Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Holocaust Survivor Sued by Holocaust Denier; Says Memoir is "Vicious Lies"

Eric Hunt, 25, a Holocaust denier known for his 2007 attack on peace Nobelist Elie Wiesel, is suing Irene Weisberg Zisblatt, age 80. He says her ordeal in Auschwitz, which she recounted in her memoir "The Fifth Diamond," is a bunch of "vicious lies."

He said her "fantastical tales" are targeted at non-Jews to torment them, and makes haters out of Jews. Zisblatt was the only survivor in her family; they were all taken by boxcar from Hungary. Hunt's libel suit demands "not less than $60 million."

Hunt said at his trial in 2008 for assaulting Wiesel that he had a "severe mental breakdown" and was "sucked into anti-Semitic conspiracy theories on the Internet." He added, "I don't believe any of that garbage now that I'm taking my medication."