux as Hopsicker, whose work propagates the Bin Laden-9/11 myth and is full of holes.

The most fundamental hole: Was Mohammed Atta the "mastermind of 9/11," as Daniel, informs us ... ad nauseum? (Psychic driving, yet ... )

HOPSICKER'S SECRET FINANCING is known to me, and I have confirmation – in writing – from from his benefactor (he claims to support himself by writing – a lie he told a Florida newspaper), and his secret financier is a CIA puppet in California ... whose own handler is a former RNC official with military press credentials.

In other words, he's as false as a "liberty" award from Mr. Douglas Herman, a military vet who has set himself up as an arbiter of truth ... but doesn't recognize it when he sees it. I may hand out awards, too, if Herman can do it. Mine will recognize the liars on the Net who are destroying the push for liberty by undermining our real efforts with faux awards for faux work.

– Alex Constantine

PS: Routine tactic: All notable planted journalists on the Net have "bodyguards." I've just triggered them. Advice to Daniel's bodyguards: Forget it. Lost cause. Find others.