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The Lexington Comair Crash, Part 28: A World of Illusions

By Alex Constantine

On August 27, Audrey McElravy waited at the airport outside Hagersland, Maryland for her husband Steve to return on Flight 5191 from a drug abuse prevention strategy conference in Lexington, but the plane never arrived ...

Bruce McElravy, Steve's brother, felt a chill when he saw the crash on television, an intimation deep down that his brother was on the plane ...

Steve had visited Lincoln only a few weeks before. He'd come to comfort an aunt whose daughter had died of breast cancer. After Bruce learned of the crash, he sat in a lawn chair in his back yard and looked up to find his brother's face gazing back at him.

"I can still see his face." Bruce was unable to extricate his thoughts from his brother's last moments, "the exploding fuel tank, the final thoughts [Steve] must have had ... "

Bob Schroeder of Lincoln was Steve's co-worker at the Nebraska Council to Prevent Alcohol and Drug Abuse four years ago. McElravy, he said, was "a bright man with a deep acceptance of himself and others....

"He was big into meditation, just very much at peace with himself.”

Steve McElravy's hometown paper, the Lincoln Journal-Star, published the obituary on August 28:

" ... Steve McElravy, 57, a social worker who worked in the field of drug- and alcohol-abuse prevention here until moving to Maryland about four years ago ... He graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln ... then received his master’s degree in social work in Ann Arbor, Mich. ... "

It begins this way every time – the grief, confusion, memories, goodbyes, the funeral ... then the silent suffering of the families ...

And the path of this investigation is also determined. Cutting through the mystery of McElravy's death drags you step-by-step into a sewer of ultra-conservative pathologies. Every Flight 5191 passenger examined so far was swallowed by it. He was no exception.

The brilliant illusions of McElravy's life will fade a layer at a time, like the others, each layer a little less brilliant, and at the heart of it, a sealed vault of blackness. When you dig beneath the surface, his life was the antithesis of everything it appeared to be.

McElravy was not a social worker, exactly – he was social engineer, a cog in an Orwellian machine.

And the machine had an operator – a ubiquitous presence in this story tightly connected to 9/11.

The leads left by every passenger so far have made a bee-line for the Kennedy killers in the Lone Star State who funded the Bush campaigns – and 9/11. The McElravy case is a little unusual – he worked for the Bush regime. No bee-lines. He was already there, in the vermins' nest. This investigation shouldn't take long, you think ...

Well, there was the brilliant veneer of illusions, but with a little patience you cut away the cover stories ...

Ostensibly, his job was laudable. After 9/11, Steve McElravy was recruited by the Center for Substance Abuse Prevention, one of three divisions of the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA). He traveled around the country assisting in anti-smoking programs.

"In 2004," Steve McElravy explained in a capsule history of substance abuse prevention posted at the SAMHSA site, "the administration of the Drug Free Communities (DFC) program was moved to CSAP. The DFC program provides grants of up to $100,000 to community coalitions that mobilize their communities to prevent youth alcohol, tobacco, illicit drug, and inhalant abuse."203

This appears to be a liberal, even Clintonian program – but G.W. Bush does not run a liberal administration.

The director of CSAP is Beverly Watts Davis, an African-American, former senior VP of United Way in San Antonio and Bexar (pronounced "Bear" by locals) County, Texas, also executive director of San Antonio's Fighting Back Anti-Drug Community Coalition. She has served as the principal investigator for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Health Promotion.204

A liberal activist? Not exactly. Ms. Watts Davis is another social engineer.


Her political career began with a seat at the Austin' Minority- and Women-Owned Business Commission. This appointment brought her to the attention of then Gov. William P. Clements, a Republican. Clements tapped her to co-chair the state's minority-owned, small business advisory council. Before long, Davis was transiting through Texas government in a series of appointments to state boards and committees. Her Rolodex bulged with the names of the state's political elite: "I worked with people all over the state of Texas," she enthused in an ainterview. Her life was "a tumultuous affair, with countless board appointments and responsibilities."205

One day, Aaronetta Pierce, "a well-known and highly regarded community leader in San Antonio," approached her with a an offer that she "attempted to refuse because she had so many other interests and commitments: the job of executive director of San Antonio Fighting Back, a new local anti-drug initiative already teetering on the brink of collapse."

"In 1990," according to a charitable foundation in Princeton, New Jersey that funded her, "San Antonio Fighting Back was struggling. The United Way of San Antonio and Bexar County, together with a coalition of San Antonio's civic leaders, municipal agencies and local grassroots organizations, had received grant money from The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation to run the program. However, the effort lacked buy-in from the residents of the target area, a 25-mile area on the East and Southeast sections of San Antonio plagued by crime and drug sales, and weighed down by poverty, illiteracy and a crumbling infrastructure."

The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Johnson & Johnson.

The chairman of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation is THOMAS KEAN, the familiar face (at Pepsico board meetings and the 9/11 Commission, cf. parts 1, 20, 24 and 25). From the foundation's web site, we learn that Kean "was elected chairman of the board of trustees of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation in January 2005, effective April 2005. He has been a member of the board since July 1990. ... He serves as chair of the National Commission on Terrorist Attacks Upon the United States. He has received honorary degrees from 25 colleges and universities."206

But Thomas Kean isn't a liberal, either.

Pierce, a board member of the United Way, recruited Davis to the Fighting Back group, advised her "to stop whatever she was doing and take over the leadership of SAFB. At first, Davis only agreed to a temporary assignment. Within a short time, she realized that she was fully committed."

In May 2003, that commitment took her to the District of Columbia and the Department of Human Services under Bush-appointee Michael Leavitt.207

"Her high-powered connections are many." Davis is currently a consultant to the U.S. Department of Human Services National Center for the Advancement of Prevention, and she serves on the advisory board of the National Funding Collaborative on Violence Prevention and the National Center for State Courts. She serves on countless boards, including the National Crime Prevention Council, National Organization of Weed and Seed Crime Prevention Coalitions and the National Association for Drug Court Professionals.

"Let me put it this way," confides Capt. Larry Birney, commander of the San Antonio Police Department's Community Services Section and an ardent SAFB supporter. "If George W. Bush doesn't know who she is, I would be shocked."

Capt. Birney might also be shocked by the RW Johnson. The founder, Robert Wood Johnson, sat on the Citizens' Commission on Utilization of Manpower in the Armed Services, created with Budapest-born Anna Rosenberg's appointment as assistant secretary of defense (1950-52) under Robert A. Lovett, a Bonesman. Other members included Artemus L. Gates, another Bonesman, and CIA Mockingbird David Sarnoff, chairman.208

Robert Wood Johnson IV

Foundation Trustee Robert Wood Johnson IV is a ranking GW Bush campaign contributor, a Major League PIONEER in the 2000 election cycle, a Ranger in 2004.209
The Robert Wood Johnson Foundation bills itself as "the largest US foundation devoted to improving the health and health care." On the contrary, the RW Johnson Foundation is the largest US foundation devoted to pharmaceutical industry profits – it only gave 3.3 percent of its assets to charity in 2001.

Texans for Public Justice reports that Robert Wood Johnson IV "is heir to the Johnson & Johnson health care fortune and heads his own personal investment
company. He also bought the NFL’s New York Jets (part 27-suppl.) for $635 million in 2000 and spent a couple years trying to get New York City taxpayers to build a new stadium for the Jets and a future Olympics. Johnson attended a 1998 bird hunt that Pioneer Heinz Prechter hosted for George W. Bush and 12 top GOP fundraisers at his 10,000-acre Texas ranch. Bush emerged from that hunt as the GOP moneyed elite’s candidate. Johnson also was a hit when he amused the other big guns by whipping out an elephant gun. The IRS included Johnson and Bush’s Eastern Caribbean Ambassador Earl Phillips, Jr. on a 2002 list of wealthy individuals who invested in dubious tax shelters marketed by accounting firms KPMG ..."210

Marcie Thomason: Murdered by CIA-Republicans and the JINGO-BRAINED American PROLES who SUPPORTED THEM

This brings us to another major Comair crash counter-coincidence ... at the time the illegal tax shelters were devised by the crooked accountants at KPMG, Flight 5191 passenger MARCIE THOMASON (parts 23-26) WORKED THERE.

The Virginia-Pilot reported on September 1, 2006: "Upon graduation she was employed as a certified public accountant in Washington, D.C., first with the firm KPMG LLP and most recently with the firm Alvarez & Marsal LLC ... "211

Robert Wood Johnson

According to the TPJ site, the RW Johnson Foundation "belongs to the Foundation Executives Group, which hired Pioneer lobbyist Bill Paxon in 2003 to kill legislation to require foundations to give at least 5 percent of their assets to charity each year."212

Among the charitable causes supported by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, count euthanasia.213 You'd almost conclude that the "largest US foundation devoted to improving the health and health care" serves a fascist agenda ...

[Postscript: Disgusting RW Johnson Foundation case history here:]

[To be continued ... ]

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Quote from: soulsurvivor on November 25, 2006, 05:23:23 AM

I'm learning. I'm just not exactly certain what I'm learning.

There is a very important point revealed here that I suspect even Alex doesn't yet consciously understand. He is getting there. This understanding first appears to be reason for despair but after awhile you begin to realize it also offers a ray of hope.

This goes back to the same thought that I have tried to express in the past based on personal experience. This thought is illustrated again here by Alex in a more broad based fashion.

The commonly held perception within the masses of western society is that the economic and political structures of the world are highly diverse and we interoperate within them in a random (democratic?) method amenable to equal opportunity for anyone with ambition to better their condition. We assume that all the enterprises both large and small compete with each other and keep the system competitive and honest.

This is a fallacy.

I discovered privately by rising towards the top in 3 widely differing industries, that all roads lead to Rome. The same people lived at the end of each road. The same selection process is in place on each road to determine who gets to partake of the fruits of the empire by passing the checkpoint.

Even relatively small operations come to the attention of the rulers and the operators are vetted for suitability to becoming members of the ruling class. This is not done openly, you just come under the microscope and it is decided if you know which side your bread is buttered on or not. If you do and are willing to play the game then your path is cleared for you to rise into the inner circle. If you don't you are either destroyed (because you offer competition) or are left to rot without the needed support to move forward.

Alex is demonstrating the same point here. You can take anyone in a crowd and follow the influences that determine their road in life to the same small group, the emperors of rome. These emperors literally have their fingers in every pie. Every single life on the planet is influenced by these anonymous elite rulers.

Even though we think we are motivated by our own volition,we are mostly dancing to someone else's tune. We are not knowing participants but we are nonetheless particpants. If you follow the rules of the game, you are playing the game.

I'll state the same thing from a different perspective to try to clarify the point. Contrary to everything we think we see around us that suggests we exist within a highly complex, diverse and vibrant societal infrastructure, the whole thing is just a sham. The multitude of differing businesses and governments are just window dressing to hide the fact that a few people control the situation. Once you look past the surface you will find strings everywhere leading back to the same small group.

Puppets being manipulated by the strings mostly don't realize what is happening. They think it is a natural phenomena when a string attached to their left arm raises it for them. It is not their place to question why, they need only respond to assure their own viability. To break the string means having to hold up the arm using their own power.

On one level this realization leads to despair as it appears that these emperors are omnipotent and control everything. When you think further on it you begin to realize these people are not all knowing. Many empires have arisen but all have collapsed, mostly sooner rather than later. This thinking leads to the more esoteric aspects of existence and we begin to consider the occult influences that detrmine the direction of people's lives. Are the elite knowingly in control of their own lives or are they following the dictates of occult strings that make puppets out of them?

On another level these realizations lead to hope. The situation becomes much simpler. Instead of the world being a quagmire of endless different/seperate negative influences which appear too complex to comprehend you realize that almost ALL these negative trends originate from 1 source. Instead of uncountable problems needing to be resolved you realize you have 1 problem which needs to resolved that will correct the countless symptoms that are present everywhere.

Stated simply, although not easily remidied, we simply need to stop being puppets and take responsibility for our own movements and all else will fix itself.

If there are no puppets, there can not be a puppetmasters.


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