Saturday, November 21, 2009

Secret Intelligence on Hitler Discovered in French Archives After Decades

Jerusalem Post
Nov 21, 2009

Secret documents describing Adolf Hitler's beginnings in the Nazi Party were discovered in the French National Archives after being secreted away for decades in an iron safe, Le Monde reported on Friday.

The documents depicted Hitler's political agenda, describing him as a "German Mussolini … a very skillful demagogue" and alluding to the "failed" Munich Beer Hall Putsch he led in 1923. "He is not an idiot," stressed one of the reports, while another outlined an attempt by France to gain information about the Nazis via infiltration.

The files erroneously named Hitler "Adolf Jacob," also misrepresenting his date and place of birth.

The iron safe in which they were found was said to generally be used to house France's most important historical documents.