Monday, November 13, 2006

The Lexington Comair Crash, Part 16: The GPS Angle – The Reincarnation of Western Goals

By Alex Constantine

Your life begins to disintegrate at this stage. The Internet searches go on late into the night until you can't lift your head, resume after a few hours of dreamless sleep. You've been at this for a week and the coffee consumption has quintupled. Your social life goes to the dogs. Bills aren't paid. You've stopped thinking of your appearance and your eyes are looking grim. It's important to remain the objective reporter, but the more links come together, the more you dwell on the disaster ... and you can almost hear screams at moments of the day when, just seven days ago, you daydreamed.

You'd stop if the leads would run dry. There are occasional wrong turns, dead ends, and very briefly a forgotten memory of the life you've abandoned returns. You were not like this a week ago. Maybe it was an accident ... as the FAA maintains ... But link by link, it falls into place ...

There are more unfamiliar names in the JMI Equity portfolio ... Blackbaud ... NEON ... Unica ... DoubleClick ... If your suspicions are correct – if the Intergraph buyout collective was CIA-driven in the pursuit and application of advanced surveillance technology, then previously-acquired companies serve intelligence functions and will prove to be Condorian-Orwellian-Himmlerian, as every other element of this rogue Republican convention thus far has been.

DoubleClick is the most innocuous name listed among JMI holdings. It's a, frankly, stupid name for a software company, shows no imagination at all. Most likely it has no connection to CIA surveillance, so you give it a shot ... hoping, STILL hoping, it will blow your suspicions to Hell.

A simple search for "DoubleClick and surveillance" (thought to be a sure washout, but come to learn they're in the business of "key spyware") produced - the very first listing - a fascinating set of letters. An excerpt from one of those letters:

Mr Kevin Ryan
DoubleClick Inc.

Dear Sir: 

In a press release issued today, your Chief Privacy Officer made the following statement: "DoubleClick is committed to executing its business in the most open manner possible." This claim is more suited to a Chief Propaganda Officer than a Chief Privacy Officer.

I have repeatedly asked DoubleClick to show the 88 million Americans what is kept in DoubleClick's Abacus Direct database about them, and I have met with repeated refusal. How could keeping billions of records in secret electronic dossiers constitute executing business in "the most open manner possible?" This flagrant boasting about what is manifestly untrue is simply one of the worst examples of public relations pabulum I have ever seen outside the tobacco industry.

The press release uses the phrase "fair information practices," but DoubleClick's own practices are nonconsensual, opaque and grossly unfair....

On March 29 the Wall Street Journal reported that DoubleClick commissioned PricewaterhouseCoopers LLC to conduct a security audit of its computer systems.'' In the name of openness, I call on you to make that audit report public immediately....


Jason Catlett
Junkbusters Corp.

DoubleClick is considered such a menace by the Denver-based Privacy Foundation that it listed the merger with Abacus among the top ten most important stories of the year 2000:

"The merger of database marketer Abacus Direct with online ad company DoubleClick hit front pages and sparked a federal investigation in January 2000 when it was revealed that the company had compiled profiles of 100,000 online users – without their knowledge – and intended to sell them. The resulting outcry stymied the plan, which was shelved later in the year as DoubleClick and combative chairman Kevin O'Connor endured the steep decline among Internet ad stocks. In the press and in the public square, the name "DoubleClick" became synonymous with Internet privacy breaches. ... "112

In 2002, the Electronic Privacy Information Center filed a series of class action lawsuits "against DoubleClick for violation of privacy relating to the company's cookie tracking practices."113 In fact, a number of organizations submitted complaints, including the Center for Democracy and Technology (CDT) and the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU). The Global Internet Liberty Campaign calculates that DoubleClick "may have tracked 90 million U.S. households."114

Isn't that most of the households within American borders?

Suffice it to say, John Moores' JMI Equity does have some interest in surveillance technology – a possible national security concern given his ties to LA COSA NOSTRA?

But with the surveillance angle established, we go to the next step – CIA connections to JMI Equity. Intelligence ties aren't ostensibly apparent, but the JMI's web site director bios may offer a clue ...

• Harry Gruner, General Partner – From 1986 to 1991, Mr. Gruner was employed by ALEX. BROWN serving as a Principal in the Corporate Finance Department of the Technology Group ...

• Brad Woloson, General Partner – Mr. Woloson joined JMI in 1994.... In 1992, Mr. Woloson joined ALEX. BROWN as a Financial Analyst in the Technology Group ...

• Bob Smith, General Partner – In 1999, Mr. Smith joined ABS Capital Partners, a $1.4 billion private equity firm, where he focused on mid- to later-stage software company investments. From 1994 until 1999, Mr. Smith was employed by ALEX. BROWN serving as a Vice President in their Technology Investment Banking Group ...

• Charles Noell, General Partner – Mr. Noell was the investment banker for BMC Software, Inc. and in late 1991 was hired by Mr. Moores as President of JMI Services, Inc. Mr. Noell’s responsibilities were to manage the Moores’ family office and to organize a private equity initiative focused on software and business services. From 1987 to 1991, Mr. Noell served as Managing Director and Co-Head of ALEX. BROWN’s Technology Group ...

• Paul Barber, General Partner – From 1990 to 1998, Mr. Barber was employed by ALEX. BROWN serving as Managing Director and Head of the Software Investment Banking Practice, where he specialized in advising clients in the enterprise applications, systems management and electronic commerce markets. In 1989, Mr. Barber worked in Product Marketing at Microsoft Corporation. Mr. Barber began his business career working in investment banking at Merrill Lynch & Co.

The CIA's Buzzy Krongard

Alex. Brown. A.B. Buzzy Krongard of In-Q-Tel, formerly "Number Three" at the CIA. Mayo Shattuck, who resigned from AB about the time the WTC fell, dogged by reports of 9/11 inside trades. These were just two of the CIA officers haunting the corridors of Deutsche-Alex. Brown.

Alex. Brown. Insights are needed here ... craved. The following comes by e-mail from a contact in the investment community (name wittheld). Once again in this personal investigation, there are reverberations from the Kennedy assassination (Bronfmans, Hunts), Iran-contra (the name Poindexter), and the Bush-syndicate Votegate theme resurfaces:

"Mayo [Shattuck, former CEO of Deutsche Banc-Alex. Brown] graduated from Williams in 1976, and from Stanford GSB in 1980. He worked for five years for my friend's Bain & Co in the S.F. office, then was recruited out in 1985 by Alex. Brown to head their S.F.-Menlo Park division – he took Microsoft public soon after.

"When I mentioned that the Fisher family had Mayo join them as an advisor to their very private Rosewood Venture Capital in the spring of 2001, I failed to mention this is the Fisher family of Gap, Inc. that was charged with racketeering and settled the case about a year after the attack (civil litigation).


"I want to also point out that Mayo doesn't mention his role with the Bronfmans below, but he has been the trustee of the Bronfman trust, therefore his signature appears on many documents filed by Seagram's with the SEC. It seems to me that Mayo thus may be CIA because Bronfman was MI6 (in addition to his very early role during WWII on Board of Economic Warfare with Nelson Rockefeller). And his former boss, Buzzy Krongard, went off to work for the CIA by 1998. The Rockefeller relationships endured, with Mayo and Steve as co-heads of the giant Deutsche Bank division. ALSO, in June 2001, Mayo and Steve were staying at Michael Smurfit's jewel of a resort, "K-Club" (Kildare Club) which is where certain Saudi royals were also staying in preparation for the running of the Irish Derby ... which occurred about June 30 or by the first week of July, somewhere in that range. At this time (and until sometime in 2002), Michael Smurfit's company in the U.S. (one of them) known as Jefferson Smurfit not only included the old Container Corp of America, but Sequoia Pacific (Steve Bechtel's code) aka Sequoia Voting Systems, which produced rigged machines ordered destroyed by a Louisiana Federal Court Judge.

"Just want to mention that the illegal loaned share scheme was caught by auditors by 2000 and reported but Mayo (?) or perhaps underlings (?) didn't correct the problem. Perhaps the spikes in puts not matched by offsets the week before the attack sounded an alarm???

Notice Mayo's involvement with Nuclear Energy Institute –

Mayo A. Shattuck III, age 49, a director since May 1999, has been Chairman of the Board of Constellation Energy since July 2002 and President and Chief Executive Officer since November 2001. Mr. Shattuck has also been Chairman of the Board of Baltimore Gas and Electric Company since July 2002. He was Global Head of Investment Banking and Global Head of Private Banking for Deutsche Banc Alex. Brown from June 1999 to October 2001, and held various officer positions during that period. From 1997 to June 1999, Mr. Shattuck was Vice Chairman of Bankers Trust Corporation. He is also a director of Capital One Financial Corporation, Gap, Inc., the Edison Electric Institute, the Nuclear Energy Institute and the Institute of Nuclear Power Operations.
"Rosewood. Rosewood may be a code of some type. There is the very private Rosewood Hotels & Resorts whose known investors include Maritz, Wolff & Associates (partners in other hotel chains with Prince Alwaleed, including the Fairmont) and Caroline Hunt (daughter of Nelson Bunker Hunt) and is believed to include Saudis as well for all of the resorts developed in the Cayman Islands (3) and the fact they have the two posh resorts in Riyadh.

"I think it was Poindexter who was meeting with Dick Cheney to help shape the Energy Policy.

Christian H. Poindexter, age 62, has been Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and a director of Constellation Energy since its inception in May 1999, and was President until October 2000. He held
similar positions with Baltimore Gas and Electric Company, Constellation Energy's predecessor, since 1993. ...

In addition, he is a trustee of Johns Hopkins University and a director of
Johns Hopkins Medicine Board, U.S. Naval Academy Foundation, Mercantile Bankshares Corporation ...

Mayo A. Shattuck III, age 46, a director since May 1999, has been Co-Chairman and Co-Chief Executive Officer of DB Alex. Brown, LLC and Deutsche Banc Securities, Inc. since June 1999. From 1997 to June 1999, he was Vice Chairman of Bankers Trust Corporation. From 1991 to 1997, Mr. Shattuck was President and Chief Operating Officer and a director of Alex. Brown Inc., which merged with Bankers Trust in September 1997. Mr. Shattuck also was a director of Constellation Enterprises, Inc. from March 1998 to May 1999, and a director of Constellation Holdings, Inc. from January 1994 to March 1998.

[To be continued ... ]

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113.) Global Internet Liberty Campaign, March 23, 2000.