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Analysis of the NIST 9/11 Study

1.) A $16-million, three-year National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST) study is often cited by detractors of 9/11 "conspiracy theories" for the report's conclusions on controlled demolition of the WTC:

9/11 Revealed?

New book repeats false conspiracy theories

9/11 Revealed, published in August 2005, is the latest book putting forth bizarre conspiracy theories about the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks on the United States.  Its two British authors, Ian Henshall and Rowland Morgan, give credence to a hodgepodge of sinister, unfounded allegations...

The book claims the World Trade Center (WTC) twin towers collapsed because they were pre-rigged with explosives but ignores an extraordinarily thorough, three-year investigation by the U.S. National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST). NIST concluded the towers collapsed because the impact of the plane crashes severed and damaged support columns and dislodged fireproofing insulation from the steel floor trusses and support columns, which allowed the fires to weaken them to the point where they bowed, buckled, and failed.  It recently stated, in the WTC Towers Report (p. 12) on its Web site, that it found “no corroborating evidence for alternative hypotheses suggesting that the WTC towers were brought down by controlled demolition… .” 
2.) Pronounced flaws in the NIST study:

... NIST's investigation would not even start until virtually all of the steel had been removed from Ground Zero and recycled...

NIST's website that its investigation was conducted strictly within the confines of the official story -- that the collapses of the Twin Towers and Building 7 resulted from the jetliner impacts. A presentation about NIST's response to the disaster claims there is a "critical and urgent national need" to "establish the probable technical causes of the collapses and derive lessons to be learned", but, prior to the publication of their Final Report on Collapse of the World Trade Center Towers in late 2005, none of the materials on the NIST site even mentioned the possibility that the collapses were caused by controlled demolition.

NIST's web page for the April 5 presentation, whose subtitle proclaims "Probable Collapse Sequences for Both Towers Finalized," makes it clear that modeling the aircraft crashes was a higher priority than examining the collapses. It includes computer simulations of Boeing 767s hitting each tower, but no simulations of the collapses themselves.

It is noteworthy that NIST is a non-regulatory agency, and therefore the recommendations of its report do not have the strength of law. Since the key event in its "probable collapse sequence" (a misnomer for its scenario of impact damage and fire progression) is the dislodging of fireproofing by the jetliner impacts, it avoids faulting the tower's construction.
Payoff # 1 - Major NIST Budget Increase Since 2001:

U.S. National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST)

... As head of NIST, he [Director Dr. Arden L. Bement, Jr.] oversaw an agency with an annual budget of about $773 MILLION ...

... NIST has an operating budget for fiscal year 2006 (October 1, 2005-September 30, 2006) of about $930 MILLION...
4.) What is the NIST? Like FEMA, it has been turned to the "war on terror":

The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST, formerly known as The National Bureau of Standards) is a non-regulatory agency of the United States Department of Commerce’s Technology Administration.

... In the aftermath of the September 11, 2001, attacks, NIST is playing a key role in enhancing the nation’s homeland security. Through projects spanning a wide range of research areas, NIST is helping the millions of individuals in law enforcement, the military, emergency services, information technology, airport and building security, and other areas protect the American public from terrorist threats. For example, NIST is currently developing government-wide identification card standards for federal employees and contractors to prevent terrorists, criminals and other unauthorized people from getting into government buildings and computer systems....
5.) Payoff #2 – Who ran the NIST at the time of its famed $26-million study?"

Dr. Arden L. Bement, Jr.
NIST Director, 2001-2004

Dr. Arden L. Bement, Jr.
National Science Foundation

... Bement came to the position as NIST director having previously served as head of that agency's Visiting Committee on Advanced Technology, the agency's primary private-sector policy adviser; as head of the advisory committee for NIST's Advanced Technology Program... [He] was a member of the Space Station Utilization Advisory Subcommittee and the Commercialization and Technology Advisory Committee for NASA; and consulted for the Department of Energy's Argonne National Laboratory and the Idaho National Engineering and Environmental Laboratory... positions included: vice president of technical resources and of science and technology for TRW Inc. (1980-1992); deputy under secretary of defense for research and engineering (1979-1980); director, Office of Materials Science, DARPA (1976-1979); professor of nuclear materials, MIT (1970-1976); manager, Fuels and Materials Department and the Metallurgy Research Department, Battelle Northwest Laboratories (1965-1970); and senior research associate, General Electric Co. (1954-1965).

He has been a director of Keithley Instruments Inc. and the Lord Corp. and was a member of the Science and Technology Advisory Committee for the Howmet Corp. (a division of ALCOA).
6.) Dr. Bement left the NIST in 2005, and currently directs the National Science Foundation (NSF). It has also received a whopping budget increase - at at time of severe fiscal constraints - and this has not passed unnoticed in the District of Columbia:

2/18/2005 Senators Lay Into Bush's Proposed
Budget for National Science Foundation

...staff workers - possessed enough independence, authority, and money to do the job. Mr. Bond called on the NSF's director, Arden L. Bement Jr., to beef up the office. "I don't want any more excuses," Mr. Bond said. "This is not rocket ...

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Comair Crash: Has the Airline been Targetted?

The earliest Comair incident listed in this Kentucky Herald-Leader article occurred in 1979. SEVENTEEN YEARS passed before there was another. A couple of mishaps preceded 2001 - then a rash of incidents, culminating in the August 27, 2006 crash in Lexington.

- AC

Comair crashes and incidents

Recent fatal commuter jet crashes and other incidents in the United States involving Comair:

August 2006: Comair Flight 5191 crashed on takeoff from Lexington's Blue Grass Airport. It had been bound for Atlanta.

June 2006: Comair Flight 5867, carrying 63 passengers and four crew bound from Fort Myers to Cincinnati, returned to Fort Myers and made an emergency landing, taxiing to the gate under its own power. The crew cited mechanical problems related to the rudder.

December 2004: Comair's crew-scheduling computer failed late Christmas Eve, keeping the company from tracking its pilots and flight attendants to determine whether they had enough rest to legally fly. Company executives canceled all flights one day and most on the next.

May 2003: Comair flight attendant Turhan Jamar Lamons, 23, of Morrow, Ga., was accused of trying to crash a Comair flight as well as threatening a flight at AirTran, where he previously worked, a week after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks. Lamons was later sentenced to more than 22 years in prison after being convicted of damaging an aircraft with fire and other charges.

March 2001: Pilot error caused Comair Flight 5054 to plummet 8,000 feet in 24 seconds before the crew regained control and avoided crashing into the Atlantic. The flight was en route from Nassau, Bahamas, to Orlando, Fla. None of the 25 passengers and three crew members was seriously injured, but the pilots made an emergency landing in West Palm Beach, Fla.

January 1997: Comair Flight 3272 en route to Detroit from Cincinnati plunged into a snow-covered field as it approached Detroit Metro Airport, killing 26 passengers and three crew members when it exploded. The National Transportation Safety Board determined the cause of the crash to be icing on the , and it cited failures by the FAA and airline to set adequate standards for monitoring icing, and the decision by the Comair crew to fly in minimally safe conditions.

June 1996: Comair Flight 3599 from Nassau, Bahamas, came sliding to a stop at Orlando International Airport amid a shower of sparks. No one among the 29 passengers and three crew members was injured. Firefighters doused the plane with flame-retardant foam.

October 1979: A Comair flight from Covington, Ky., to Nashville crashed in Covington, killing all eight aboard. The NTSB determined that the plane crashed because of engine failure and cited the pilot's failure to follow approved procedures.


Turhan Jamar Lamons, 23, a ComAir flight attendant, was arrested on charges of setting a fire in the airplane lavatory aboard a flight from Atlanta to Huntsville on May 8. The airplane was forced to make an emergency landing in Rome, Georgia.

A ComAir flight attendant was arrested on charges of starting an airplane lavatory fire that forced an emergency landing on 8 May.  Intriguingly, the defendant, Turhan Jamar Lamons, has also been charged with making a bomb threat against an AirTran flight one week after 9/11.  Back then he worked for AirTran.

Too much security consists of reactions afterward. It's comforting to hear Comair has reverified background checks on all 5,500 employees. A month before Lamons tried to set that Comair plane on fire, he was indicted in Georgia on charges that as an AirTran worker, on Sept. 18, 2001, he phoned in an anonymous threat to an Atlanta gate agent that "all passengers on flight 278 are going to die." His alleged motive: He didn't want to work on his day off.

Sun., October 7, 2001

"Turhan Jamar Lamons, 21, for forgery in the first degree."

NOTE: A routine background check by Comair would have turned up the arrest. Was this his first? He had just phoned in a death threat to a gate agent in Atlanta, and would soon be working for Comair, starting a fire - why wasn't he behind bars? Did he make a deal for release?

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Comair Crash: False Statements from the FAA and NTSB

Air traffic controllers ARE expected to watch planes on the tarmac, despite claims to the contrary from federal regulators, according to the Dept. of Labor.

Spokesmen for the FAA and NTSB insist that air controllers are not responsible for watching over planes on the runway from the tower, that a second controller at Blue Grass "wouldn't necessarily have made any difference" in the case of Comair.

BEFORE the crash, the stipulation that two controllers must man airport towers was, according to the FAA's own documents (and supported by written union rules), a "regulation." AFTER the crash, FAA spokesperson Debbie Hersman claimed that it is only a "guideline." Reporters immediately began referring to the rule as a "guideline" without bothering to fact-check.

A Department of Labor air controller handbook contradicts the FAA's unconventional wisdom:

U.S. Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook

"... Although airport tower controllers or terminal controllers watch over all planes traveling through the airport’s airspace, their main responsibility is
to organize the flow of aircraft into and out of the airport. Relying on radar and VISUAL observation, they CLOSELY MONITOR EACH PLANE [was Comair 5191 an exception? "EACH" plane, it states] to ensure a safe distance between all aircraft and to guide pilots between the hangar or ramp and the end of the airport’s airspace. ..."

It's in their purview to watch.
If air controllers are not expected to actually watch planes on the tarmac, why does Akron-Canton Airport make a point of doing just that?

From 6 a.m. to midnight, when radar in the tower is operating, there have to be at least two controllers in the tower, he said. One is responsible for “LOOKING out the window” to *WATCH* the runways and taxiways at the airport, and the other is responsible for watching radar.
Visual observation of planes on the tarmac is standard practice. Also, controllers "REMAIN IN CONTACT with the plane [to] offer commentary on a plane’s failure to follow instructions."

8-29-06 1805 
The NTSB has confirmed the leak that lingered much of Sunday by saying yesterday evening that the crash of Comair flight 5191 was preceded by an attempted departure off the wrong runway at Lexington’s Blue Grass Airport.  The NTSB cited the compass heading recorded on one of the jet’s black boxes at takeoff -  and today, the Board’s Debbie Hersman said the tower tapes had been pulled.  She disclosed that the tower cleared the flight for takeoff from runway 22, but says evidence shows the plane took off runway 26. 

What Hersman won’t say – and what remains troubling – is whether the lone person working in the tower at Blue Grass said or did anything when the airplane taxied to the wrong runway.  Many controllers will VISUALLY confirm that tower instructions are followed by cockpit crews to fruition. THEY WILL REMAIN IN CONTACT with the plane and can offer commentary on a plane’s failure to follow instructions.  After all, the tower knows the lay of the airport.  It’s their home turf.  Pilots find themselves in different cities every work day and might not be well versed on airport layout.  Add to that the disclosure that there were confusing runway lighting issues, a new and different taxi route to the runway, and a just-completed re-paving project on runway 22. 
Yes, Hersman says the controller correctly cleared flight 5191 for takeoff from runway 22, but she won’t say whether that controller observed or attempted to verbally notify the crew when it strayed to the shorter runway 26. 
Few media outlets have raised the possible inaction of the controller as a potential issue in this case.  The only story mentioning the controller’s involvement was an item in the Louisville Courier-Journal which quoted St. Louis University aerospace engineering professor emeritus Paul Czysz.  He told the paper that the tower typically guides the plane during its taxi.  “So the tower should have been able to see what (runway) threshold he was at.  That’s why you have a tower,” said Czysz. Indeed. Perhaps the tapes – or the evidence that is retrievable will never verify what that controller did or didn’t do when the plane’s crew taxied to the wrong runway.  But it does seem curious that the NTSB is saying that the tower cleared the airplane from the correct runway but won’t expand on whether there were further conversations between tower and crew.  And it won’t say whether there was an attempted intervention by the tower prior to the ill-fated takeoff. 

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Comair Crash: Kreindler & Kreindler, Another 9/11 Connection

Kreindler partners comment on crash.

Kreindler [law firm] retained by family of prominent horse breeder who was tragically killed in Lexington, Kentucky Comair crash...
Kreindler & Kreindler Law Firm is a Cynical Psyop Tool

One of Fawcett’s clients is Kreindler & Kreindler, a Park Ave. law firm that has been working overtime to establish a money trail leading from Saddam Inc.’s amassed loot to al-Qaeda’s coffers. ... “We think Saddam’s laundered money was used in part to provide financial support to al-Qaeda, and we’re looking at billions of dollars hidden in financial institutions and companies,” says attorney James Kreindler.
Mark Labaton, KK

KK Logic

... Kreindler confidently countered the prevailing wisdom about the crash of TWA 800.... "TWA 800 exploded at 13,700 feet in calm weather. It would have taken a huge bomb to bring that plane down, and the larger the bomb, the more difficult it is to smuggle onto a plane. So we felt from the very beginning that we were looking at mechanical or structural failure."

[Excuse my gagging ...]

In Oil-for-Food, "Every contract tells a story," says John Fawcett, a financial investigator with the New York law firm of Kreindler & Kreindler LLP, which has sued the financial sponsors of Sept. 11 on behalf of the victims and their families. In an interview, Mr. Fawcett and his colleague, Christine Negroni, run down the lists of Oil-for-Food authorized oil buyers and
relief suppliers, pointing out likely terrorist connections. One authorized oil buyer, they note, was a remnant of the defunct global criminal bank, BCCI.
Another was close to the Taliban while Osama bin Laden was on the rise in Afghanistan; a third was linked to a bank in the Bahamas involved in al Qaeda's financial network; a fourth had a close connection to one of
Saddam's would-be nuclear-bomb makers.
Mark Labaton

Mark Labaton, is a partner at the firm Kreindler & Kreindler, LLP, with offices in New York and LA. The firm handles cases including securities and consumer class actions, and FCA whistleblower, antitrust, and
consumer cases.

His resume includes 7 years as an Assistant US Attorney for the Central District of California, where he prosecuted white-collar fraud cases, including whistleblower actions...

As an Assistant United States Attorney, Mark investigated and brought numerous high-profile cases in Los Angeles, Orange, and Ventura Counties to successful conclusions. These included white-collar fraud cases against prominent banking presidents andother executives of well-known financial institutions — such as the infamous Bank of Credit and Commerce
International and other highly-publicized bank failures — as well as whistle blower cases involving healthcare, defense contracting, minority and women
contracting, and other governmental programs....


Mark received awards and commendations from United States Attorney General Janet Reno, several United States Attorneys, the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation as well the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation Office of the Inspector General, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, the Immigration and Naturalization Service ....

... funded with a Ford Foundation grant ...
Kreindler & Kreindler Humor

... As in the game Monopoly, sometimes practical alliances can be formed for tactical purposes against a common enemy. A detailed argument relating to the connections between Iraq and Al Qaeda can be found online in the trillion dollar complaint against Iraq filed by the law firm Kreindler & Kreindler in connection with 9/11....

And in the New York Observer, Nina Burleigh in February profiled attorney Brian Alexander of the prominent plaintiff's air-crash firm of Kreindler &
Kreindler, who had "already filed a suit -- on behalf of the families of more than 1,000 9/11 families against a list of foreign entities hundreds of pages
long." ("Air Disasters, Legal Fees And Justice for the Victims", New York Observer, Feb. 23).

This may be uncharted waters, but I was thrown in a pool on Sept. 11, 2001, and had to learn to swim," says 9/11 widow Monica Gabrielle, of West Haven, Conn. "No one has been fired. No one has been demoted. The same people who are guarding us today on an elevated security alert are the same people who were working that day." She describes her late husband, Richard
Gabrielle, an insurance broker who lay trapped underneath rubble as the South Tower collapsed: "He was a gentle man, and he was alive, trying to get out of that building that day. The dead. The dying. The smoke. The terror. No one should have suffered like that. I want accountability. I need answers."

Gabrielle is represented by Kreindler & Kreindler, the Manhattan firm that won $2 million in 1995 for 13 American Airlines passengers who had experienced 28 seconds of severe turbulence. Gabrielle is one of many
plaintiffs represented by the firm who have joined others in filing suit against the airlines and security firms involved in 9/11. Also named are Osama bin Laden, al Qaeda, certain governments, and parties accused of masterminding the attacks.

As Gabrielle's attorney, Brian Alexander, sees it, the 9/11 Victim Compensation Fund is the byproduct of powerful airline lobbying. "The legislation[that created the fund] was designed to protect the airlines first and foremost—and it was airline lobbyists who pushed it," Alexander says. "The Victim Compensation Fund for the families was an afterthought." ??Skeptical of the Mariani suit's chances, Alexander says, "At the end of the day there are legal defenses that the government can take, they get to be stupid, they can be as negligent as all get-out, and they will still win, especially when you're talking about intelligence."

But Mariani's goal is not victory in court, but a closer pass at the truth.
Kreiger & Kreiger Does 'Em All

Founded in 1950, Kreindler & Kreindler LLP ( is nationally recognized as the first and most prominent aviation law firm in the nation. With offices in New York and Los Angeles, the firm has been the leading plaintiff legal counsel on hundreds of aviation cases, including major ones such as the September 11 terrorist attacks, Pan Am\Lockerbie Flight 103, Korean Airlines Flight 007, TWA Flight 800 and American Airlines Flight 587, and many cases of small private and commercial crashes. The
leading legal textbook in the aviation field, "Aviation Accident Law," was authored by members of the firm.
James P. Kreindler & Kings County (Brooklyn) District Attorneys' Office

James P. Kreindler

James P. Kreindler joined Kreindler & Kreindler in 1983 and became a partner in 1987. He is a magna cum laude graduate of Dartmouth College, 1977. He received his J.D. degree from Columbia University in 1980,
where he was a Harlan Fiske Stone scholar. He began his career as an Assistant District Attorney in the Kings County (Brooklyn) District Attorneys' Office.

Kings County (Brooklyn) District Attorneys' Office & Mafia

American Mafia is not only a body count of the corrupt. Reppetto rewards the reader with surprising facts concerning the FBI's origin, J Edgar Hoover's
history of slouching away from organized crime, the infiltration of the movie industry by the mob, the criminal corruption in the political machine that
produced President Truman and, for contrast, the striking figure of Henry Morgenthau, Jr, using among other things, Treasury to fight crime. Reppetto offers an example of political arithmetic. If Costello controlled New York County (+1), and Adonis controlled Kings County (+1), what did that add up to in controlling Bronx boss Ed Flynn who had to answer to Governor Lehman and President Roosevelt should New York County and Kings County fall out of their baskets in configuring the Democrat control of New York State? If your answer is 2, leave the room and while out there reflect on the fact that, according to Reppetto, when Flynn was Bronx County sheriff Dutch Schultz was issued a deputy sheriff's badge....

As racketeering seeped through New York's labor unions, the clothing, trucking, and other industries, Tammany leader Jimmy Hines, by controlling judges and prosecutors like prostitutes, protects Dutch Schultz and Luciano. Joe Adonis in Brooklyn had similar power over the Kings County District Attorney.

Comair Crash: Another Bluegrass Conspiracy Connection


[See the September archive for background on the Bluegrass conspiracy.]


First Comair hearings will begin this week

The first congressional hearing focusing on issues
raised by last month's Comair crash is scheduled for
this week.
The House Transportation and Infrastructure's aviation
subcommittee is set to hold a hearing Wednesday....

Rep. JOHN MICA, R-Fla., is chairman of the
subcommittee.... Rep. BEN CHANDLER, D-6th District, is
on the panel and is expected to focus his questioning
on air traffic controller staffing. He said last week
that the crash raised serious questions about air

Posted on Wed, Apr. 28, 2004

DAN CHANDLER 1933-2004

Son of former governor dies at Versailles home

'He knew all the high rollers'

By Jennifer Hewlett


Dan Chandler, described by friends as a great ambassador for Kentucky and a legend in the casino gambling industry, was found dead yesterday at his
home in Versailles, apparently of complications from congestive heart failure. He was 70.... "He had a book full of telephone numbers to choke a
horse," A.B. Chandler Jr. said. "He knew all the high rollers. That's one thing that kept him employed, because he knew all of them."

... Later, an in-law got into trouble, and "that gave Dan a few pages in the book called The Bluegrass Conspiracy," his brother said.The book [is] subtitled An Inside Story of Power, Greed, Drugs and Murder ....
Mr. Chandler also was referred to as the "wayward son" of Happy Chandler.....
JOHN MICA, chairman of the subcommittee, and KATHERINE

Despite her problems, Harris remains popular with many conservative voters who believe she is being pilloried by what she calls the "liberal media." And Harris has lined up a number of endorsements including Sen. Mel
Martinez and U.S. Rep. John Mica, R-Winter Park.

Mica, who was among those officials missing from Thursday's rally, called Harris "a dynamo" and a "great representative."

Not everyone backing Harris is so upbeat.

Rep. Mica has been a good friend to the oil companies. Astoundingly, Rep. Mica has even voted against cracking down on the oil and gas industries'
price gouging. The GOP energy bill that Rep. Mica voted for gave billions to oil, gas and nuclear industries. The oil and gas industries have been good
to Rep. Mica as well, putting $62,273 in Rep. Mica's campaign coffers. Rep. Mica has received $44,200 from the big drug interests.

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Comair Crash: The Token Mind Control Cultist with Terrorist Ties

R.I.P Steve McElravy

August 30, 2006

Devoted to family, others
Local man was aboard Comair Flight 5191

HAGERSTOWN - When his work in Kentucky was done, Steve McElravy was eager to return to his family in Hagerstown on Sunday, his colleagues said, so he took a 6 a.m. flight.

Shortly after taking off - from the wrong runway - the plane crashed on a farm near Blue Grass Airport in Lexington, according to The Associated Press.

McElravy, 57, was one of 49 people killed. A pilot survived.

As a public health adviser within the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services for five years, McElravy was committed to preventing drug and alcohol abuse.

Bruce, who lives in Lincoln, said their father was in the U.S. Air Force, so the family moved around....

He practiced yoga, recycling and other ways of clean, earth-friendly living, Muhs said.

That included ANANDA MARGA, a movement that says it aims for "self-realization (individual emancipation) and service to humanity (collective welfare): the fulfillment of the physical, mental and spiritual needs of all people."

Faith Dealers

... Ananda Marga is a very dangerous cult; it does not hesitate to use violence. ...

Ananda Marga ... Arranging for long, off-campus events with institutions not formally associated with the University is a cultic red flag.

The Yoga club also hosted an Ananda Marga symposium last year. The keynote speaker of this symposium, Dr. Ravi Batra, was promoting his latest book and claimed that the United States would suffer a devastating and complete economic collapse early in 1998 after which it would be taken over by a military officer....

Ananda Marga/Prout and Ananda Murti

One guru movement much in the headlines is the Ananda Marga (Path of Bliss), headed by the guru Ananda Murti (Prabhat Ranjan Sarkar), born in 1921 and known as "Ba’ba’". This movement, which now operates in many parts of the world, and its daughter organisation PROUT (Progressive Utilization Theory) represent, according to their own definition, progressive socialism; but in actual fact they look more like a new version of the older national socialism. 79)

The Ananda Murti himself is hailed as a god incarnate, called Tarak Brahma, a third incarnation after Shiva and Krishna. As a god he claims absolute obedience from his followers. Even as a young boy he is said to have exercised supernatural powers, and his life has been marked by a number of remarkable acts which identify him as a typical siddhi-yogi on the basis of Tantric ideology. He was probably initiated by his notorious uncle Subhas Chandra Bose, 80) an extremist politician who supported the Japanese and German forces against the English, whom Bose hated with life-long animosity.

The Ananda Marga started in 1955 and is centered on the person of Ananda Murti. One of the movement’s most characteristic features is the "war dance," during which the mantra "Baba nam kevalam" (The name of the father only) is sung/shouted again and again in order to arouse the dancers to ecstasy.

The political ideology which is the basis of the movement supports "the rule of the elite." A number of "sadvipras" are to govern the world. In practice, for the time being, the movement is run by a number of "acharyas", who govern the local ashramas and "avadhouts" who govern the various regions.
The Ananda Marga group was seriously wracked in 1971, when the guru Ananda Murti was arrested on suspicion of murder and put into an Indian jail. In 1973 a group of the leaders were interned, and many of the institutions of the movement were closed down. Finally, in 1975, the whole movement was outlawed by Indira Gandhi, and many more leaders were arrested. In 1976 Ananda Murti was convicted of instigation to murder on a number of counts, and spent several years in prison, often on a hunger-strike. The main prosecution witnesses in the case were his wife and a group of former leaders of the movement. 81)

Ananda Murti was released in 1979, however, and is again in power as the leader of a strong and militant guru movement.

His disciples reacted violently against the measures taken by the Indian government and the courts. They flatly deny all charges, and demonstrations have taken place in many parts of the world. Acts of self-immolation began in 1973, when two monks from the movements burned themselves in order to draw international attention to Ananda Murti’s condition, and since then a series of similar acts of violence have horrified the world.

The Murky Life of an International Gun Dealer

Danish-born man using alias Kim Davy hires British arms dealer, Peter von Kalkstein Bleach, to purchase Russian cargo plane in Latvia and use it to fly Bulgarian weapons to India, where they are dropped by parachute to violent religious sect; Indian authorities ground plane in Bombay and arrest Bleach; map; Davy, born Niels Christian Nielson, escapes; he is member of fundamentalist Hindu group Ananda Marga and has engaged in other smuggling, money laundering and counterfeiting; details of deal show almost complete lack of international controls on small-arms trading
2 February, 2000

Briton gets life in India arms case

Peter Bleach: Parachuted arms over West Bengal

British arms trader Peter Bleach and the five-member crew of a Latvian aircraft have been sentenced to life imprisonment for an arms drop over eastern India in 1995.

They had earlier been convicted of smuggling weapons, after several crates of arms, apparently meant for a militant Hindu sect, were parachuted out of a transport aeroplane over West Bengal.

But they were found not guilty of waging war against India - the charge that carries the death penalty.

'Unexplained Mystery'

Prosecution lawyers said weapons on board - which included AK-47 assault rifles, rocket launchers, anti-tank grenades and thousands of rounds of ammunition - were intended for a religious cult in Bengal, the Ananda Marg.
The men were arrested several days later as they flew across India from Thailand.

The judge rejected an appeal for clemency from the Latvian crew.
The man alleged to have masterminded the entire operation, a Dane who uses the alias Kim Davy, has so far evaded Indian investigators.

But India's Central Bureau of Investigation admits that the mystery of the arms drop will continue to persist, according to BBC Calcutta correspondent Subir Bhaumik.

The CBI says Bleach and the Latvians merely carried out the drop in keeping with the instructions of Kim Davy.

Officials say that unless he is caught or surrenders and speaks up, it will never be clear who really planned the arms drop and who the weapons were actually meant for.

Comair Crash: Who is Representing the Families?

Ranking Republican AND Democratic officials were involved in the "Bluegrass Conspiracy" (see postings in the September archive). That's why one of the key legal representatives of the Comair families was an unfortunate choice ... among other reasons. - AC

Comair on Lexington:
Be careful
By Jeffrey McMurray

"... STAN CHESLEY, a Cincinnati attorney ... is representing the families of victims in a lawsuit against Comair...."
As I've maintained from the start, the Comair crash was a political act, not an accident. You therefore expect the leading lawyer in the case to have political connections. That's what I went searching for, and sure enough ... Chesley is a Democrat financial whiz, but "While he generally gives to Democrats and raises money for them, he also helps some Republicans." He's an equal-opportunity opportunist:

March 24, 1999

Chesley helps fill Clinton treasure chest
President makes lawyer's home frequent stop

Cincinnati Enquirer

Over the past eight years — since Mr. Chesley met Mr. Clinton, then the Arkansas governor, at a social event in Columbus — there are few who have raised more money for the Clinton-Gore campaigns and the Democratic National Committee than the 62-year-old Cincinnati lawyer.

In the past year, he has hosted three major fund-raising events for the national Democratic Party's campaign committees at his home. At the last event, in September, Mr. Clinton was the featured attraction and tickets went for $10,000 per couple.

In 1996, when Mr. Clinton was campaigning for re-election, Mr. Chesley raised at least $2 million for the Democratic Party in a series of a fund-raisers featuring the president, Hillary Clinton, Vice President Al Gore and his wife, Tipper Gore.

In a town where Republican money and political power are dominant and where Republican campaign money flows from sources such as financier Carl Lindner and Cintas President Richard Farmer, Mr. Chesley has been an oasis for the national Democratic Party....

In the process, he has built a relationship with Mr. Clinton that has put him near the center of power in Washington — traveling with the president to Israel on peace missions, front and center at Rose Garden ceremonies and East Room state dinners, and on overnighters in the Lincoln Bedroom.

While he generally gives to Democrats and raises money for them, he also helps some Republicans. Last fall, the week after Mr. Clinton visited his home for a fund-raiser, Mr. Chesley held a fund-raiser for Cincinnati Republican Joe Deters, who was elected Ohio's treasurer in November.

His political involvement started in earnest in the 1980s, when he became a close friend of former Ohio Gov. Richard Celeste. Mr. Chesley represented Mr. Celeste in legal matters and helped raised money for his successful 1982 campaign to win the governor's office. The governor rewarded him with a seat on the board of trustees of the University of Cincinnati, where Mr. Chesley earned his undergraduate and law degrees.

It was Mr. Celeste who, in 1991, introduced Mr. Chesley to the Arkansas governor who was then putting together a presidential campaign organization....

Last March, consumer advocate Ralph Nader's Public Citizen group criticized Mr. Clinton for attending a fund-raiser at Mr. Chesley's home. At the time, Mr. Chesley was a member of a committee of lawyers representing millions of smokers against the tobacco companies while the Clinton administration was involved in the debate over tobacco legislation. A number of other lawyers involved in tobacco litigation were at the March fund-raiser.

“People think ... that there is some hidden agenda in my friendship with the president,” Mr. Chesley said. “I'm very sensitive about it. I tell you, I do this out of respect and loyalty. I believe you go home with the girl who brought you.”
Tuesday, February 28, 2006

Kentucky judge resigns after public reprimand 
Misconduct alleged in diet-drug case
By Andrew Wolfson

In a new lawsuit, about 200 of the 431 plaintiffs in the settlement have demanded that their attorneys -- Melbourne Mills Jr., William Gallion and Shirley Cunningham of Kentucky and Stan Chesley of Cincinnati -- surrender excess fees.

That suit, pending in Boone Circuit Court, notes that "astonishingly, more than one-half of the total settlement funds" ended up in the lawyers' hands.

Also See


3 lawyers kept millions from victims
Amounts concealed, difference pocketed

Chesley's role in case at issue
Post staff report

Cincinnati attorney Stanley Chesley is not off the hook, but he's not on it, either, in the ongoing court challenge of the settlement of a massive class action lawsuit against the maker of the diet drug combination fen-phen.

Last month, Senior Judge William Wehr ruled that three central Kentucky attorneys -- Melbourne Mills Jr., William Gallion and Shirley Cunningham -- who represented more than 400 clients in the lawsuit deceived their clients out of tens of millions of dollars from a $200 million settlement reached in 2002.

The attorneys took $100 million in fees and expenses and another $20 million to set up a charitable fund that paid them more in income and expenses than it gave in grants to nonprofit organizations.

Wehr's ruling came in a lawsuit filed in December 2004 by Lexington Attorney Angela Ford against the fund and all of the attorneys in the case - the three representing the plaintiffs and Chesley, whom those attorneys hired to negotiate with the drug company.

Ford is seeking to recover for her clients some of the money paid to the attorneys, as well as the money allocated for the fund and its operation.
Ford, attorneys for the lawyers she is suing and for the fund met in Wehr's Boone County courtroom Wednesday to deal with several motions and to put information on the record for further decisions in the case, including whether to impose punitive damages on the attorneys, how to deal with the fund and whether Chesley should remain a defendant in the suit.

Wehr allowed Ford to amend her complaint to adjust the number of plaintiffs to 421, but put other decisions on hold until attorneys present briefs in two weeks.

Wehr decided to allow continued discovery about Chesley's involvement while the case moves through the court and to almost sure appeal.
In arguing Wednesday that Chesley should be dismissed from the suit, his attorney, Frank Benton IV, said that Chesley was the lead attorney in negotiations with the drug company and his involvement stopped there. Chesley did not represent any of the clients, was out of the case before the money was distributed, had no part in setting up the fund and should be dismissed from the suit, Benton said.

But Ford countered that Chesley clearly should have known that the money the three lawyers shared was far beyond the norm and that his own payment, which reflected a percentage of what the three lawyers shared, was excessive.

Wehr said he would not dismiss Chesley from the suit and would not grant Ford the summary judgment she had sought, but would take more information.

"There are factual issues that preclude a summary judgment or a dismissal," Wehr said.

Trial Lawyers Pour Money Into Democrats' Chests

And money is what it is all about. "When it comes to political action, corporate America was the pioneer in spending money on campaigns," said Stanley M. Chesley, a Cincinnati lawyer whose firm gave the Democrats $122,500. "They make trial lawyers look like Mickey Mouse. So trial lawyers are attempting not only to catch up, but to be a copy cat.

Comair Crash: The Man from General Dynamics

At least one of five passengers on the doomed Comair flight out of Lexington on August 17 were politically-significant. Most of these were from high-security IT firms with ties to the NSA, CIA and Pentagon.

As mentioned in previous posts, the new NTSB chairman - GW Bush's chief MILITARY advisor at the White House - was sworn it TWO WEEKS before the crash.

There will be no connections drawn or answers from the NTSB.

Jesse Clark Benton died in the crash. Benton worked for a company we all know. Below the obituary is the first set of Google News search results for Benton's employer - General Dynamics Network Systems.

- Alex Constantine
A standard newspaper profile of the deceased:

Jesse Clark Benton, 48

Clark Benton took on a leadership role in the congregation at Fort Logan Church of Christ, said Wayne Galloway, pastor of the church.
"You didn't have to ask," Galloway said. "He saw things that needed to be done."

Clark Benton graduated from Lincoln County High School in 1976 and the University of New Mexico in Albuquerque in 1986.

He was a retired Marine and worked as a principal network engineer for GENERAL DYNAMICS Network Systems.

He died with his wife, Bobbie Sue, as they began a trip to Aruba.
General Dynamics C4 Systems And Army Demonstrate FFW Advanced ...
Trading Markets, CA - Sep 8, 2006
... General Dynamics C4 Systems said it ... was to demonstrate and confirm Soldier/SCU interoperability with the Army's Future Force communication network and the ...

Defense & Aerospace Investor and Corporate Development Forum ...
Yahoo! News (press release) - 14 hours ago
... opportunity to interact and network with leading ... Axsys Technologies BAE Systems Inc. ... General Dynamics General Dynamics Armament & Technical Products Honeywell ...

US Army Natick Soldier Center and General Dynamics Achieve Warrior ...
PR Newswire (press release), NY - Sep 8, 2006
... of Battle Management for General Dynamics C4 Systems. ... Army's Future Force communication network and the ... Force prototype and surrogate systems, fully integrated ...

Beltway Bureaucrats Further Confuse Procurement Process
Security Sales & Integration, CA - 8 hours ago
... for both logical (computer network databases) and ... you be able to “integrate” these systems if you ... contractor like Lockheed, Northrop, General Dynamics, etc ...

The Military Family Network - 20 hours ago
... the vessel in partnership with Groton, Conn.-based General Dynamics Electronic Boat. ... rank as the first to have an information systems technology department ...

One Page Barron's Summary
Seeking Alpha, NY - Sep 10, 2006
... (MSFT), EMC Corp. (EMC), Network Appliance Inc. ... 3) Other companies flagged: • BEA Systems Inc. (BEAS) • Inc. ... (LMT), General Dynamics Corp. ...
General Dynamics Gets $40.8M in Orders and Boeing KC-767
Tanker ...

Financial News USA (press release), CA - Sep 7, 2006
The US Army has awarded General Dynamics Corp. ... and expansion of Emergency Disaster Systems' sale team ... open source press release publishing across its network. ...

San Diego Union Tribune
Pentagon spending has zoomed - and San Diego has benefited
San Diego Union Tribune, United States - Sep 10, 2006
... General Dynamics has more than 4,000 workers at the ... Computer Sciences Corp., BAE Systems, General Electric and ... what the Navy calls “network centric” warfare ...

6 Firms Chosen for Satellite Work
Washington Post, United States - Sep 10, 2006
... and General Dynamics Corp. ... manager, Defense Communications and Army Transmission Systems and the project manager, Warfighter Information Network-Tactical. ...

Comair Crash: Secrecy and the "Toledo" Mystery


Comair Crash: Cockpit Tapes Still Not Released!!! As usual, when there is an 
air crash, the lid immediately goes on everything. The crash site and the 
families of the victims are carefully kept away from the press. The NTSB 
said they were going to release the cockpit tape "transcript," but they 
haven't. Everything is done to keep the public from knowing what happened 
until hopefully the press goes away. In the case of the Comair crash, this 
seems to have happened very quickly.

Quote of the Week:

"The government and the controllers union refuse even to 
release the list of the 19 controllers who work at the Lexington airport." 
from story this week on the secrecy surrounding the Comair crash in Kentucky which killed 49 people."
The "Toledo" Mystery

The last Comair crash took place near Toledo, Ohio. This and an apparent bit of disinformation from the NTSB aggravates a lingering question, ...


NTSB Now Says Comair Pilot Did Not Say "Toledo"

A National Transportation Safety Board spokesman said Friday that famlies of the victims of Comair Flight 5191 were erroneously told that one of the pilots called out the wrong flight number and city before the crash in Lexington last week, according to the Lexington Herald-Leader website.
According to, NTSB spokesman Terry Williams apologized to families who were given incorrect information at NTSB briefings after the Aug. 27 crash, which killed 49.

Victims' families were erroneously told that while talking to the control tower before the fatal crash, one of the pilots called out the wrong flight number and city, saying "Toledo," according to Williams.

"I do not know where Toledo came from," Williams said, "It was a mistake" made by the NTSB. "But I do apologize for the error."

The commuter jet was bound for Atlanta when it crashed August 27 as it tried to take off from the wrong runway at Lexington's Blue Grass Airport. The pilots also initially boarded the wrong plane.

Kyra Frederick's husband, Bart Frederick of Danville, was one of the passengers who died. She says there were a series of mistakes that were the beginning of a bad flight.

The crash killed 49 of the 50 people aboard.

Frederick and Charlie Scales attended NTSB briefings last week in Lexington and said they learned of the apparent "Toledo" mistake then. Scales' brother-in-law, Gregory Threet of Lexington, also died aboard Flight 5191.

Sep. 08, 2006

Investigation reveals pilots did not misidentify flight before crash
By Valarie Honeycutt Spears

McClatchy Newspapers

LEXINGTON, Ky. - A closer examination of an air traffic control tower tape shows that neither pilot on Comair Flight 5191 gave the wrong flight number or mentioned Toledo, a spokesman for the National Transportation Safety Board said Friday.

NTSB spokesman Terry Williams apologized to families who were given that incorrect information at NTSB briefings after the Aug. 27 crash.

Williams said families were erroneously told that while talking to the control tower before the fatal crash, one of the pilots called out the wrong flight number and city, saying "Toledo."

"It was a mistake" made by the NTSB, Williams said. "But I do apologize for the error."

He said he did not know from where the Toledo information came.

Williams said NTSB officials realized they had given families wrong information after more closely examining the tape. Williams said families were told at the briefings that the information they were being given was preliminary.

Williams said he knew of no other incorrect information that was given to the families of the 49 people who died on Aug. 27 when Comair Flight 5191 crashed shortly after takeoff from the wrong runway at Blue Grass Airport. In addition to taking off from the wrong runway, the pilots briefly boarded the wrong plane, NTSB officials have said.

Williams said that NTSB officials would notify families of the error about the flight number and city and would continue to update families about the investigation.

Charlie Scales, brother-in-law of Flight 5191 passenger Gregory Threet and Kyra Frederick, wife of passenger Bart Frederick, told the Lexington Herald-Leader on Thursday that they were told at briefings that one of the pilots gave the control tower the wrong flight number and referred to the city of Toledo.

Scales said Friday that he was not "terribly concerned" about being given incorrect information.

"It was within the first few days after the crash," he said. "They've told us that the final report might not come for 10 to 14 months."

Meanwhile, Comair officials said Friday that there was no connection between the Aug. 27 crash of Comair Flight 5191 and the cancellation of a flight from Lexington to Atlanta the night before.

Two different airplanes were involved in the unrelated incidents, said Comair spokeswoman Kate Marx.

The flight - scheduled to depart at 5:55 p.m. on Saturday, Aug. 26 - was cancelled because of mechanical problems. The airplane belonged to Chautauqua Airlines, not Comair, Marx said.

In an interview Thursday, Kyra Frederick said her husband had been scheduled to fly from Lexington to Atlanta the night before the crash, but that flight had been canceled.

Frederick said she and other passengers had not been able to find out why the flight was canceled or whether that aircraft was the same one that crashed the next day.

Marx said Comair officials would be contacting Frederick to assure her the two flights were unrelated.

Pilots in Comair crash gave wrong city
Sep 9, 2006, 19:00 GMT

LEXINGTON, KY, United States (UPI) -- Relatives of the passengers on a plane that crashed in Kentucky say one of the pilots made a mysterious reference to Toledo just before takeoff.

The pilot also gave the wrong flight number, the relatives told the Lexington Herald-Leader.

The Comair commuter jet crashed Aug. 27 just after taking off from Blue Grass Airport for Atlanta, killing 49 people. Only the first officer survived but remains in critical condition.

The pilot and first officer arrived at the airport just after 5 a.m. for the 6 a.m. flight. They first got on the wrong plane and then took off from the wrong runway.

Family members HEARD the Toledo mistake when recordings of the pilots` final conversations with each other and air traffic control at a National Transportation Safety Board meeting last week. They said the error was corrected quickly.

'It was a series of mistakes,' said Kyra Frederick, whose husband, Bart, died in the crash. 'That was all the beginning of a bad flight.'

Copyright 2006 by United Press International

© Copyright 2003 - 2005 by
This notice cannot be removed without permission.
Posted on Fri, Sep. 08, 2006

Pilot's mention of 'Toledo' a mystery
Reference before crash unexplained
By Valarie Honeycutt Spears

In addition to departing from the wrong runway and initially getting on the wrong plane, one of the pilots on Comair Flight 5191 to Atlanta might have made a third mistake:

In talking to the control tower before the fatal crash, one of the pilots called out the wrong flight number and city, saying "Toledo," according to two victims' relatives who attended briefings by the National Transportation Safety Board.

Charlie Scales, the brother-in-law of Flight 5191 passenger Gregory Threet of Lexington, and Kyra Frederick, wife of passenger Bart Frederick of Danville, said they learned of the apparent mistake last week in NTSB briefings in Lexington.

Forty-nine people died Aug. 27 when Flight 5191 crashed after attempting to take off from the wrong runway at Blue Grass Airport.

Scales, who lives in Ohio, said NTSB officials told families that the "Toledo" error occurred when the pilots were "initiating takeoff."

Scales said NTSB officials did not identify which pilot misspoke.

Frederick said families were told in a briefing that the pilot quickly corrected the "Toledo" mistake and gave the correct flight number. Frederick said she was unclear whether the pilot was misidentifying Lexington or the plane's destination city, Atlanta.

"It was a series of mistakes," she said. "That was all the beginning of a bad flight."

Capt. Jeffrey Clay, who guided the plane onto the runway, died in the crash. The lone survivor, first officer James Polehinke, who was at the controls when the flight took off, remains in serious condition at the University of Kentucky Medical Center.

NTSB officials did not return two telephone calls yesterday.

Michael Gobb, executive director of Blue Grass Airport, said he could not comment on whether the pilots mistakenly referred to Toledo. He referred the question to the NTSB.

It is not clear whether either pilot had a connection to Toledo, a city in northwest Ohio. NTSB officials said earlier that Polehinke had flown from New York City to Lexington more than 24 hours before Flight 5191 was scheduled to depart.

Clay arrived in Lexington on the afternoon before the crash. In an earlier interview, Clay's wife, Amy, said she did not know what city he was in before he boarded a flight for Lexington.

What is known is that Clay and Polehinke checked in at the airport at 5:15 a.m. Aug. 27 to begin preparing for the scheduled 6 a.m. flight to Atlanta. They picked up paperwork, boarded a plane and turned on the auxiliary power unit to begin pre-flight checks.

But it was the wrong plane. A ramp worker saw their mistake and told the pilots, who got on the correct plane.

Kyra Frederick said she has at least one other key question about the crash that hasn't been answered to her satisfaction. She said her husband had been scheduled to fly from Lexington to Atlanta the night before the crash, but that flight was canceled.

She said she has not been able to find out why the flight was canceled, or whether that aircraft was the same one that crashed the next day.

Jennifer Spalding, spokeswoman for Rep. Ben Chandler, D-Ky., said the representative had a 30-minute briefing in his office yesterday from NTSB officials. But the officials revealed nothing new about the crash, she said, and nothing about what the families say they were told.

"We heard nothing about Toledo or a wrong flight number," Spalding said. "I guess we didn't ask questions about that, but they didn't volunteer it."

After the briefing, Chandler released a statement that said:

"I remain convinced that it is premature to speculate upon any cause of this accident. While some facts are clear, such as the departure from the incorrect runway, what remains to be done is the analysis of those and other facts."

"It is imperative that the NTSB be allowed to complete their investigation so they can help us understand what caused this accident," Chandler said.

Also yesterday, more post-crash details emerged from an audio recording of radio traffic between Lexington police and dispatchers in the first hour after the accident.

Officers realized the seriousness of James Polehinke's injuries right away, the recording shows.

"I just pulled the pilot out of the front," police Officer Bryan Jared radioed to the dispatcher. "He's seriously injured. Serious facial injuries. I need somebody up here."

The dispatcher then tells Jared that police have notified the fire department, as well as "all local hospitals."

Several minutes later, Jared tells a dispatcher that he is on his way to the University of Kentucky Hospital with Polehinke. "Please have them meet us out front," Jared said. "It's critical here."

About 30 police officers responded to the scene within minutes after the dispatcher first reported a "possible plane crash."

"We've got a lot of smoke out here," one officer said as he approached the scene and began searching a private farm for the downed plane.

After finding the crash site, another officer informed others that it was difficult to reach. "Literally, you're going to have to four-wheel through the field to get to it," the officer told the dispatcher.

As officers began arriving, at first they thought they might be dealing with more than one survivor.

One officer urgently told the dispatcher: "We've got numerous injured subjects." At one point all officers were ordered to put "their reflective vests on to make them more visible to firefighters and potential survivors."

Some officers were ordered to set up a triage area in the grass, and some were directed to the airport terminal to help the families of passengers. Others were directed to gather reporters who were starting to arrive at the crash scene.

Listen, later today, to recordings of the police dispatch traffic after Flight 5191 crashed.

Comair Crash: CIA, World Vision, Jack Kemp, Habitat for Humanity Sex Scandal, etc.

Patrick Smith, R.I.P.

Smith was o-owner of Versa Tech Automation (an Army contractor) in Kentucky. He died in the August 27 Comair crash at Blue Grass Airport in Lexington.

Smith was also a director of Habitat for Humanity, a Christian volunteer organization that builds houses for the poor and victims of natural disasters, eg. Katrina. Christians building homes for the impoverished? Smith's connections were to the CIA, criminalized right-wing evangelical pariahs, GW "Lord of the Underworld" Bush, former CIA Director George Tenet, World Vision International (CIA front), and a very unseemly sex scandal ..:

1) Pat Smith, a member of Habitat for Humanity International's board of directors, died on Comair.

2) Smith on board of Habitat for Humanity.

3) Habitat for Humanity ties to World Vision, Dow Chemical, Jack Kemp, Citigroup, banking and real estate interests, etc.

4) Habitat for Humanity Sexual Abuse Scandal

5) World Vision (CIA) Partnership with Habitat for Humanity to Create "Future Christian Leaders"

6) The George Tenet Connection to Habitat for Humanity.

7) George and Laura Bush Connection to Habitat for Humanity.

8) An old Watergate felon at Habitat for Humanity
1.) Pat Smith Dies in Comair Crash

Habitat for Humanity's board member died in Kentucky plane crash
The Associated Press
Aug 27, 2006

ATLANTA - Pat Smith, a member of Habitat for Humanity International's board of directors, died Sunday morning when Comair Flight 5191 crashed just after takeoff near Lexington, Ky., killing 49 people and leaving a sole survivor in critical condition, the nonprofit organization said.

Smith was on his way to join Habitat volunteers from Kentucky in Gulfport, Miss., where they were building 13 houses, said Habitat spokesman Duane Bates. ...
2) Patrick Smith on board of Habitat for Humanity.
[Habitat for Humanity Site]

Patrick Smith?Co-Owner, Versa Tech Automation,
LLC?Lexington, Kentucky
3) Habitat for Humanity ties to World Vision, Dow Chemical, Jack Kemp, Citigroup, banking and real estate interests, etc.

New CEO Takes Helm at Habitat for Humanity

Millard Fuller to continue as founder president of
house-building ministry

AMERICUS, Ga. October 11, 2004 (HFHI) - Rey Ramsey, chair of the board of directors of Habitat for Humanity International, today announced a major change in the management structure of the Christian housing organization. ... the committee that will identify potential candidates to become Habitat for Humanity International's permanent CEO would have its first meeting soon. President Jimmy Carter has graciously agreed to serve as honorary chair of the committee. Board members KATHLEEN BADER, chair, president and CEO of CARGILL DOW LLC, The Dow Chemical Co., Midland, Mich., and Larry Prible, retired chair, president and CEO, Indianapolis Life Insurance Co., Indianapolis, Ind., will co-chair the committee. The panel will also include an international group of current and former board members as well as representatives from the Habitat for Humanity affiliate community....

Habitat for Humanity International, based in Americus, Ga., is an ecumenical Christian ministry dedicated to eliminating poverty housing. By the end of 2005, Habitat will have built its 200,000th house and more than one million people will be living in Habitat homes they helped build and are buying through no-profit, zero-interest mortgages.
Some Habitat for Humanity Directors

Jack Kemp
Speaker and business consultant
Washington DC

Anugerah Pekerti
Advisor, World Vision International, Indonesia
Jakarta, Indonesia

Kevin Kessinger
Citigroup, Chief Operations and Technology Officer
New York, New York & Kansas City, Missouri

Bob Willumstad
Former, President and Chief Operating Officer of
New York, New York

Kathleen Bader
Chairman, President and CEO, Cargill Dow LLC
Midland, Michigan

Elizabeth Crossman
Director, Corporate Contributions and President,
Weyerhaeuser Company Foundation
Covington, Washington

David Hicks
Chairman, Alliance Capital Partners
Jacksonville, Florida

Ted Dosch
Corporate Vice-President & Controller, Whirlpool
Benton Harbor, Michigan

Carol Johnson
Retired, Senior Vice-President, Community Initiatives
Department, GMAC Mortgage Corporation
Horsham, Pennsylvania

Nabil Abadir
General Director, CEOSS (Coptic, Evangelical Organization for Social Services) Cairo, Egypt [Board member of the Egyptian Society for Population and Development; and member of the Consultative Committee for the Higher Authority for literacy and adult education in Egypt.]

Chuck Thiemann
Retired, President, Federal Home Loan Bank, Cincinnati
Cincinnati, Ohio

Janet Huckabee
First Lady of Arkansas
Little Rock, Arkansas

Paul Ekelschot
Retired, Senior Vice President Financial Services,
Royal Ahold
Zandervoort, Netherlands

Ken Klein
Building Contractor and Real Estate Developer
Tulsa, Oklahoma

Symon Msefula
Investment Banker
Blantyre, Malawi

Larry Prible
Retired, Chairman, President and CEO, Indianapolis
Life Insurance Co.
Indianapolis, Indiana

Ed Schreyer
Former Governor General of Canada
Manitoba, Canada
4) Habitat for Humanity Sexual Abuse Scandal

Harassment Claims Roil Habitat for Humanity

As Founder's Supporters Rally, New Allegations Emerge
By Alan Cooperman
Washington Post Staff Writer
March 9, 2005; Page A01

AMERICUS, Ga. -- Since Habitat for Humanity fired its founder and president, Millard Fuller, for sexual harassment six weeks ago, his supporters throughout the giant nonprofit housing organization have campaigned to reinstate him. ... But the outpouring of sympathy for Fuller, 70, has also had a reverse effect. After years of silence, several former employees and close associates of Fuller -- including three ordained ministers -- have come forward to say they have inside knowledge of numerous prior allegations of sexual misconduct and workplace harassment by him, beginning before he founded Habitat for Humanity here in 1976.

5) World Vision (CIA) Partnership
with Habitat for Humanity to
Create "Future Christian Leaders"

... In the fall of 2002, Habitat for Humanity International joined forces with Eastern University and World Vision International in this unique learning journey. This new version of Pathways is an MA in Organizational Leadership.

While the program has evolved and the relationships expand, the commitment remains the same - to prepare a cadre of Christian leaders with the vision, character, and competence necessary to effectively lead an International NGO in the accomplishment of its mission and the struggle for a world that no longer tolerates poverty.

"Nothing is more critical to an organization than the quality of its leaders. The loftiest vision, most effective strategy, the most cogent plan is nothing more than words on paper without gifted and trained leaders to translate them into reality." - Dean
Hirsch, President, World Vision International

MA in Organizational Leadership (in partnership with World Vision International and Habitat for Humanity International)

Program Overview

Those we serve: Established and emerging leaders of international Non-profit and Non-governmental Organizations (NGOs).

This Master of Arts is a 3-year program focusing on leadership for international NGO's. The program, also known as “Pathways to Leadership" offers:


Applicability. Immediately applicable to your work and ministry
Delivered regionally (Asia, Africa, Latin America, Europe, N. America) You can complete the program while working full time. Cohorts in Latin America study in Spanish Coursework is relevant and immediately applicable to your work and ministry. You'll study issues such as Servant Leadership, Poverty and Development, Advocacy, Relief and Disaster Mitigation among other business focused modules. You do not need to leave your ministry for extended periods of time Contextualized curriculum that is sensitive to regional issues ...
6) The George Tenet Connection to Habitat for Humanity

Executive Branch Spouses to Dedicate Habitat for
Humanity Houses As Part of "Women Building A Legacy"

WASHINGTON, April 5, 2003--Today spouses of White House senior staff members and Cabinet-level officials, including Alma Powell and Stephanie Glakas-Tenet, dedicated houses they helped build in Annapolis, Md., as part of Habitat for Humanity International's "Women Building A Legacy" program. The spouses joined Arundel Habitat for Humanity and the two mothers whose families will live in the Habitat homes for the dedication.

"I'm happy to be among the volunteers answering the President's USA Freedom Corps call to service," said Alma Powell, wife of Secretary of State Gen. Colin Powell. "Habitat for Humanity's Women Building A Legacy program offers women the opportunity to take an active role in the important work of providing healthy homes for children by addressing the need for affordable housing in America's communities."

Habitat for Humanity invites people of all backgrounds, races and faiths to build homes in partnership with families in need. Habitat for Humanity's Women Building A Legacy program empowers women from all walks of life to actively address theproblem of children in poverty housing.

"Women Building A Legacy gives women the opportunity to learn construction in a supportive environment, enabling us to build a legacy of better housing for our nation's children and a legacy of volunteer service for our own children," said Stephanie Glakas-Tenet, wife of CIA Director George Tenet. "I encourage more community-minded individuals, businesses and houses of worship to join this effort."
7) George and Laura Bush Connection to Habitat for Humanity.

President and first lady help ‘Make a Difference'

‘Today’ host Matt Lauer talks to George and Laura Bush about the rebuilding efforts and their help delivering a Habitat for Humanity house ...
8) An old Watergate Veteran at Habitat for Humanity

Jeb Magruder

Nixon's deputy campaign director, Jeb Stuart Magruder, formerly an aide to Nixon Chief of Staff Bob Haldeman and deputy communications director at the White House, was charged with perjury and conspiracy to obstruct justice for his role in the Watergate cover-up. He spent seven months in prison.

After his release in 1976, Magruder earned a master's degree in divinity from the Princeton Theological Seminary. He was executive minister at First Community Church in Marble Cliff, Ohio, from 1984 to 1990. In July 1990, he became senior pastor of the First Presbyterian Church in Lexington, Ky.

President Ronald Reagan denied Magruder a pardon in 1983. In December 1995, however, Kentucky Gov. Brereton Jones restored Magruder's right to vote and run for office. Magruder had worked with the governor's wife, Libby Jones, in the Habitat for Humanity project.

Comair Crash: Who's Running the Investigation?

1) The NTSB Investigating Comair Crash

D.C. veteran Debbie becomes NTSB's public face 

Lexington Herald-Leader - Aug 29 12:20 AM

Debbie Hersman, a former Democratic congressional aide, has become the public face and voice for the chief federal agency investigating Sunday's fatal crash of Comair Flight 5191....

From 1999 to 2004, Hersman was the senior professional staff member for the U.S. Senate Committee on Commerce, Science and Transportation.
In that post, she handled the agenda and legislation concerning surface transportation, including economic and safety regulation of railroads and safety issues for trucks and buses, pipelines and hazardous materials.
In 1992-99, she was the top aide to U.S. Rep. BOB WISE, D-W.Va.
2.) Debbie Hersman on the NTSB Board

Current Members of the Board are:

Mark V. Rosenker, Chairman
Kathryn O'Leary Higgins, Member
3.) AT THE NTSB, Debbie Hersman works for MARK V. ROSENKER -

He is former Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of the White House MILITAY Office under GW Bush:


Mark V. Rosenker of Virginia was sworn in as the 11th Chairman of the National Transportation Safety Board on August 11, 2006. He had been serving as Acting Chairman since March 2005. His two-year term as Chairman runs until August 2008. In January 2006, after confirmation by the Senate, he began his second term as a Member, which will expire on December 31, 2010.

Chairman Rosenker became a member of the NTSB in March 2003, and was designated by President Bush as Vice Chairman that April.

Beginning JANUARY 20, 2001 until the announcement of his nomination to the Board, Mr. Rosenker served as Deputy Assistant to the President and Director of the WHITE HOUSE MILITARY OFFICE. In this capacity, he had responsibility for policies, personnel and plans that involve Department of Defense assets in direct support of the President.

Prior to his White House appointment, Mr. Rosenker was Managing Director of the Washington, DC office for the United Network for Organ Sharing (UNOS) .... Before joining UNOS, Mr. Rosenker served 23 years as Vice President, Public Affairs for the *ELECTRONIC INDUSTRIES ALLIANCE*.
4) Debbie Hersman was a staffer for Senator Bob Wise, who was forced out of office by a sex scandal:

Bob Wise
Fmr. Governor, Democrat, WV

Current Term: 1st
First Elected: 2000
Next Election: 2004
Served: 2000-2004

Bob Wise bungled his first term with a sex scandal involving a state employee. Despite tearful apologies, the seedy scandal would not die before Wise's political career did.
5.) Bob Wise's Career as Governor

Wise's tenure of Governor of West Virginia saw the greatest loss in employment in State history (to include the Great Depression)and a tightened fiscal environment. During this period, Wise responded to the economic challenges of the State by attempting to attract businesses through an extensive tax and infrastructure assistance program.
6) "The number 9/11 returns to haunt us":

Atlanta-bound Comair Flight 5191 crashed causing a loss of 49 lives. Am I the only one sensing some kind of freaky omen considering the fast that 5 years after 9/11, the most horrific event in our recent history, the number ”911” resurfaced as “191” in another plane crash? ...

Comair Crash: Evidence Altered

Media aviation "experts" have sought to explain the August 27 crash and laid responsibility for it on "pilot error," disregarding the fact that the pilots had the wrong map, the FAA violated it's own rules, but the information attached raises significant questions that remain unexplained:

- Air traffic control and the Comair pilots were agreed that the plane would taxi off on runway 22. They discussed it.

- There were markers directing them to runway 22.

- Runway 22 was lit. Runway 26 was not lit, and hadn't been since October 2001.

- The pilots passed up the lit runway clearly marked 22 - and took the wrong runway.

- They were using a digital compass that displayed the wrong heading clearly.

- Incidentally, FAA information on airport lighting at runway 26 has been ALTERED SINCE THE CRASH. FAA information in hard copy reports that the runway lighting is operational. Why was this data altered?

A blogger noticed the altering of airport information: "All runway lighting can be activated from the cockpit." (see below) "That is just standard operation at airports. If they can't, then the lighting is broken or out of operation, and that information needs to be made available. I didn't notice any information about it online until 24 hours after the crash, when they started changing it at sites with aviation airport info. It is not noted in the FAA-issued Airport Facility Directory just recently published.""

This means that the FAA report that the pilots had in their possession, with the information on runway 26 lighting published BEFORE THE ALTERATIONS, said that the lights WERE operational. They could have turned them on from the cockpit.

Coincidentally, lighting is out at the airport at the moment. Look at the current news stories on it, and you will find that this is a major issue at the airport - warnings ARE given to pilots. Unlit runways are not taken lightly by pilots for obvious reasons.


... they have the latest in electronic primary flight displays, including a virtual DG which indicates their direction. There is no error to be made-the direction is displayed in digital format....

No runway lights or runway end identifier lights, and they stare off into blackness and mumble about no lights, again as if in a trance, seconds before the death. What was that book? The Trance-Formation of America?

Doomed Ky. plane cleared for proper runway - NTSB
By Steve Robrahn
August 29, 2000

LEXINGTON, Ky. (Reuters) - No explanation was offered by investigators on Monday why pilots of a commuter jet turned onto the wrong runway before crashing and killing all but one of the 50 people aboard. 

"The planning discussions with air traffic controllers and the flight crew were about a takeoff from runway 22," a 2.1 km runway suited for jets at Lexington's Blue Grass Airport, National Transportation Safety Board member Debbie Hersman said. 

... There also were clues for the pilot: Signs marking the right way. Less lighting. And severely cracked concrete not the type of surface typically found on runways for commercial routes.

The main runway at Lexington would have been long enough for the Comair flight - Runway 4/22, which is 7,003 feet long and LIT, according to the Federal Aviation Administration.

The shorter runway, Runway 8/26, is 3,500 feet long and UNLIT.

A witness to the accident, a ramp employee of another airline, told investigators the 3,500-foot (1-km) Runway 26 used by the jet was dark, while the lights were lit alongside the 7,000-foot-long (2-km) intersecting Runway 22 used by commercial air traffic at Lexington's Blue Grass Airport.

"This individual witnessed the taxi, the takeoff roll, and the accident. He told our investigators that Runway 26 was not lit and that Runway 22 and the taxiways were lit," National Transportation Safety Board investigator Debbie Hersman told a news briefing.

Apparently the lights must have actually been turned off completely, because they can always be activated by the pilot by simply tuning his radio to the CTAF frequency and clicking his transmit button 7 times within 5 seconds, which the pilots would of course know. This would explain why they did not realize they had reached the end of the runway and maintained full throttle, as they did not see the runway end identifier lights, which are strobing bright white lights letting you know you had better be off the ground before you reach them. As I have heard, this plane left the runway at full throttle

... NTSB investigators spent several hours Monday night and early Tuesday taxiing a Comair CRJ-100 around the airport to determine what might have prompted the pilots to turn onto the darkened, closed runway. The longer runway was LIT and only a short distance away, Hersman said.

I added a point about the main LIGHTED runway, another GIGANTIC clue that the pilots missed. About 1,000 feet after takeoff roll, the pilots crossed an active, lighted runway, which they APPARENTLY DIDN’T NOTICE. IMO, the fact that they crossed a MAIN runway on an airport that only had ONE main runway, should have been a clue. So here’s where we stand on the pilots:
- Went to the wrong plane (or, went to the CORRECT plane, which had been changed).
- Decided to takeoff on an unlit runway in the dark with an aircraft full of passengers.
- Didn’t check their compass headings.
- Didn’t NOTICE that they crossed an active, lighted runway 1,000 feet after commencement of takeoff roll.
- Commented that the short runway lights were out AFTER commencement of takeoff roll.


If anyone is interested in disappearing facts associated with this incident, I recommend that you look for official comments about the CVR (Cockpit Voice Recorder).

The CVR cover-up is already underway. The NTSB may have dug themselves in a hole.

In an early Monday morning CNN article, the NTSB spokeschick, Debbie Hersman, was quoted as saying that BOTH pilots mentioned the runway lights being out on the takeoff roll. I will search for a link to that specific article.

On Monday EVENING, Hersman gave a briefing which is still viewable at CNN. The clip is 8:23 long, and at the end, Hersman gives CVR bullets, and NONE of the bullets mention the pilots’ “runway lights” comments. In Hersman’s CNN clip, she also states that she hoped for a CVR update briefing on Monday evening (3 days ago). I predict that we will not hear a CVR update briefing.

- Select “NTSB Investigation Underway (8:23)”

Anonymous Coward
User ID: 137827
8/31/2006 5:55 AM

I like the airport runway information pasted above. Be aware they changed the lighting information 24 hours after the crash occurred. It did list 8-26 as having MIRL(medium intensity runway lighting) and REIL, but they altered the info. I have a current FAA-issued Airport Facility Directory, which cannot be altered, and 8-26 is indicated to have MIRL and REIL. This AFD was just printed.
[link to]
Runway 8/26
Dimensions: 3500 x 75 ft. / 1067 x 23 m
Surface: asphalt/concrete, in poor condition
Weight bearing capacity: Single wheel: 12500 lbs

Runway edge lights: medium intensity
Airport Operations
Airport use: 
Open to the public
Sectional chart: 
Control tower: 
NOTAMs facility: 
LEX (NOTAM-D service available)
Wind indicator: 
Segmented circle: 
white-green (lighted land airport)
Fire and rescue: 
ARFF index B
International operations: 
customs landing rights airport

Comair Crash: Mill Ridge Farm, Saudi Royals, Five Star Trust, RNC & Votescam, Terrorism, etc.


Kentucky Horse Industry Impacted by Sunday Plane Crash

The Blood-horse | 8/28/2006 | Blood-horse staff

08/28/2006 7:29:11 AM

The Central Kentucky horse industry was reeling Sunday after several prominent members of the equine community and others were among the 49 people killed in the crash of a commuter jet shortly after takeoff from Blue Grass Airport in Lexington.

... listed among the deceased by the Lexington Herald-Leader was 25-year-old Washington, D.C., resident Marcie Thomason, whose father, Bill Thomason, is financial and administrative manager of MILL RIDGE FARM in Lexington...
More about Prince Ahmed:

Bio with stats from NTRA
Mill Ridge Farm - where most of his broodmares were kept
Thoroughbred Corporation - his racing syndicate


$29M Paid To Throw US Election?

The money to rig the election in favor of Bush reportedly came from an entity called Five Star Trust, largely based in Houston but a worldwide entity that is directly tied to the Saudi Royal Family. Five Star Trust was termed "a well-protected vehicle" that has been used to support both Bush and Osama bin Laden in the US and around the world.
MILL RIDGE FARM's Saudi Terrorism Connection

Amid allegations, horsemen, Saudi royals rise to defend late racing magnate Prince Ahmed
By John Eisenberg

Two years ago, the Preakness Stakes spotlight shone brightly on Prince Ahmed bin Salman, an affable, highly Westernized member of the ruling family of Saudi Arabia.

A familiar face in thoroughbred racing circles, he was in Baltimore as the owner of War Emblem, winner of the Kentucky Derby. He stayed at the Harbor Court Hotel, attended the post position draw at the ESPN Zone and went to Pimlico Race Course to watch his horse gallop.

"He was as genuinely excited and enthusiastic as any Preakness owner I've ever seen," Pimlico president and chief executive officer Joe De Francis said.

Some six weeks earlier, a high-ranking al-Qaida operative captured in Pakistan reportedly had named him as a go-between linking the terrorist organization and the Saudi royal family.


Three weeks later, War Emblem disappointed in a bid to win the Triple Crown, finishing eighth in the Belmont Stakes. The prince was strangely absent, on business in Saudi Arabia, his racing associates said.

A month after that, the prince was dead at age 43. News accounts said he succumbed to a heart attack in Saudi Arabia.



He was on the bin Laden evacuation flight, after he concluded his business buying horses on 9/12/01 in KY. But I don't see direct links to Farish or the above horse farm. Bet we know where he banked however.


Somebody quoting Posner:

THE ABU ZUBAYDAH CASE. Abu Zubaydah was one of the most wanted Al Qaeda operatives. According to Gerald Posner (Why America Slept), the CIA, FBI, and United States leaders missed numerous clues over 10 years to nab Zubaydah before the September 11 terrorist attacks. Zubaydah was wanted for the attack on the USS Cole in October 2000 as well as the 9-11 attacks.

According to Posner, “two government (unnamed) sources,” Zubaydah was captured on March 28, 2002, American military team stormed a Pakistan safe house and arrested Zubaydah along with 62 other suspects. United States interrogators used drugs, including Sodium Pentothal, to coerce him to talk. But the Americans were stalled. They flew Zubaydah to an Afghan complex that resembled a Saudi jail chamber, where “two Arab-Americans, now with Special Forces,” pretending to be Saudi inquisitors, used drugs and threats to scare him into more confessions.

According to Posner, the American ploy backfired. When Zubaydah was confronted by American interrogators posing as Saudis, “his reaction was not fear, but utter relief.” Zubaydah was happy to see the “Saudis” and gave them telephone numbers for a senior member of the royal family who would, said “tell you what to do.” One such member was Prince Ahmed bin Salman bin Abdul Aziz, a Westernized nephew of King Fahd. Aziz’s horse had won the Kentucky Derby in 2002. Not only did the phone numbers provided by Zubaydah prove to be true, but he also provided the Americans the Saudi-Pakistani-bin Laden triangle. (Gerald Posner, Why America Slept)

Zubaydah said the Saudi connection ran through Prince Turki al-Faisal bin Abdul Aziz, the kingdom’s longtime intelligence chief. Zubaydah said Bin Laden “personally” told him of a 1991 meeting at which Turki agreed to let Bin Laden leave Saudi Arabia and to provide him with secret funds as long as al-Qaeda refrained from promoting jihad in the kingdom. Zubaydah also implicated the Pakistanis. He said he had attended a meeting with Pakistan’s high-ranking air force officer Mushaf Ali Mir in 1996.

Saudi horseracing connection: Farish involved in syndicates

with the late Prince Fahd Salman and Prince Ahmed Salman (nephews of King Fahd bin Abdel-Aziz al-Saud) who both died unexpectedly in 2001 and 2002 respectively: Salman accused of terrorism and some conspiracy specialists reckon he was murdered. His father is Governor of Riyadh and a full brother to King Fahd.

Official Obit:
Prince Fahd bin Salman bin Abdulaziz dies in Riyadh

The Royal Court today announced the death of His Royal Highness Prince Fahd bin Salman bin Abdulaziz of heart failure. He was 46. Prince Fahd is the son of the Governor of Riyadh Province Prince Salman bin Abdulaziz. Funeral prayers will be held at the Turki bin Abdullah Mosque in Riyadh following regular afternoon prayer today. Prince Salman will receive condolences at his palace at Al-Maazar district in Riyadh.

After graduating from King Saud University in Riyadh, Prince Fahd studied business administration in the United States. On his return to the Kingdom, he joined the Ministry of Interior, and served as Deputy Governor of the Eastern Province from 1406-1412 H <1986 to 1991>. From then until his death he was in private business, and also served as Secretary-General of the charitable association for kidney failure patients.


Salman with his brothers owned Thoroughbred Racing Corporation and along with Farish chummy Paul Mellon (also RIP) invested in Far East breeding syndicates, selling mostly to Japan, Argentina and Canada.

Fahd Salman murdered? Check this:

There was a lot of news about Prince Salman (Thoroughbred Corporation) being involved in terrorism---one report says one of Al Qaeda gave up two memorized phone numbers, and both were for cell phones belonging to the Prince. He was only 45, and the news reports says he died of a heart attack, even though he did not have a history of this kind. Anybody around the tracks hear anything about this, or if this is being covered up?

I believe the worst of bin Salman's offenses was passively allowing the papers he owned to be sympathetic to anti-americanism, nothing more. No one has produced any documents of substance linking him to terrorism, he has a brother who is currently working hard to clear bin Salman's name

More: ...

Prince Ahmed Salman, Fahd's younger brother, also died unexpectedly early in 2002:

Ahmed's Obit:

Prince Ahmed bin Salman 1958 - 2002

Date: 07/22/02

On Monday, July 22, 2002, the racing world was stunned by the announcement of the death of 43-year-old Prince Ahmed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz, the principal partner of the Thoroughbred Corporation, from a heart attack. His green and white striped silks are well-recognized worldwide, most recently in his four consecutive Triple Crown victories with Point Given taking the Preakness and Belmont last year and War Emblem capturing the Kentucky Derby and Preakness this year.

The nephew of Saudi Arabia's King Fahd was born on November 17, 1958. After studying in both the military and the University of California at Irvine he went into business, eventually becoming chairman of Saudi Arabia's Research and Marketing Group, a publishing company with offices in Riyadh and Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, and also in London, England.

With his college friend Richard Mulhall as trainer, he got into the racing business initially as Universal Stable. In 1994 when the operation resurfaced as The Thoroughbred Corporation, with Mulhall retiring as a trainer and taking on the job of racing manager. Mulhall is currently the president of the operation.

Prince Ahmed celebrates War Emblem's win in the Preakness
The pair would go on to racing greatness, both with sales purchases and homebreds. The Thoroughbred Corp.'s roster reads like a who's who of racing in the past decade, with such greats as Sharp Cat, Lear Fan, Jewel Princess, Windsharp, Military, Royal Anthem, Anees, Officer, Habibti, Spain, 2001 Horse of the Year Point Given, and this year's dual classic winner War Emblem. The Prince also had success in Europe, starting with his very first horse, Hays, who won the Mill Reef Stakes and Oath who won the Epsom Derby. Currently Thoroughbred Corp. has approximately 60 horses in training mostly stabled with Bob Baffert, D. Wayne Lukas, and John Shireffs, along with 45 broodmares, mostly at Mill Ridge Farm in Lexington.

His name will always be associated with War Emblem, his one Kentucky Derby winner, which he quipped was "one of the best investments I ever made in my life, besides buying oil in Saudi Arabia," after he won the Preakness. He bought a 90% share in the colt just three weeks before the Derby, and with the win, became the first Arab owner to capture the Roses.

Bob Baffert, who trained Point Given and War Emblem, said, "When you go through a Triple Crown together you get really close. He was like family. His passion for horses was incredible -- he lived and breathed them." Point Given's regular rider Gary Stevens said, "We were very close friends outside of racing. He was a guy who loved to laugh and loved a good time. He had major flair and loved the game and was continuing to grow in the sport. At 43, everybody was looking forward to him having a long, long career in the industry and he was definitely a boost to thoroughbred racing." Churchill Downs president Tom Meeker said, "The horses he campaigned proved themselves champions on and off the track, and their star power generated much positive attention for our sport. The prince's commitment to racing was unwavering, and his infectious enthusiasm for the game will be greatly missed. Prince Salman held the Kentucky Derby in the highest esteem -- he loved and appreciated the Derby's legacy as much as we do. Churchill Downs -- and all of racing -- has lost a remarkable horsemen and true fan." He is survived by his wife Princess Lamia, four daughters, and one son.

Prince Ahmed with Spain after she won the Louisville Breeders' Cup Handicap to become the richest mare in history.
War Emblem winning the Kentucky Derby.

Point Given won the Preakness, Belmont, Haskell, and Travers but didn't run well in the Kentucky Derby.
Prince Ahmed's first Breeders' Cup winner, Jewel Princess in the 1996 Distaff.

Sharp Cat, who Prince Ahmed referred to as his other daughter, won over $2 million in her career.
Anees was an upset winner of the Breeders' Cup Juvenile for Prince Ahmed.

Habibti was a top 2-year-old filly and has had some success as a 3-year-old this year, finishing second in the Kentucky Oaks.
Officer was another brilliant 2-year-old trained by Bob Baffert for Prince Ahmed.