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9/11 Truthling Infiltration Watch Pt.2: How Bodyguards Fetzer/Wood/Mattingly/Reynolds sold out for DoubleSpeak and Orwellian STARWARS Axis of Evil

Notes on the 9/11 Cyber-War
By ewing2001
[Nico Haupt, Draft 2]

(All opinions expressed are the Nico's take on the mass infiltration of the 9/11 movement by CULTISTS and RELIGIONISTS and assorted fast-talkers who have co-opted myself ((yes, good ol' Alex was here first, by many years)) and others with deviously-crafted destabilization and psyop tactics. Because there are so many of them, their tag-teams have effectively swamped legitimate research and created an alternative 9/11 movement that is controlled, blames Saudis and Jews, etc. I can confirm many of Nico's statements here, and my own observations differ only on details, eg. I believe the CIA has a larger role in the scheme of things. But the names are right, and the distinctions drawn between active disinfo artists and their dupes is helpful in sorting out the real herrings from the red ones.

An essential element of the infiltration that needs to be addressed is the fact that said cultists and various disinformation brokers are in the business of MIND CONTROL. I realize that this is a subject that many researchers avoid, but it is the most serious threat facing any grassroots political movement ... not to mention the average person concerned about the fascist takeover of the United States, who is tuned into Mockingbird state propaganda and is not cognizant of this fact. - AC

December 6, 2006

Time is valuable these days and by putting too many thoughts on hold, it produces the risk of "racing" too much and i don't wanna do this.

Pt.2 of "9/11 Truthling Infiltration Watch" will continue to put the facts as boldly on the table as they *are*. Pt.1 is here:

First of all, let me continue by describing my own strategy of "re-infiltration"
and destabilization concept at

Pt.1 was furthermore an analyis of competing coup d'etat concepts which try to take over at ny911"URANTIA"


In case you are a 9/11 Truthling, no matter if you believe me or not, but i *personally* don't want to become a leader at ny911.

I also don't wanna waste time with distraction concepts like fruitloopers, gatekeepers, trolls, hangouters, mid center shills or dupes at the bottom.

The 9/11 perps and 9/11 MIT perps tried to keep us busy with these kind of 9/11 truthlings during the first years after 9/11, to not destabilize the TOP too quickly.

The current, meanwhile clearly Orwellianized TOP is Griffin, followed by ProfJones, Bowman and Hoffman, followed by Attorney Floum (st.911, and ProfJones' supporters and truthlings at the most dynamic news portal of the 9/11 "truth" movement, at
911blogger meanwhile basically behaves like another CULT, by building so called "truthers", though it's still a helpful news platform to analyse hangout crap from Jonathan Gold or John Albanese.


The 9/11 Truthling Border is very important for the 9/11 MIT Perps, functionalizing as a protection 'buffer zone' to the Orwellian Elite.

Floum aka GeorgeWashington helped building this border anonymously at, before we outed him some weeks ago.

Concept: The more brainwashed truthlings, the stronger the Truthling Border.

Or speaking with a LouDobbs analogy: Make sure to call everyone of the immigrants "terrorists" or "disinfo".

It occasionally even succesfully manipulates the en-/decoders into a temporary 9/11 truthling situation as well.

The 9/11 decoders however tried to destabilize the Orwellian TOP (i.e. as victims of bodyguards and/or b, c--trolls, especially in EMail_Land or as "digital limited hangouters" or other 'positions'.)

Risk has it that even in WEB2.0 land (which is much more dynamic than news portals or slower non-RSSed Discussion Boards), (not yet independent) newsspeak (embedded into former 'outsourced' NSA monitor tools, i.e. digg, netvibes, blogmarks, feedburner etc...) might be infiltrated or misunderstood as well.

If you're reading this as a "9/11 Truthling", you should ask yourself: If *i* would be a saboteur and not only a "monitor", encoder and researcher, wouldn't i run this movement?

Then again, with *your* way of logic, you cannot identify the Orwellian TOP anyway and it's just logical that your false hope Mindset concludes, that saboteurs act only in the mid center or you think that we're just "crazy".

But this logic is BS. Saboteurs are always at the TOP! In the past that was Mike Ruppert, Karl Schwarz, Kyle Hence, Bill Douglas and others.

But what else?

It is true. *We* are at "cyberwar" (without conventional 'hacker tools') with without any negotiations right now.

(NOTE: The Hacker movement was infiltrated within the flagwaver script kiddie scene by "ex"-CIA Robert Steele since the 90s.

For the leftgatekeeper script kiddie scene a similar manipulation was designed with the help of dupe and pseudo-progressive Jello Biafra (good friend of bogus BBC-Reporter Greg Palast [sic: corrected from Draft v.1: Greg Palast's illustrator isn't Biafra but someone named Winston Smith.

Biafra once also hosted an event with Cindy Sheehan and Palast), ex-Dead Kennedys.

I confront both Steele and Biafra publicly every 2 years at the H2K gatherings in NYC.

(ed: i didn't burn my old Dead Kennedys records yet and what MP3s depends, i don't listen to DK anymore since years ; )

Why is the "re-infiltration" and destabilization of aka "DigitalHerpes" so important(only if you have enuff 'gas', food, vitamines and water!!)?

Because Roger Peters aka dz (inspired by a name of the 1984-"parody" "Brazil") aka dazinith is continuing to censor at by blocking IPs and Anonymizers.

If it isn't him, it must be Alexander Floum aka GeorgeWashington who is still at 911blogger and still didn't reveal him clearly on his role with Steven E. "Los Alamos" Jones plus Floum's clients with strong links to DOE/Los Alamos.

What happened lately? Let's try to summarize:

1) JUNK SCIENCE DISTRACTION vs. AI (MIT Artificial Intelligence Programs, especially since 1993 and 2001)

I am very aware that the MIT perps, who helped establishing the WWW (formerly known as Darpanet/MILNET/Internet) in 1993, must be connected with the 9/11 Perps Concept plus an additional AI (Artificial Intelligence) concept.

Remember that 1993 was also year of Attack 1 on Twin Towers and beginning of the 'Green Peril' psyOP by neocon Daniel Pipes; with the help of TIME Magazine and german DER SPIEGEL, which started as a MI5/6, Tavistock front in the 50s.

Ironically the 9/11 MIT Perps want us to encode/decipher the idea and concept of 9/11 but also helped finding the infiltrators of 9/11 Truth Movement aka 9/11 DoubleThink Movement Cult.

That could explain why Holmgren/Haupt/Grable (anti-propagandized by Mark "Butterhead" Bilk and his puppet and multiple personality AI disorder victim Dick Eastman/RENSE) are sabotaged and protected at the same time, since they're apparently one of the best encoders of *that* system.

Both Jim Fetzer, representing junk science (who once researched and wrote about AI) and Rick Rajter, representing smart science, MIT (pro- "no-planers", but weak on 9/11 TV fakery paper analysis -i don't blame him on that!) couldn't help me so far to establish more infos on the current position of Marvin Minsky (MIT), who wants to reduce emotions in Cyberspace and Neurobotic Science.

PS: One of the next parts of this series (9/11 Truthling Infiltration Watch) will concentrate on Minsky's fellows like Robotic Scientist Rodney Brooks.
I wrote about MIT a lot at "de:bug" in the early and mid90s, which is a german electronic life style magazine.


Just recently all for a sudden also Morgan Reynolds kind of "sold out" for DoubleSpeak (but maybe not for DoubleThink yet?).

In yesterday's Radio Show (12/06/06) from "Dynamic Duo" Jim Fetzer, now depending on - and marginalized by GCN, 'Guest' Reynolds completely ignored much more important problems, instead decided to analyse the paper of Judy Wood, which appears to be a multiple strategy identity as well (Wood_Person, Paper_Wood, Wood_ExoWPaper)

This works into the hand of both 9/11 Truthlings and Flagwavers, both barely to distinguish anymore from each other and both are extreme brainwashed, believing in the one or another version of their 'hangout' truth.
9/11 MIT Perp Doublethink Concept:
If one Program or Simulation is backed up by at least one Reality, it *does* exist and will be able to co-exist with other Realities at the same time.

In Fetzer's Radioshow with Reynolds we analysed:

a) neither Fetzer or Reynolds find it necessary to talk about the Orwellian Infiltration of this Movement but instead superficially made some jokes at the beginning about someone's CIA-"connection" without mentioning Names.

Furthermore both used an alibi by talking about the "infighting" in this movement, which seems like they made jokes about themselves or about the "encoders" like myself.

Thanks for backstabbing, Morgan ;)

b) neither Fetzer or Reynolds talked about the disturbing scandal of Alexander Floum aka 'GeorgeWashington' holding the domain of st911 against Jones/Fetzer, therefore protecting and covering up this story!

c) neither Fetzer or Reynolds talked about Floum's additional Censorship role at, which is personally my biggest point against Floum.

d) neither Fetzer or Reynolds talked about Floum's further suspicious conflict of interest reg. his attorney connections with LosAlamos/DOE and ICANN clients of his company...

e) neither Fetzer or Reynolds talked about Judy Wood's own knowledge about Floum.

f) neither Fetzer or Reynolds talked about !!!9/11 TV fakery!!! as the core No.1 Evidence on 9/11 FalseFlag, which also leads to the WESCAM- /+ possible "ExoW Choppers" (ExoW= Exotic Weaponry of any kind), which should make us most upset as well,
however this is also what the 9/11 perps want:

"Racing", or using close buddies as Strawmen and other Cointel-PRO concepts.

And i don't talk now about the Rajter version but pure 9/11 TV Fakery as in also the methodological concept, described by and great newbies like Justdiggin, Coffinman and Co.!! (911logic.blogspot, crashphysics.blogspot etc...)

Check their blogs for the latest.

I wasn't surprised about Reynolds' attitude, since we had a huge fight recently in a 10++ CC list with several people (incl. Mattingly, Reynolds, Wood), though i wanted to wait until this show to speak out about my final opinion.

(ed: On Thomas J Mattingly more in Pt.3 (which is apparently not linked to Thomas K. Mattingly II, NASA).

Mattingly brokered a public event for Fetzer/Jones(?) in January 2007 for the McClendon Group, once founded by White House correspondent and investigative reporter Sara McClendon.

The McClendon Group occasionally also covers UFO hearings or other controversial concepts, at the National Press Club in DC. )

This email mini correspondence list mentioned above, broke apart with no further input by Fetzer as well, furthermore also ZERO response in the beginning by Floum or dz Peters (911b), which we removed.

I also think the Jones-Fetzer fight was a setup to begin with, as also Rick Siegel, Holmgren and me correctly analysed in its early stage, maybe also even with the attempt to divert and conquer the encoders of 9/11.

It was generally designed for the 9/11 Truthlings to give Prof Jones more power than ever before (*which he also still has, even after his fake retirement from 911 scholars, because running the 9/11 truthlings is much more important anyway and also Floum STILL holds!) (ed: ProfJones recently seems to compete with Mike Ruppert's "retirements".
Only Dick 'Ole' Eastman "retired" more often, maybe over a dozen of times.)

It is also a win-win situation for 9/11 MIT Perp Land.

If Fetzer will ever appear on U.S. TV again, it will divide and conquer flagwavers vs. truthlings, but we will also know that Judy Wood's ExoW must be a hangout against all other ExoWs, which the perps might have used at the same time on the morning of 9/11.

This would be a perfect Media Stunt for the 9/11 perps to "discredit the movement" (Hence/Soros Meme 2004)

Let's be fair to the concept of Reynolds:

There was just one part in Fetzer's show, where Reynolds appeared to have scratched 9/11 TV Fakery, then immediately overrun by Fetzer:

Pt.1 20:25 Reynolds: "...plane video is much disputed..."
Fetzer: "..yeah..." [distracts, not going into it]

I didn't focus so much on the research of Judy Woods paper, which i personally do not dispute, but her person as such since then.

An opinion, which is also apparently shared by Holmgren and since then we *both* do not talk with Person_Wood anymore.
(let's better figure if she had a ghostwriter for the DirectedEnergy paper :)

Please anyone correct me if i missed something of this radioshow (which had no call-ins!), however then at 43:20 the half-plane/object hugging phrase, which i call "NO-PLANER" notion, which is completely watering down anyway and is focussing only on forensic evidence....

Reynolds: "...they were no boeing planes they were hitting the buildings... we need an own show on this..." (paraphrased)

(ed:Both Mattingly and Reynolds coined some months ago some new object hugging abbreviations, which distracted once again from the evidence of the 9/11 TV Fakery concept!)

Fetzer then said..."let's put it this way" and used William Rodriguez' testimony somehow against it, though Rodriguez didn't even mention any plane on 9/11 , but sounds of explosions.

Repeater: Rodriguez always pointed out that he NEVER heard or saw any plane. He only recently pointed out that he rejects the "No-Plane research", which also hangouts against the 9/11 TV fakery research.

It is also sabotaged by the BS-2nd generation Photoshop research of Fintan Dunne or other reality-hijacked dupes on that matter.

Furthermore Rodriguez was in the North Tower, not in the South Tower (second hit, CGI). Reynolds also corrects and mentions this...

At 45:04 the topic continues on the explosions only...

Fetzer leads the argument, with some half-hearted interruptions of Reynolds, but no word about 9/11 TV Fakery details at all, but more distractive analysis of these "explosions"...

48:05 Reynolds about Seismic Disturbance

see links at

Rodriguez, no matter how much i 'respected' him in the past, also for the work with 9/11 TV Fakery supporter Jimmy Walter, acts like another bodyguard and current promoter for the relaunched POD_Disinfo Non-Cartoon Theory, working now openly together with another dupe, Dave v.Kleist.

Rodriguez' former mentor is ironically James Randi.

His forum is organizing since months flagwavers to infiltrate, together with shill associates from screwloosechange blog or ConspiracySmasher.

ConspSmash also works with other shills like "", a clear US Intelligence Daisy Committee, currently distracting with trollery on conventional controlled demolition, keeping less 'woken up' 9/11 Truthlings and flagwaver dupes busy with old school science or junk science, to distract from 9/11 TV fakery (months ago) and now ExoW.

THE Orwellian STARWARS Axis of Evil

Let's not waste too much time with these new "bodyguards" and/or dupes right now, because that's what the 9/11 perps want us to do (i'm honestly not sure about the strategy of the 9/11 MIT perps right now reg. the destabilization of the closest bodyguard system.)

Let's make a fresh summary of the Orwellian STARWARS Axis of Evil, which is:

1 Bob "StarWars Reagan" 2008 Bowman
2 Professor Steven E "Los Alamos" ExoticWeaponry Jones
3 Jim Hoffman and his StarWars/Trailblazer family (see pt.1)

All 3 are covering up the connection between 9/11 and ExoW since their first appearance.

Hoffman was a little bit disabled for months, but he was recently reestablished by ProfJones.

Bowman is in the best position, a kind of relaxed delay 'diplomatic Candidate' situation because he's only running for 2008, possibly with a "9/11 Truth Party" (or as an "Independent", if his DoubleTruth concept will be disabled?)

For further analysis of ProfJones please check out articles of Gerard Holmgren, my "Pt1." and the JonesBlog of TheCoffinman.

Please also watch "HeavyWaterGate" (see
to also analyze Jones' further role regarding ColdFusion.

9/11 StarWars/Los Alamos -Professor Steven Jones Watch:
Heavy Watergate - The War Against Cold Fusion

Also recommended: Steven "Los Alamos" Jones and the "Cold fusion cover-up"

ScrewLoose Report: Jones allegedly 'Out', Wood "back" and bodyguarding Fetzer, ignoring Jones-Floum-911Blogger Gate

Coffinmans YOUTUBE Video Section (in general!), especially about David Ray Griffin and ProfJones at

Steven Jones refuses to defend WTC planes

While currently breakfornews appears to be a temporary decoder of the Orwellian TOP as well, "helpful idiot" Fintan Dunne still behaves like he's a paranoid dupe for MI5/6 /Tavistock by accusing 'everyone' as CIA dupes, which is furthermore an Insult of Intelligence, because the CIA is a hangout club to distract from privatized Intelligence and the contractors of NRO, NSA and NGA.

Furthermore Fintan distracts with old news on former bodyguards of the Orwellian TOP like Ruppert, WINGTV, Hopsicker etc...
Yawnzzzz ;

Let's go now to the very TOP which was constructed as a "GOD" for this DoubleThink Movement CULT:

David Ray Griffin
(see also

It is my strong believe, that Griffin is a brainwashed Northhead/CFR dupe, himself brainwashing this 'movement' (which never really 'moves' in an analog way, but remains digital) into a "diversion CULT concept" while working at the same time also on a Chinese Pantheism Cult IN CHINA!

Their concept is to divert the original idea of chinese buddhism, which works into the hand of White and Chinese Supremacists, close to MIT, 9/11 perp land and NASA.


Because the NASA worked on the earliest visual deceptions in the 60s.
They're connected with the NRO, NSA, NGA (ex-NIMA) and Google, which is NSA "aka SAIC".

The NASA has also a strong connection with both "9/11 military operation" and "9/11 Plotline hangout" (see my globalfreepress articles 2004 on Cleveland, which somehow ended up in a spin by WoodyBox and LooseChange, which are currently supported by suspicious new fake supporters like DUTCH (Bilderberg?) TV plus mindset pervert and 'genius' David Lynch (did he read the IMDB review of 9/11 analyst Peggy Carter from some months ago? It was posted right after the premiere of his latest movie, which is, as usual , though if one has some temporary nihilistic humour, very entertaining Reality Switching Experiment as well :)

Robert Steele ("ex"-CIA) tries to whitewash this Google-NSA link, by associating google with CIA (In-Q-Tel), but this is a hangout attempt to distract from NSA and SAIC.

Steele tried to infiltrate this movement with help of ex-LaRouchian Webster Tarpley, who is himself still strongly bodyguarding for the Orwellian Elite at the TOP and continues to hook up with french, italian and german/austrian LaRouchies, among them also Helga Zapp-LaRouche and 'insider' Thierry Meyssan, who was somehow tipped off by the 9/11 perps to work on a Pentagon 9/11 research division.

Back to Griffin:

Close to David Ray Griffin's China_Cult concept appears to me also James Baker, whose Institute also brokered ColdFusion into China with help of his Westinghouse Contact (which recently was sold to Toshiba_Japan)
Baker is also member of the Iraq Study "BringTroopsHome 2008" Group, together with 9/11 Insider Lee Hamilton and other U.S. Traitors etc...

The NYPOST today (12/07/06) spins this Iraq Study Group as bogus false opposition to Bush, which is an old Neocon media trick, especially with help of editor John Podhoretz (son of PNAC WW4/5 propagandist Norman Podhoretz)

The Neocons are themselves still puppets (but some of them woke up and tried to leave the field) and have no clue what they're talking about, brainwashed since the 80s and older, also by RAND mentor Alfred Wohlstetter (see my 2004 postings at the paleo conservative forum of

Skipping the Iraq and Iran pseudo strategy-distraction here, which is also too obvious.

Let's skip also the role of David Kubiak (ex-director of, who works in Japan at the same time on Cold Fusion concepts as well, together with DoD associate Russ George.

On a small note Kubiak is apparently a brainwashed ClubofRome victim, himself having brainwashed Nic Levis to delay succesfully for years, the traditional evidence on conventional controlled demolition at

What Griffin depends, as pointed out, he's a Charlatan, Plagiarizer and Cultist.

His mentor Alfred North Whitehead was a mathematician and philosopher.

Whitehead was the Co-author with Bertrand Russell of Principia Mathematica, the most important work on the subject of mathematical logic since Aristotle and modeled on Isaac Newton's Principia.

But then Whitehead turned "nuts".

Or better to speak with Rosalee Grable's words,
(partly cartoonized to reduce!! negative vibes in our language):

"...Whitehead and Russell are among the heavyweight coverup criminals of all times. They bowlderized mathematics, making tellytubby rationalisms the currency of academia. Under Whiteside it became disguised Luciferian theology. Anything that has the name of generational illuminati like Russell needs extra scrutiny..."

Ironically Russell was also mentor for de-facto 9/11 planehugger Ralph Schoenmann, who logically doesn't get along with David Ray Griffin.

Schoenmann cannot help us either. His mind might be still much clearer than of any other truthling, similarly "clear" of that of Webster Tarpley, but both are drifting away into obscure ego-agendas as well.(see also Pt.1)

Here is the info about Griffin's China Cult again:

"...The Center for Process Studies was founded in 1973 to encourage exploration of the relevance of process thought , which is based on the philosophy of Alfred North Whitehead and Charles Hartshorne, two contemporary examples of a longstanding philosophical tradition that emphasizes becoming and change over static being...

The China Project has the following members serving as its advisory board:

John Buchanan (ed: not sure if this is the same former 9/11 Truth Candidate of 2004), Philip Clayton, John B. Cobb, Jr. (ed:worked also with Kevin Barrett aka Dr. Weird, his former Pseudonym, often also spoofed by some 9/11 Encoders as 'Al Quaida Member U.K./U.S.'), George Derfer, Richard Falk (!, CFR), Herman Greene, David Ray Griffin, Ronald P. Phipps, John Regan,
David Schwerin, Marjorie Suchocki, Philip Shen, Lik Kuen Tong, Karen Torjesen, Tom Tseng, Franklin J. Woo.

I did a random search on David Schwerin, who wrote in 2001 "Conscious Capitalism".

It was translated into chinese by Zhihe Wang (Claremont), who is also member of

Center for Global Integrated Education

George E. Derfer is also another North Whitehead groupie.

Marjorie Suchocki is another supporter of Panentheism and wrote in 1975
"The Metaphysical Ground of the Whiteheadian God"

Griffin's mentor Whitehead seems to me a so called "wacko":
A little bit new age combined with meta physics, possibly it was designed as a Cult as well.

More on Whitehead:

Alfred North Whitehead

In collaboration with Bertrand Russell, he authored the landmark three-volume Principia Mathematica

...Russell spent much of 1918 in prison because of his pacifist activities.
Although Whitehead visited his co-author in prison, he did not take his pacifism seriously, while Russell sneered at Whitehead's later speculative Platonism and panpsychism...

...In physics, Whitehead articulated a rival doctrine to Einstein's general relativity. His theory of gravitation is now discredited because its predicted variability of the gravitational constant G disagrees with experimental findings....

...His metaphysical views began to emerge in his 1920 The Concept of Nature and were fully framed in the 1925 treatise Science and the Modern World,..

Let's hear what some old school gatekeeper had to say about Griffin in 2004, which wasn't far away from George Trinkaus:
Sheep Dipping CFR Style: The Kerry and Ellsberg Cases

By Servando Gonzalez

Copyright © 2004 by Servando Gonzalez. All rights reserved.

Sheep Dipping: CIA parlance for blurring the links to the CIA of an intelligence officer, agent or asset, by placing him within a legitimate organization for the purpose of establishing false, clean credentials that can be used later to penetrate or subvert adversary groups or organizations.

...By the way, expect a lot of books by CFR-controlled authors "explaining" the September 11 thing. One of them, already printed, is David Ray Griffin's The New Pearl Harbor, with a foreword by Richard Falk. The book is a classical example of a limited hangout operation.

Blaming the CIA-Pentagon Mirage

It is difficult to understand why so-called "progressive", "liberals", and "leftists," who so vehemently opposed the Vietnam War, now belong to the Council on Foreign Relations.

The CFR is perhaps one of the most rightist, reactionary organizations in the U.S., where they brush elbows with war criminals like Robert McNamara, Henry Kissinger and many others who masterminded the Vietnam war...

...One of the roles of both the CIA and the Pentagon in this dirty game is to act as the fall guys, taking the blame for the CFR's actions.

But there is a clear indication that they are aware that this is just a game in which nobody is ever held accountable...

Servando Gonzalez is the author of The Secret Fidel Castro:

Deconstructing the Symbol, and The Nuclear Deception: Nikita Khrushchev and the Cuban Missile Crisis. (ed: Please note that this isn't an attempt to promote or distract with further publications of Gonzalez or Trinkaus, with both i disagree on various political contexts.

Also the 9/11-role of the CFR seems to me so obvious constructed to distract away from their british mentors Tavistock and the MI5/MI6/Porton Down Alliance.

Please don't confuse 9/11 Plumbers ("Inside Job" meets Scientific FalseFlag = 9/11 TV Fakery, ExoW etc...) with 9/11 Producers/Authors ("Outside Job"))

More on Falk:
"...New World Order luminary as Princeton professor Richard A. Falk (CFR), a leading "World Peace Through World Law" proponent
and a member of the World Order Models Project, has admitted,
"There is nothing intrinsic about the idea of world government that precludes elitism, mass poverty, ecological decay, or even large-scale violence."

David Ray Griffin to Angie d'Urso, January 2005 on his views on a "theological new world order":
"...In finding the idea of global government of any sort dangerous, you are certainly endorsing the conventional view. But if you are interested, I would be happy to send you some writings in which I try to show why this conventional view needs to be rethought. Of course, I don’t know exactly why you find the very idea of global government creepy..."


The 9/11 Truthlings will possibly not crash the position of cult Daddy "GOD" Griffin in the nearby future (Internet Time?), because they act in a CULT, which doesn't allow this.

It's a typical 'U.S. Procedure', "with the team", since the founding fathers incl. Freemason George Washington, who tried to make sure NOT to seperate Government from Church ;)

Therefore a currently circulating joke from some 9/11 encoders says, that David Ray Griffin already tries to clean his hard drive from "kiddieporn", because that might be the only thing, which *really* could hurt him, but unfortunately these jokes work only in 'Cartoon Land' :)

To be continued.....