Friday, April 28, 2006

Donald Rumsfeld, Gilead & the Bird Flu Hoax

Pentagon-WHO-CDC H5N1 Bird Flu Scam: Deadly Hoax

The bird flu scare will put the entire media spectacle
in a different light. It is, in many ways, a microcosm
of the lies and manipulations, ranging from mundane
drives such as greed to the deepest of plans by the
powers that be to eliminate large portions of the
world's people.

Let's start with the mundane element of greed.


Dick Cheney's close association with Halliburton, the
US corporation now making billions off the the US
imposed, organised, and sanctioned suffering of the
Iraqi people, is well known.

Did you know that Donald Rumsfeld is closely
associated with the California biotech firm that
originally developed Tamiflu? You remember Tamiflu.

It is the one drug that is being promoted as the
cure-all for avian flu.

Coincidence? We think not.

In William Engdahl's article published in full today
in our Bird Flu section, he writes:

Tamiflu was developed and patented in 1996 by a
California biotech firm, Gilead Sciences Inc.

Gilead is a NASDAQ (GILD) listed stock company which
prefers to maintain a low profile in the current rush
to Tamiflu.

That might be because of who is tied to Gilead. In
1997, before he became US Secretary of Defense, Donald
H. Rumsfeld was named Chairman of the Board of Gilead
Sciences, where he remained until early 2001 when he
became Defense Secretary.

Rumsfeld had been on the board of Gilead since 1988
according to a January 3 1997 company press release.

An as-yet-unconfirmed report is that Rumsfeld while
Secretary of Defense also purchased an additional
stock in his former company, Gilead Sciences Inc.,
worth $18 million, making him one of its largest if
not the largest stock owners today.

What are the odds that the number two man in the Bush
Reich would be making profits from Iraq while the
number three man would stand to do the same through
bird flu?

Think about that for a moment and let the implications
sink in.


Flu vaccine gets made each year from the strains of
the previous year's flu that researchers guess will be
the closest to flu of the on-coming season.

So a vaccine is always made for last year's flu. That
may be one reason why there are high infection rates
among those who get the vaccine.

Another reason could be that the vaccine itself lowers
the body's natural immunity system.

US soldiers given the Spanish flu vaccine against the
1918 outbreak were seven times more likely to contract
and die from the flu than civilians who had not been
vaccinated. [Vaccination condemned, Eleanor McBean,

In the Czech Republic, according to Dr Mohammed Kher
Taha, the deputy director of the reference centre at
the Louis Pasteur Institute in Paris, after the
vaccination campaign in 1993, new forms of the virus
appeared that seemed to take their mutations from the
genetic material used in the vaccines themselves! (Cf,
UFC Que choisir, février 2003).

The ineffectiveness of vaccines does not, of course,
prevent their manufacturers, with the complicity of
their friends in government and the media, from
selling millions, if not billions, of dollars of them.

The climate of fear works to create a demand in the
fear-stricken population. It then becomes popular for
a politican to demand stockpiles, which is what Bush
did in November 2005, and is what the World Health
Organization is demanding world-wide.

And each dosage sold puts pennies in the pocket of
Donald Rumsfeld.


As bad as all of that might be, we have only scratched
the surface of the depravity related to the avian flu
fear mongering.

Look at the large culling of the flocks that has taken
place in Asia and that is now set to begin in France
and other countries.

It is an all-out attack on the small farm, on a way of
life that has escaped to some extent globalization.
Laws and regulations will be brought in first to kill
the birds many people depend upon for their own food
or to sell and make a living.

Then, when their flocks have disappeared, new,
genetically modified birds will be created, birds they
will tell us are resistant to these diseases. Writes

"There is high-level biological research underway in
Britain and presumably also the United States to
develop a genetic engineering method to make chickens
and other birds 'resistant' to Avian Flu viruses."

We have seen how the GM process works in agriculture.
Farmers buy seed from companies like Monsanto. The
seed belongs to the company, it is their intellectual

The farmer can no longer use a part of one year's crop
to provide the seed for the next. He must return each
year to the company to buy new seed. No longer can
farmers try to become self-sufficient.

With GM products, they are forced to become dependent
upon the corporations that sell the seeds.

You can expect the same model to emerge when it comes
to poultry. After all, all that research has to be
repaid! Even if it is largely financed by tax dollars!

The wonderful thing about this model is that the avian
flu doesn't even have to appear as a pandemic. Flocks
can be killed off as a preventative measure. Not one
person has to die for the plan to succeed.


... The figures for the population who have become
infected and who have not had a serious case are most
likely not included in the figures given when a
mortality rate of over 50% is cited. Much like the
infamous SARS epidemic, the actual deaths are very
low. It was the media fanfare and hysteria that made
the threat seem so serious, so threatening. The flu
itself may not be.

This analysis may well be correct.

The strain of H5N1 may not be as dangerous as we are
being told. It may be difficult for it mutate to a
version that passes directly from human to human.

Unfortunately, this does not mean that the threat is
lessened. The powers that be are clear that they wish
to reduce the world's population. ... We have
discussed many times the work of US, Israeli, and
South Africans on the development of ethnic specific

Clearly, biological warfare is the arm of the future.

It is deadly, can be used to pinpoint specific
populations, and can be blamed on nature.

What more could a psychopath want?