Thursday, July 17, 2008

Re Refuting Alex Constantine

By Alex Constantine

At the fascist propaganda site, The Conservative Voice, "Benyamin Solomon" - the pseudonym of a 17-year-old brainwashee - complains, "Alex Constantine wants to portray me as a right-wing cook."

I have no concern with what young "Ben" does in the kitchen, but in his spare time he demonstrates that he has fallen for the "Islamo-Fascist" hoax perpetrated by the American far-right and the CIA's media persuaders.

"The real Nazis come from the Middle East," he writes.

The real Nazis were funded by seditious American war criminals in league with the German industrial base, with names like Bush, Morgan, Farish, Rockefeller, Pew, Ford - these were more than Nazi sugar daddies, they were self-interested hijackers of the American system. They bankrolled the Nazi war machine and still have us by the throat.

"President Bush is portrayed as a Nazi" by liberals, "Benyamin" complains. No, Bush IS a Nazi - a genocidal, wire-tapping, torturing, cluster-bombing, corporate looting, racist, concentration camp loving Nazi whose CIA father is a known terrorist and whose grandfathers on both sides were collaborators of Hitler.

"Ben" complains that I consider him "hateful." "In reality," he informs us, "the radical Islamist ideology is hateful. To know that, you just have to watch documentaries such as Obsession or the Fox News documentary Radical Islam."

Fox News is a CIA front that promotes genocidal wars and specializes in fascist attitude adjustment. It is propaganda, disinformation, deceit. The network is run by an international criminal.

And Muroch's CIA front programmed my 17-year-old detractor: "Is it me that wants Fascist rule in my country?"

Guess so, if he has turned his mind over to Fox: "I will refute leftists including liberals and the PC system, which is controlled by the left till the very end." Yet my detractor denies hotly that he is Nazified.

"Ben" writes writes that I accused him "of saying that liberals are Nazis. I never said that." But he does say that "liberals whitewash radical Islamists," and if radical Islamists are Nazis, then liberals are Nazi collaborators.

This is the logic of fascist propaganda, and it is found wholesale in the corporate media, an ideological mafia that turns boys like "Ben" into raving, paranoid, wrong-headed fanatics.

"Ben": "How am I hateful? Because I oppose radical Islam and other of America's totalitarian enemies?"

No, because "Ben" is hateful because he supports America's totalitarian leaders, doesn't comprehend that liberals aren't framing Bush with a "Nazi" metaphor - the word is descriptive and loaded with suppressed historical data. Bush IS a Nazi.

"Alex, I'm exposing Fascist and other totalitarian enemies of America."

No, kid. The totalitarian enemies of America are people like William Farish, an Auschwitz heir and close friend of your hero Bush, who bombed innocent Iraqi women and babies under a false pretext, gave the green light to torture and concentration camps. That is not America, "Ben." That is a Nazi paradise.