Saturday, January 31, 2009

The Entire Fascist US Game Plan Exposed in a Single Minor Obama Appointment

Or, The Morphing CSIS/PNAC Transformer ... Or, The Obama Regime is the Bush Regime in Liberal Drag ... Or, When "Hope" isn't Enough ... Or, How the Future and Past Shape the Present ...


By Alex Constantine

Deconstruct one of Obama's seemingly insignificant bureaucratic appointments, and the entire game plan behind American foreign policy emerges - like an iceberg in the fog ...

Sweet, "innocent" spook Mona Sutphen was recently appointed a deputy White House chief of staff, and her role is managing the foreign policy personnel transition process.

The White House press release doesn't mention that Sutphen holds the key to understanding nearly every major development in US foreign policy in the past 20 years or so, and for the next 20 years to come.

It's all about the CIA's Ray Steiner Cline - only one of the three most important geopolitical strategists in history, an Iran-contra co-conspirator - particularly his work at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS). Cline developed a mathematical model for predicting shifts in world power, and discovered that as the US deflates economically in the coming decades, Russia and China, primarily, followed by Japan, will rise industrially and claim more of the world's resources.

The Cline Solution

To meet this immense and (to the rich) daunting geopolitical shift, Cline suggested back in the late '80s, America must take control of key resource points on the globe. To further this end, a happy face was painted on Cline's Solution called The CSIS-Based Project for the New American Century (PNAC), and this group burrowed into the DoD and named itself the Office of Special Plans. Iraq was one of the keys to the Cline/CSIS Solution - "we" needed military installations there to maintain access not only to Iraqi oil, but more importantly, Saudi Arabia's. And to justify an invasion of Iraq, "we" needed a 9/11; to sweeten the pot, anthrax terror. Other steps were necessary to position the ruling class for the Big Shift: Tax cuts for the rich, corporate looting, "bailouts" and other steps of wealth transfer ... controlling the "have-nots" and mass media as domestic economic conditions worsen ... militant propaganda ... adoption of intelligence and military functions by privately-controlled contractors who are extra-constitutional, tight with the CIA ... a bolstered intelligence guardian to keep the proles in line and sustain state-sponsored terrorism ...

Zapping Rowdy "Have-Nots" from Space

Recall the Washington Post story that put a chill down our necks a few years ago? Rumsfeld made nerve-wracking predictions in an NMD report. I wrote on June 27, 2006: " ... Vengeful rogue states ... an orbital Pearl Harbor ... the chilling potential for class war. The secretary of defense argued that peasants, the 'have-nots,' may one day rise against the 'haves.' In that eventuality, it's best to be prepared. The obvious solution was space-based reconnaissance and offensive weapons 'to control space,' but more importantly, 'dominate the earth.'"

More Cline Solution Operatives in the Wings

Ray Cline

Now, Ms. Sutphen will be selecting Obama foreign policy staffers. She is the logical choice for a continuation of the Cline Solution - she wrote a book about it ... and she, too, gave the Solution a happy face. Note that she's a former foreign service officer and national security officer - a spook. (So was Cline. So are others we are about to meet.) ...

Stonebridge International, a Military-Industrial Powerhouse

"Ms. Sutphen is Managing Director of Stonebridge and manages special projects for the firm. A former Foreign Service officer, she served in Asia and in Europe, and while at the White House, worked on a range of policy issues for the National Security Adviser. Before joining Stonebridge, she worked in the financial services industry in the institutional foreign exchange market. She is the co-author of The Next American Century published in January 2008."

Take a closer look at the "happy face," the book (and PLEASE note the plug from none other than Brent "Obama's Yoda" Scowcroft, chairman of the Pacific Forum at, of course, the Center for Strategic and International Studies - and just as significantly, another Iran-contra-arms-for-terrorists alumnus), a popularization, like PNAC's anti-Saddam chest-beating, an exercise of "PUBLIC DIPLOMACY" to drum up popular support for coming foreign policy outrages that execute steps in the Cline prescription (you can read some of Sutphen's book here.):

"The rise of other global powers is most often posed as a sorry tale. The potential loss of our #1 status implies a blow to our safety, economy, and prestige. In The Next American Century, Nina Hachigian and Mona Sutphen show that the “pivotal powers”—China, Europe, India, Japan, and Russia—seek greater influence, but each has an enormous stake in the world economy and a keen desire to thwart common threats."

Nina Hachigian, Mona's co-author, ls from the same spook milieu: "Nina Hachigian is a Senior Vice President at the Center for American Progress and a Visiting Scholar of the Center for International Security and Cooperation at Stanford University [Condoleeza Rice is from CISAC]. Earlier, she was the Director of the Center for Asia-Pacific Policy and a Senior Political Scientist at RAND. From 1998 to 1999, she was on the staff of the National Security Council."

More on Mona Sutphen's bona fid├ęs:

" ... Ms. Sutphen holds a B.A. from Mount Holyoke College ... She is a member of the Council on Foreign Relations ... "

"Mona Sutphen is a Managing Director at Stonebridge International LLC, a Washington-based international business strategy firm. ... "

Stonebridge/CSIS Tie: Donald G. Gross, a senior advisor Stonebridge International, is a senior advisor/adjunct fellow at Cline's CSIS. And another spook: "He has served as senior Adviser to the Under Secretary for International Security Affairs in the Department of State ..."

9/11 Commission Vice Chairman Lee Hamilton - who proved his mettle to Dick Cheney and other criminal Republican power brokers by covering up Iran-contra crimes - at Cheney's request. Hamilton, a Democrat, is on the board of Stonebridge International.

So is Craig L. Fuller: " ... he was President of the Wexler Group until its acquisition by [Iran-contra co-conspirator, CIA-tied] Hill & Knowlton where Mr. Fuller served as President of its U.S. Operations and head of worldwide public affairs. Prior, he was Senior Vice President for Corporate Affairs at Philip Morris Companies and also served as Chairman of the 1992 Republican National Convention. Mr. Fuller has an extensive background in federal affairs, having served as Assistant to the President for Cabinet Affairs for President Ronald Reagan and Chief of Staff to Vice President George Bush. He later served as Co-Director of President-elect Bush's Presidential transition team. ... "

So is Roger C. Altman - vice chairman of The Blackstone Group.

And what is Altman's raison d' be? The Cline Solution, of course - another happy face (" ... why so serious? ... "):

" ... Fresh off the foreign policy presses, Foreign Affairs magazine’s newest issue has an article by Roger C. Altman analyzing the economic crisis and makes several claims about the decline of the West and the rise of China. ... "

Samuel Berger

Altman worked formerly for U.S. National Security Adviser Samuel R. Berger - co-chairman of Stonebridge - and he was an advisor to United Nations Ambassador Bill Richardson. (The last time we saw Kissinger & Assoc.'s Richardson, of course, Obama was fighting to make the accused felon his commerce secretary.)

Mona Sutphen represents the morph of PNAC/CIA/Bush regime under Obama.

She's doin' the hiring.

The agents are almost all in place. What does all this mean, what's to come? More terror and "inexplicable" foreign policy disasters on the way, sorry to report, and more economic trauma, state repression as the fascist ruling class positions for the Shift. The names may change, but the "game" plan remains the same. We are learning what it is like to live in a Third World nation because that is the outcome. America's covert operators are capable of pretty much anything - even another 9/11. They've done it once, and then, too, it began with operatives of CSIS (read parts 1-3 for a full explanation) ...

Obama has opened the door to more cockroaches. John Brennan is in his element.