Sunday, September 07, 2008


A man obsessed with racist ideas went on a shooting rampage in Perm, Russia, according to an August 29 report by the web site The 28-year-old suspect allegedly shot a man to death and injured several others, selecting his victims on the basis of their ethnicity. He reportedly used a homemade gun to carry out the attacks. (Russia has strict gun control laws, and outside the North Caucasus, gun violence is relatively rare.) Police say they found grenades and neo-Nazi literature in the suspect's home. Rather than describing him as a member of an extremist group, the police painted a picture of a mentally ill man "obsessed with the theory racial superiority." It is unclear why he does not face hate crimes charges. He is held on murder and "hooliganism" charges.

Bigotry Monitor: Volume 8, Number 36
September 5, 2008