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Who Was Tyler Stanger?

No, not just your average rank-and-file Mormon, but a alumni of the Texas Lubbock Mormon Mission. The flight service company he owned, Stang-AIR, was included in the "Building the Kingdom" directory of businesses owned by Latter-Day Saints.

During his tenure there, the President of the Mission was James Grey Larkin, who happens to serve on the Utah Transportation Commission. Larkin
was appointed by then-Governor of Utah Michael Leavitt, who later served in the Bush Administration as head of the EPA from 2003-2005, and is now the
Secretray of Health and Human Services. Leavitt, if you recall, was the Governor who so openly exposed his Mormon faith as the host of the 2002 Olympic Games.

So Tyler is indeed a Mormon, with personal connections not inconsequential to one of the most powerful Mormons in the US, and a Bush associate. (Please refer to Alex Constantine, for his research into Mormon-US elite power connections)

What about his flight instructor background?

Tyler was also a Chelton Flight Systems Authorized Instructors, one of only FIFTEEN of such intstructors in the NATION.

"Chelton Flight Systems is part of Cobham Avionics & Surveillance, a division of Cobham plc, a publicly traded $2 billion international aerospace, flight operations, precision engineering and avionics company based in the UK." Read below for the products that Chelton specializes in, namely EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System), telemetry, and autopilot controls for aircraft.

Cobham supplies flight control systems for contract projects for the South African AirForce, amongst many other Western Military clients.

Cobham Advanced Technologies also won a 10 million South African Rand order to supply, install and support seven dual EFIS for the Safair fleet of C130/L382 aircraft. This is the same Safair that has been shown to have connections to CIA.

Well, that's all. It's food for thought, for any other researchers/journalists who might want to REALLY dig.

This was a just a quick run through.

- Zack Beatty

PS: On the AIDS front, Safair is owned by Imperial Holdings, and 50/50 partner of Genbel Securities a.k.a. Gensec, a wholly owned subsidiary of Sanlam, which was one of five Sout African companies that received international recognition from the Jimmy Carter and Bill Gates foundations for making a significant contribution in the fight against HIV/Aids.

Texas Lubbock Mission - A Member of the LDS Mission Network

Alumni Info
Elder Tyler Stanger
328 North 1025 West
Hyrum, Utah 84319
Phone : (435) 245-4471
Started Mission : 11 February 2004
Ended Mission : 16 February 2006
Registered : 05 November 2004
Updated : 20 May 2006
(Google cache:

Howard Aviation, Inc.
909-593-2596 (phone)
909-263-2894 Direct (phone)
909-593-2278 (fax)
Contact: Tyler Stanger
1401 Fairplex Drive
La Verne, CA 91750

Stang-AIR Flight Services Popular Address: Brackett Airport, LaVerne, CA,
Phone: 909-263-2894
Contact: Tyler Stanger
Coverage Area: LA county & surrounding areas

Description: Stang-AIR provides flight training, aircraft rental and sightseeing flights to the general aviation community. We value our customers safety, so we provide the highest quality maintenance on all our
aircraft. We believe in providing the nicest aircraft for the most reasonable price. We take pride in our aircraft and always provide the most up to date
avionics. We feel our customers deserve better aircraft for a better price than what the industry is offering currently. If this interests you, come and be part of Stang-AIR.

Joined BTK on: 18-Jun-2004

What is BTK?

Building the was formed to provide a variety of services to aid Latter-Day Saints in becoming more self-reliant. By doing this they increase their ability to contribute both economically and spiritually to Building The Kindgom of God upon the Earth.

Brigham Young said:

"What are riches for? For blessings, to do good. Then let us dispense that which the lord gives us to the best possible use for the building up of his kingdom, for the promotion of truth on the earth, that we may see and enjoy the blessing of the Zion of God here upon the earth. If by industrious habits and honorable dealings, you obtain thousands or millions, little or much, it is your duty to use all that is put in your possession, as judiciously as you have knowlegde, to build up the Kingdom of God upon the earth."

We at BTK feel that when Latter-Day Saints support each other in our individual professions, we really are helping to further the work of the Lord. Did you ever stop to think that by hiring an LDS plumber, you're helping his son to serve a mission in Russia? By getting your car insured through an LDS insurance agent you may indirectly help someone get an education when that insurance agent donates to the perpetual education fund. Every time we support a faithful LDS businessperson we help build chapels and temples
throughout the world. Our intent in providing this service is not to discourage members of the Church from doing business with other ethically grounded individuals. It is only to provide a resource that will aid LDS members in having a good business experience while at the same time helping to Build The Kingdom of God upon the Earth.

Reappointment of Transportation Commissioners James Grey Larkin and Ted D. Lewis

Chairman Brown announced that Commissioners James Grey Larkin and Ted D. Lewis were recently reappointed by Governor Leavitt and confirmed by the Senate to six-year terms on the Utah Transportation Commission;
their terms will expire April 1, 2001.

The Mormon Games
Does Utah's Gov. Mike Leavitt understand that the 2002
Olympics are for all Utahns?
By John Harrington

MARCH 16, 1998:
Are you going to apply to be an official "Utah Mormon Olympic Volunteer (UMOV)?"
When Leavitt so completely and intentionally linked the Mormon Church to the 2002 Winter Games, he sent me scurrying to my Olympic collection, asking this question: "What other single, easily identified, highly-visible organization in the past was tied to the Olympics the way Leavitt is doing it with the Mormons today?"

The answer is, only one: The Nazi Party at the 1936 Summer Games in Berlin.

Lets toss out ideology, because I am not comparing Nazi/Mormon beliefs. The issues are inclusion versus exclusion and the use of the Olympics-as-propaganda to promote a single belief system.

Leavitt for years has been reminding every non-Mormon in Utah that's it's not "our" state through his sanctimonious, sermon-like public testimonials
dripping with religious overtones�his religious overtones. Every time he does it, Leavitt forces Mormon/non-Mormon relations in Utah back by decades.

Whether you want to hear it or not, Leavitt's outrageous attempt at the religious hijacking of the 2002 Winter Olympics is strikingly similar to the way Adolf Hitler used the 1936 Summer Games as a platform to show off his member-specific organization.

Top Stories #4: Michael Leavitt Appointed Head of EPA
December 29, 2003

Mormon Life is counting down our top 15 news stories of 2003. Check in with us as we look back on the significant events and noteworthy achievements that impacted Latter-day Saints over the past year.

On October 14, 2003, Utah Governor and Latter-day Saint, Mike Leavitt won Senate confirmation to become head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). In August, President Bush nominated Leavitt to the job left vacant when Christine Todd Whitman resigned in June.

James Grey Larkin reappointed as a member of the Transportation Commission for a term to expire April 1, 2007.
(here is Google cache:

Chelton Flight Systems Authorized Instructors:
Tyler Stanger
Walnut CA

WSI now integrated in Chelton EFIS
Oshkosh, WI - July 30, 2004

WSI Corporation and Chelton Flight Systems today announce the completed integration of the WSI InFlight cockpit weather system onto the Chelton EFIS-SV Sport and Pro synthetic vision EFIS systems. WSI NOWrad weather radar mosaics, Graphic METARs, TAFs; AIRMETs and SIGMETs are now accessible on the non-certified version of the revolutionary system. New Chelton EFIS-SV Sport and Pro systems are shipped complete with the WSI InFlight interface and are available through Chelton's exclusive experimental market distributor Direct-To Avionics. Additionally, Direct To Avionics is offering the WSI InFlight functionality as a free software upgrade to existing Chelton EFIS-SV Sport and Pro system for experimental aircraft.

NEW - WSI InFlight 3.1 With Graphic PIREPs Now

Now the same weather service that is trusted by 80% of major U.S. airlines, FAA Flight Service Stations, over 800 FBOs and over 1,200 corporate flight departments has a continuous broadcast aviation weather service for your cockpit - WSI InFlight.
* WSI's NOWrad radar mosaic - highly accurate, quality controlled NEXRAD radar graphics & animation
* Graphical and textual displays of METARs, TAFs, SPECIs, SIGMETs, and AIRMETs
* Echo Tops - track the severity, tops and direction of severe cells
* Graphical and textual displays of TFRs
* Winds & Temperatures Aloft

Co-developed with NASA, WSI InFlightTM is a patented system that provides a continuous stream of mission-critical weather information to your portable or panel-mounted display with complete coverage and content for the continental U.S. at any altitude.
Affordable, flat-rate subscription plans make WSI InFlight a "must have" for serious pilots.
Manufactured by:................SANDIA aerospace


See Where Areas of Turbulence, Icing or Adverse Sky Conditions are Being Reported! WSI InFlight now delivers the only source of directly observed conditions aloft to the cockpit with WSI PIREPs�. Using patent pending technology, WSI is able to graphically depict all current pilot reports in the FAA's database. You can now see reported icing and turbulence before you encounter it! WSI is the only data-link weather provider able to offer this crucial service. PIREPs are now made available through the WSI InFlight 3.1 software upgrade for EFB & Windows' PC customers.

Chelton Flight Systems Introduces Version 6.0 Software
for Experimental Aircraft
Oshkosh, WI - July 22, 2004
Chelton's latest software release, 6.0, will be available at AirVenture 2005 in Oshkosh, WI beginning July 25, 2005. This software is the basis for what
will be certified in 2006 for transport category aircraft.

July 22, 2005

Oshkosh, WI - Chelton-equipped experimental aircraft will again be the first to benefit from the Chelton Flight Systems R&D Department. Chelton's latest software release, 6.0, will be available at AirVenture 2005 in Oshkosh, WI
beginning July 25, 2005. This software is the basis for what will be certified in 2006 for transport category aircraft.

Perhaps the most exciting feature is the enhanced VNAV autopilot control, representing the first digital EFIS/autopilot combination available for the experimental market, with both LNAV & VNAV coupling. When in VNAV mode, the EFIS offers low speed envelope protection, and will not allow the aircraft to stall. "The Trutrak Digiflight II and Sorcerer interface directly to the Chelton EFIS-SV Sport, Kirk Hammersmith, President of Direct-To Avionics said. "We've been flight testing this combination for several months, and are very excited about bringing this level of safety and control to the experimental market. Flying a full procedure turn ILS followed by a missed approach with a parallel entry to a holding pattern without ever touching the controls is truly amazing."

Direct To Avionics supports Darryl Greenamyer for a fourth Championship Gold win at Reno

Reno Air Races, Reno, NV - September 18, 2005

Direct To Avionics, Chelton and RCATS helped support Darryl Greenamyer to his fourth consecutive win this year at Reno. By installing and monitoring a telemetry system tied to Darryl's new Chelton SV-Sport panel, we were able to see his engine and flight data in real time to help diagnose potential problems and work with Darryl's crew chief, Andy Chiavetta on the ground, who could talk with Darryl on the course. Additionally, this information was downloaded after each race to better help Darryl fly a cleaner course and provide a view of how hard to push his Chelton-equipped Lancair Legacy to victory.

We want to congratulate Darryl on his big win at Reno. Look for Direct To Avionics to play and even larger role to the fast growing Sport Class in 2006.

Defence, space and resource exploration systems

Telemetry is an enabling technology for large complex systems such as missiles, RPVs, spacecraft, oil rigs and chemical plants because it allows automatic monitoring, alerting, and record-keeping necessary for safe, efficient operations. Space agencies such as NASA, ESA, and other agencies use telemetry/telecommand systems to collect data from operating spacecraft and satellites.

Telemetry is vital in the development phase of missiles, satellites and aircraft because the system might be destroyed after/during the test. Engineers need critical system parameters in order to analyze (and improve) the performance of the system. Without telemetry, this data would often be unavailable.

Sanlam was one of five SA companies that received international recognition from the Jimmy Carter and Bill Gates foundations for making a significant
contribution in the fight against HIV/Aids.

Cobham Advanced Technologies (Southern Africa) Takes On New Role
21 Sep 2006

Chelton Avionics (Pty) Ltd has changed its name to Cobham Advanced Technologies (Southern Africa) (Pty) Ltd, to reflect its new role representing Cobham plc in Southern Africa. Based in Centurion, South Africa,
the newly named company will make it easier for customers in the region to access the advanced range of Cobham products and services that are at the heart of sophisticated military and civil systems.

Cobham plc (Cobham) is an international company employing more than 10,000 people on five continents.... Cobham is engaged in the development, delivery and support of advanced aerospace and defence systems for
land, sea and air platforms. The company has five technology divisions and one in the service sector that collectively specialise in the provision of
components, sub-systems and services that keep people safe, improve communications and enhance the performance of aerospace and defence platforms.

Cobham has been supplying avionic systems, products and support to companies in Southern Africa for many years, through projects including the SAAF LIFT Hawk, Augusta A109, Super Lynx, and Safair C130. Capabilities also include avionics integration and installation for clients operating in Tanzania, DRC, Angola and Uganda, A complementary range of search and
rescue products have also been supplied including DF homing, Emergency Locator Transponder and antenna systems.

Cobham Wins 10m SA Rand Order from Safair for EFIS Systems
27 Sep 2006

Cobham plc (Cobham) company, Cobham Advanced Technologies (Southern Africa) (Pty) Ltd, has won a 10 million South African Rand order to supply, install and support seven dual EFIS (Electronic Flight Instrument System) for the Safair fleet of C130/L382 aircraft. This contract follows the successful
installation of two dual EFIS systems on two trial C130 aircraft commencing in April 2005, with a number of Cobham companies collaborating to provide products and support services.

Allan Cook, Cobham Chief Executive, said, "I am delighted that Safair, the largest leasing/cargo service provider in Southern Africa, has selected our
3D synthetic vision EFIS to upgrade its fleet of aircraft. Our EFIS provides a cost effective solution for the retrofit of heavy and midsized aircraft in
Southern Africa, offering Safair great flexibility for special mission operationsin the region and worldwide."

CIA (yes the Langley one) aircraft Tail N4557C (L100-30 serial 5027) used to be ZS-JAG which is Safair..interesting how these guys always seem to have
crossing paths.

MSN Last ID Type Last Operator/Owner Previous IDs
5027 N4557C L-100-30 Tepper Aviation N4278M, B-3004,

Lockheed L-100-30 Hercules (L-382G)
East Timor, September 10, 2001
ZS-JAG (cn 5027)
Final approach for Dili International. Operating for UN between Darwin and Dili.

Controversial 'CIA' plane landed in Nfld.
Dec. 18, 2005. 03:23 PM
The C-130 plane, with tail number N4557C, is registered to Rapid Air Transport Inc. of Beltsville, Md., identified by the New York Times as one of
several shell companies controlled by the CIA.

N4557C____Lockheed 382G-44K-30, s/n 5027, RAPID (owner), TEPPER (operator)

Tyler Stanger

Owner - Stang-AIR

Employment History
- Various Capacities - Howard Aviation

Board Membership and Affiliations
-Certified flight instructor

-Aviation Management - Southern Illinois University
-Aviation Program Graduate - Mt. San Antonio College

1. U-SGV Tribune - FEATURES,1413,213~
Published on: 11/17/2004
Last Visited: 11/18/2004

I met Tyler Stanger, owner of Stang-Air, at Brackett Field in La Verne.

Before heading to the plane, Stanger clarified that flying is actually very safe.

"The most dangerous part about flying is the drive to the airport," Stanger said. "It's a wing. It's very safe. It's the wing that flies, it's not the engine."...

I turned the key and the engine sprang to life. Prop whirring, Stanger steered as we rolled down the runway gathering speed. I felt the ground drop and we were up. With a simple "your plane," Stanger told me to take the controls.
"Let's find your office," Stanger said.

Before we parted ways, I asked Stanger what he likes best about flying.

"I love to travel. I really enjoy the freedom it gives me," he said.
Tyler Stanger, 24, of Walnut, graduated from the aviation program at Mt. San Antonio College and has a degree in aviation management from Southern Illinois University. Stanger is a certified flight instructor and an A and P (airframe and power plant) mechanic and owns his own flight school and aircraft rental business.

As a child, Stanger would watch the planes fly over his home near Rialto Airport with fascination. At age 16, he had the opportunity to try flying and obtained his license by 17. He worked at Howard Aviation at Brackett Field in various capacities, finally as a full-time mechanic.

Last year, Stanger decided that rather than working for someone else, he would start his own business.