Monday, December 11, 2006

Lexington Comair Crash Supplemental: The *Bill Giltner* Mystery

Now you walk headlong into one of the most curious and profound and troubling Comair crash mysteries of all ... in two easy steps ...

Step One ... In a universe very nearby, on the other-dimensional DarpaNet intelligence platform, there exists a 9/11 Truth activist named Bill Giltner ... his web pages are here:

Bill Giltner's News Review:
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Step Two: Now, review this excerpt on the *only eye-witness* to the Comair crash:

Witness: It bounced, clipped trees –
Account of last seconds matches scrapes, markings
August 29, 2006

"As Comair Flight 5191 reached the end of Blue Grass Airport's shorter runway, it broke through an 8-foot chain-link fence, bounced off the ground and was almost airborne until it brushed a clump of trees, a witness said yesterday.

"'He came bouncing across the pasture there. He just about had it off the ground when it clipped those trees,' said BILL GILTNER, who was hired to tend horses at the farm next to the airport. ... "

That is, there are TWO Bill Giltners. The first ... happens to be (?) ... an activist in the 9/11 Truth Movement ...

The SECOND Bill Glitner witnessed the crash. Given the tell-tale repetition of ties to the Pearl Harbor of Manhattan detected in the Comair crash – Flight 5191 – this PUSHES coincidence over the edge ... kicking and screaming ...

TWO Bill Giltners: Giltner I, the 9/11 researcher, lives in Austin, Texas. Giltner II, the eye-witness, is from Kansas. The Herald-Leader reports: "Giltner [II], a native of Salina, Kan., has been living in Kentucky since May, working around horses."

Bill Giltner II was hired to tend to the horses at the Bentley farm FIVE DAYS BEFORE THE CRASH, and quit his job – at the farm where Flight 5191 crashed – THE DAY AFTER THE DISASTER "because of the heavy workload."

His boss, Wayne Murty, confirmed that Bill Giltner II "worked there for FIVE DAYS until yesterday [August 28, 2006], but Murty declined to talk about the crash ... "

Giltner II "said he was making coffee near the window of a small trailer that faced that runway on the horse farm owned by Nick Bentley, who leases the land to Wayne Murty. Giltner, 59, who had started there five days before, said he was stunned to see the CRJ-100 commuter plane struggling to get off the ground. ... "


Q: Who is Bill Giltner II?

A: A deduction is possible, no more, but it's very likely that he was an intelligence plant who took the name of a highly-visible 9/11 researcher for his own reasons.

Q: What relation do Bentley, the property owner, Murty, a horse and jockey trainer, and Glitner II have to the circle of Bush financiers behind the Comair crash?


Murty and Farish (and until Aug. 28, Bill Giltner II) are neighbors.

What's more, a check of Keeneland postings reveals that Murty and Farish are both regular affiliates of the race track ... and undoubtedly each other.