Friday, September 04, 2009

NOM Ties to Opus Dei

Submitted by David Hart on Mon, 08/24/2009 - 15:17

This is a story in development. We are finding a number of connections between the ultra secret Opus Dei and National Organization for Marriage. Tax records show donations from Opus Dei connected organizations to Robby George's James Madison Program and even to Gallagher's Institute for Marriage and Public Policy.

Indeed, NOM's space in Princeton was previously occupied by an Opus Dei front organization, the Witherspoon Institute. Its president (Luis E. Tellez) is on NOM's Board of Directors. Another Opus Dei affiliated organization, the Higher Education Initiatives Foundation headed by Luis Tellez occupied the space before Witherspoon. Tellez is also a Director of the Association for Cultural Interchange, a New York tax-exempt with assets of over $70 million. Another Opus Dei front organization, the Social Trends Institute, is a conduit for ACI in funding an anti-marriage equality initiative that is operated out of the University of Virginia. The recipient at UVa is a member of Robby George's James Madison program.

Lots of other dots to connect here and numerous people and groups to untangle. Stay tuned.