Thursday, November 26, 2009

G.H.W. Bush, Cocaine, Looting Banks, and the CIA

Diary Entry by Steven G. Erickson | November 26, 2009

Author, newspaperman, and journalism teacher in Texas, Pete Brewton, wrote a book detailing how George H.W. Bush saw to it he and his friends looted banks, worked as Drug Lords smuggling cocaine into the US, and did what they wanted with the shipping of arms and covert operations. The bankrupting of America with these shadow government policies only continue to this day. When are we the people going to do something?

Brewton was interviewed about his book in late November, 1992, videos are found here.

Why don't we make each State's Attorney General aware of Brewton's book and the videos, ask for an investigation, and prosecution of all perpetrators from then to the current day? Should George H. W. Bush, George W. Bush, and others all face trials and possible prison?

In order for this to go on, the courts from the US Supreme Court on down have to have been rigged, and law enforcement and investigations have to have been rigged from the top down. Every single US citizen is a victim of these criminals. ...