Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Holocaust Museum Killer James von Brunn, Pedro del Valle and the Fraternity of Fascists who Murdered John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Edited by Alex Constantine

James Von Brunn & Pedro del Valle
By Jose de la Isla
Korea Times
June 18, 2009

Excerpt: Early Influences on James Von Brunn

... James Von Brunn, born in 1920, is said to have been associated with rightwing white supremacists. It's known that in 1964, former Marine Corps Lt. Gen. Pedro Del Valle gave Von Brunn a copy of The Iron Curtain over America, by John Beaty, of which Von Brunn said, "For the first time, I learned how Jews had destroyed Europe and were now destroying America."

The Iron Curtain over America (1951) was called by the Anti-Defamation League of B'Nai B'Rith one of the most anti-Semitic books ever written in the United States.

In it, Beaty claimed Eastern European Jews, such as Supreme Court Justice Felix Frankfurter and Samuel Rosenman, President Franklin Roosevelt's speechwriter, were part of that conspiracy. The book also gave intellectual currency to some of the anti-communist outrages that Sen. Joseph McCarthy was associated with.

Del Valle recommended Von Brunn to a position with rightwing book publisher Noontide Press, whose founder Willis Carto was a Holocaust denier, and who formed Liberty Lobby that aspired to have public policy influence.

American Nazi "Patriot" Lt. Gen. Pedro del Valle, an ITT vice president involved in the Chile coup and installation of Pinochet, also mentor to Holocaust Museum killer James von Brunn

Del Valle had a distinguished military career in both world wars and was the first Hispanic to reach the rank of lieutenant general. In 1946 he was considered by President Truman as a possible governor of Puerto Rico, when the post was an appointive one.

Del Valle retired from the military in 1948. In 1953, he and four other high-level former military officers formed the Defenders of the American Constitution, intent on purging the United States of supposed communist influences and they organized citizen-vigilantes to guard against sabotage and treason.

Del Valle ran for governor of Maryland in 1953 but was badly defeated in the Republican primary because of his controversial views. ...

Pedro Del Valle and the Men who Killed Kennedy

Of the "Anti-Communist Liaison" involved the assassination in Dallas on November 22, 1963, Charles Willoughby (the alias for German-born Kurt Weidenbach, MacArthur's chief of military intelligence) was the highest placed. Willoughby/Weidenbach did much of the planning, and moved personnel about with strategic military precision, leaving a number of false, self-incriminating trails for reporters and the FBI to follow after President Kennedy was dead, including Mafia figures and lower echelon intelligence assets, eg. Lee Oswald. James von Brunn's friend Pedro del Valle, a vice president at ITT, went on to be instrumental in the overthrow of Salvador Allende and the establishment of a military dictatorship in Chile. - AC

(1) Dick Russell, The Man Who Knew Too Much (1992)

... A White House memorandum prepared for JFK in mid-August 1963 estimated that the radical right spent as much as $25 million annually, supported by about 70 foundations, 113 corporations, 25 utility companies, and 250 identifiable individuals.

In the thick of it all, and much more, was Charles Willoughby. While his mentor, General MacArthur, passed into quiet retirement and was occasionally sought by Kennedy for advice, Willoughby approached his seventieth birthday with samurai swords placed strategically next to his desk. Willoughby's holy war against the "Red Menace" found him sitting on the boards of most of the major conservative groups, and reaching into Europe and Latin America to start his own International Committee for the Defense of Christian Culture...

Kurt Weidenbach, aka Charles Willoughby, chief of General MacArthur's military intelligence staff in Korea, and something of a chess master at political assassination strategies

Willoughby's publisher and friend Billy James Hargis was a short, portly, double-chinned fellow in his midthirties who gained much of his financial support from H. L. Hunt and other wealthy oilmen. Along with Willoughby, who was his Washington eyes and ears, another of Hargis's advisory committee members was retired lieutenant general Pedro del Valle, US Marine commander in the Pacific Theater during World War II. After the Korean War, del Valle had become vice president of ITT's Latin American operations.

In September 1961 Hargis announced that a secret fraternity to coordinate right-wing activities would soon be formed. Then, on March 21,1962, a carefully selected group was called together in Washington. No press representatives were allowed at the founding session of the Anti-Communist Liaison, which brought together about one hundred delegates representing some seventy-five right-wing groups at the Washington Hotel. Named as its chairman and operating head was Edward Hunter, a National Advisory Board member of Young Americans for Freedom.

John Rousselot - Spartacus Bio: "In 1975 Harry Dean claimed he had been an undercover agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. In 1962 he infiltrated the John Birch Society. He later reported that Rousselot and General Edwin Walker had hired two gunman, Eladio del Valle and Loran Hall, to kill President John F. Kennedy. However, Dean was unable to provide any evidence to back up his claim. After being defeated in 1982 Ronald Reagan appointed him President of the National Council of Savings Institutions (1985-88)."

The new group's insider was US representative John Rousselot, a John Birch Society spokesman and Christian Crusade board member from Los Angeles. It also had a Southern California "outsider," Colonel William P. Gale, yet another ex-MacArthur man. In 1962, as California state chairman of the Constitution Party, Colonel Gale announced his candidacy for the governorship on a platform calling for the abolition of all income taxes. He also organized, soon after the pivotal springtime meeting in Washington, a paramilitary outfit. ...