Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Lou Dobbs' Spokesman, Knight of Malta Robert Dilenschneider

" ... 'Lou has many irons in the fire right now with many people,' said Robert Dilenschneider, Mr. Dobbs’s spokesman. ... "

And WHO, pray tell, is Dobbs's PR frontman, Robert Dilenschneider?

"Public relations expert who spent 25 years at [CIA and military intelligence front] Hill and Knowlton - the last 6 as President and CEO - before starting his own public relations firm in 1991. ... "


In a crop of corporate dramas, Knights of Malta are everywhere

"Prominent knights dot the business and political landscapes. Lee A. Iacocca, a knight for decades, is part of a bid by investor Kirk Kerkorian to take over Chrysler Corp., whose directors include at least one other knight--former Health, Education & Welfare Secretary Joseph A. Califano. Other knights include Domino's Pizza founder Thomas Monaghan, Chase Manhattan CEO Thomas Labrecque, and public-relations maven Robert Dilenschneider, who counts [CIA-Nazi collaborators] W.R. Grace* as a client. ... "


* Re W.R. Grace and the Nazis: " ... The background on J. Peter Grace reveals some connections and complicity with the Nazis during WW2, and including Nazi chemical conglomerate I.G. Farben's Dr. Otto Ambrose as management staff at Grace following WW2 and "Operation Paper Clip" when former Nazi scientists were transferred into positions in the U.S. government and private corporations like W.R. Grace ... "

- Alex Constantine
November 1, 2009