Wednesday, November 05, 2008

CIA Blackmailed Karadzic With His Gay Porn
August 04, 2008

Karadzic was threatened he would go to the worst prison if he mentioned the deal with Holbrooke.

CIA agents spoke with Radovan Karadzic a few hours before the announcement of his arrest, asking him not to reveal the deal with Holbrooke. In return, they offered him a 40-year sentence in a luxury Swedish prison, Serbian Press Online writes.

The Americans asked him not to mention the details of the deal and not to speak about his confidential contacts with people from the top of the Clinton administration. They wanted Karadzic to tell The Hague everything he knew about general Ratko Mladic and to witness against him during a possible trial.

As a counter favour, the agents guaranteed Karadzic he would get special treatment, according to which he would serve a 40-year sentence in a Swedish prison with all sorts of privileges. They guaranteed that his family would not have any problems in Serbia, the Bosnian Serb entity of Republika Srpska and Montenegro.

They also told him that if he does not agree, he would serve his sentence in the worst British prison, together with serial killers, drug dealers and rapists. They threatened him that he would be completely compromised in the Serbian public when they published edited homosexual porn footage, apart from continuing with severe pressure on his family.

Press Online confirmed this information from several independent intelligence sources. Officially, everyone decisively denies that any foreigner had such contacts with Karadzic at the time when he was arrested.

- Nobody will ever verify this, but this is more or less common practice in this region. Well, the Americans worked on Ante Gotovina after his arrest, for several days – an unnamed source points out.