Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Barack Obama, Closet Neo-Con (I): Courting the American Enterprise Institute

AEI is a fascist CIA/military intelligence front, and its reason-to-be is the mass marketing of military-corporate disinformation. Obama could conceivably blow the whistle on AEI, publicly expose the Institute's funding and lies, but prefers to pander to the its criminal, psychotic and genocidal propagandists. - AC

"While prominent liberal Democrats wring their hands over Bush's war in Afghanistan becoming Obama's war, the neocons and their fellow travelers are the main applauders of the new troop surge. ... "

Not Just Brookings
Ben Smith | Politico | December 04, 2009

After Rahm Emanuel's Brookings [liberal think-tank] crack, Obama's delivering a major speech there Tuesday. ... Laura Rozen notes with some surprise that senior administration officials are also trotting over to the American Enterprise Institute:

[A]nother trend worth noting: the fact that the Obama administration is sending another top official -- [Assistant Secretary of State Rose] Gottemoeller - to AEI, which, as at least a recent home to uber arms control skeptic John Bolton and formerly to Vice President Dick Cheney, is not considered traditionally friendly turf to make such a case. That is after the Obama administration is sending Under Secretary of Defense Michele Flournoy to make Obama's Afghanistan case next week. (Which AEI's VP for Foreign Policy studies Danielle Pletka has already praised.)

Seems to be an effort by the Obama administration and AEI leadership to try to maximize their interactions.

Which is interesting. The rough ideological equivalent in the last administration would have been like sending then Deputy Defense Secretary Paul Wolfowitz (also recently a scholar at AEI) to make the case for spreading democracy in the Middle East at the Center for American Progress.

Obama is, of course, finding his Afghanistan allies largely on the right at the moment, and I wonder if that has anything to do with the thaw.