Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Summary of Sally Denton's Bluegrass Conspiracy & Los Angeles Connections – Prehistory of the Lexington Comair Crash

Anita Madden

Letter from "Charlie"

The president doesn't actually "run" things but with him he brings his background, his connections, the powers that back him and those who are using him for their own political and social agendas. In many cases, his "backers" are way more powerful than he is. And he has to "go along" with what those backers do whether he may agree with it or not.

You are correct to mention Ollie North as having more power than his station in life called for but you have to put the CIA in the mix whom I believe he had and perhaps still have strong connections with.

The Ollie North/Mena/Contras situation will be the proof in the pudding that the CIA DOES--regardless of what they claim---have covert activities stationed right here in the USA. The training of the Cuban troops for the Bay of Pigs is another which was done in Florida and in Lousianna.

And we both have reason to know of the School of the Americas in Ft. Benning, Ga.

What many don't know is that many of the local law enforecement (due to huge amts. of Fed money coming in with strings attached) are trained in another facility in East Georgia run by the CIA. They are trained with military equipment and in wire-tapping, surveillance and swat team/military tactics (which in my opinion is the cause --or partly the cause of some the terrible tragedies when swat teams go into the Wrong house and kill somebody). This training has the potential (and the history as per Bluegrass Conspiracy and others) of being USED by government against the ordinary citizen.

I think that little "picnic" that you mentioned--The Good Ole Boy Roundup--in Chattanooga, Tenn. is a prime example. Many LOCAL law enforcement personel were at that picnic/campout that weekend. The FEDS and the local cops work much more closely together (CIA, DEA, Fish and Wildlife {in recent years} BATF and more) than the normal citizen would even dream that they do.

I have often wondered (because of the threats and harassment to the people who video-taped that little gathering and the timing of it) if Mark Fuhrman himself wouldn't have shown up on the video if the whole thing could have been played. They were sure anxious for WHO was on it not to be known.

I happen to believe that the same requirements from the Feds that began in the 70's (the CIA training) was in effect in LA during that time and later and caused the LAPD Intelligence Squad to come into existence. The LA Secret Police as Mike Rothmiller calls them. It sure caused havoc here with The Bluegrass Conspiracy. Cops were video-taping, wire-tapping citizens (prominent citizens, NFL players, actors, actresses) using drugs, gambling, prostitution and porn---all out of a house belonging to then Democratic Governor John Y. Brown, Jr. Yet Nobody was ever arrested (Rothmiller's claim for the LA Secret Police as well). Only the files were made but nobody was ever arrested.

Why? Blackmail used to FIX NFL and NBA games? Other blackmail as Daryl Gates was prone to use on the City Council, the governor, the mayor and more???

Gov. Brown

Gov. Brown was on a Fast-Track to the White House at the time, yet he lost and won a million dollars at a time in Vegas. He owned a house here in Lexington on Old Dobbin Road (a fine house) while he lived in the Governor's mansion and a man named Jimmy Lambert ran the gambling, drug, prostitution, porn, outfit out of it. A very good friend at the time was a man we heard of later with another Democratic governor by the name of Dan Lassiter. Dan Lassiter lived here in Lexington and was in the horse business and started the Ponderosa restuarants which were very popular back then. He moved on to Little Rock and became close friends with Gov. Bill Clinton and then went on to run drugs out of Mena, Arkansas by bringing back drugs on the empty planes that came back from South America.

People may say, where is she going with this.

Well, one of the "money" people behind this operation was a horse business woman by the name of Anita Madden. That woman at the height of the OJs trial had Kato Kalein as her houseguest. A couple of years later, she had both Phil Vannatter and Geraldo Rivera as her house guests. The next year, she had Kato back again.

This woman was indicted (but managed to have charges dropped), she supplied money, was involved in game fixing in the NFL and college games, was interviewed in the disappearance/death of Melanie Flynn (a party girl) who was last seen in her presence and more. She hired somebody to break into the courthouse and steal records/evidence. She never went to jail but the guy she hired did time for the crime.

This "scandal" involved Lexington cops on the Narc squad and more. Their lives were ruined. Some went to jail then and some since. A narc cop is believed to have been the one to kill Melanie Flynn (baseball player Doug Flynn's sister). The Lex PD covered it up. One of the chief people to help cover it up is now the Police Chief. One narc cop went on to bigger and better things by joining the Callie (sp) Cartelle and was killed in 1985 when his parachute failed (deliberately) when he parachuted with cocaine, secret CIA phone numbers, secret FBI and DEA secure numbers on his person. An ex-DEA agent friend of the family told me that they learned that Dan Lassiter had him killed. He also was from the "society set" here of horse business families.

Governor Brown ALSO owned that Florida golfing resort that Jean speaks of at the time...that was known for the drugs, prostitution and mobster connections. At one time, actor Warren Beatty was on the board of directors of the resort. (Shapiro met with Robert Evans and Warren Beatty every week of the trial at Evan's house).

Phyllis George

At the time that he was governor, Brown was married to Phyllis Anne George EVANS Brown. Her ex-husband was Robert Evan's fame of the Cotton Club Murders and Denise's former lover and Paramount film producer.

John Y. Brown, Jr. first met Phyllis Anne (former Miss America) while she was still married to Evans and they had "dealings' with each other. After the divorce of George and Evans, Brown stepped into the picture. Miss George has spent several nights in the LIncoln bedroom in the current administration. Her name has appeared on the pages of newspapers when the list has appeared.

I have often wondered if the Heidi Fleiss business where LAPD cops provided security wasn't one of the operations that we had here in the Bluegrass Conspiracy. Where tapes were made and a file kept for Blackmail purposes. And perhaps the LAPD cops were working with The Company (what they called themselves here) made up of cops, ex-cops, ex-military and mercenaries that Provided "security" for drug deals and money laundering. Many of the cops and others later arrested claimed that they had been told they were working for the CIA and of course the CIA disavowed them. (Mena and Contra deal WAS CIA). Foreign troops were trained here as well.

I just think the Heidi deal and other connections (whew! and this is just a few) had Intelligence connections or more.