Monday, October 09, 2006

Warren Buffett's Father was a Birch Society Nazi

Early Birch Society funding came from wealthy German supporters of the Hitler regime, and the "pro-American" propganada that flowed from the notorious Nazi front - identical to the right-wing jingoism that fronts for fascism at the Fox News Network these days - was nauseating. The fawning greeds who admire Warren Buffett and receive their opinions from the Wall Street Journal editorial page (and Fox News) don't know or care that Buffett is a Nazi himself, if you look beyond the PR and propaganda. But who wants to do THAT? Deliberate self-deception is SO comforting ... - AC

Investor Profile: Warren Buffet's Early Years
By Mika Hamilton

Warren Buffett was the only son of the HOWARD BUFFETT and Lelia Stahl. Leila worked as both a clerk and secretary and after her marriage has a homemaker and mother. Howard worked as an investment broker and spent four terms in Congress as a U.S. representative. He was elected to “Congress in 1942 with a pledge to keep FDR from "fasten[ing] the chains of political servitude around America's neck."

He marked himself an oddball by returning a pay raise to the Treasury and by subjecting each piece of legislation to a simple test: "Will this add to, or subtract from, human liberty?". Howard Buffett was an extremely conservative man. While in Washington he was part of an elite organization, the JOHN BIRCH SOCIETY, which fought against communism and liberal rebels.

Presently, the John Birch Society is associated with the extreme right of American Politics. Warren was very close to his father often following him to work. And his father made good use of his presence, employing Warren to write prices and quotes on the board in his investment firm. His close bond with his father was further encourage but a tense relationship with his mother. Leila was prone to immense anger and violent outbursts.
The Wisdom of Howard Buffett

Nazis hate the UN, of course. Why? Look at any TV image of a UN conference and the answer is obvious - race mixing.

"Colored people" and other "subhumans" hold a majority at the UN.

Howard Buffett, Warren's daddy, on the proposed creation of a UN Military Force ("subumans" with guns!!):

"A number of speakers here have mentioned with quite some piousness the birthday of the lonely Nazarene, but I do not think many of them have mentioned ... that it was probably the first international police force of all times that crucified the lonely Nazarene. It was the Roman legions that were in this land foreign to their own that crucified the lonely Nazarene whom we revere as the founder of Christianity. That leads me to the further observation that if great international police forces are set up we might again see the spectacle 2,000 years later of an international police force crucifying Christianity that the lonely Nazarene died for years ago." - Howard Buffett
How Warren Buffett Made His Fortune

Buffett created Berkshire Hathaway in 1969, after shutting down his 13-year-long partnership with a select group of sevenrecruited investors (from among his family and friends). This group, formed in 1956, put in a total of $105,000, of which only $100 was Buffett's. By 1962 the group's capital had grown to more than $7 million, more than $1 million of which belonged to Buffett. He charged a fee of only 25 percent of profits above 6 percent, and he would forgo his fee if his performance did not exceed the return on government bonds, which yielded the same 6 percent.
Buffett alone had authority to make investments for the partnership, and he would answer no questions regarding them. New investments were allowed only once or twice annually, and he broadened his investor base as his profits grew, bringing in 90 more limited partners from throughout the nation at $100,000 each. (Laurence Tisch of Loews and CBS put in $300,000.) Buffett incorporated the group as Buffett Partnerships Limited and opened an office in Kiewit Plaza. This location would endure as the headquarters for what was to become Berkshire Hathaway, the most successful investment company in history. Within 10 years Buffett had assets of $44 million, of which nearly $7 million was his. In 1969 he determined that further suitable investments were unavailable and began to liquidate the partnership. By then the assets had grown to $104 million; Buffett's share came to more than $25 million. He had always said that someday he would be wealthy, but for Buffett this was only the beginning.