Saturday, August 04, 2007

Update Note: Kate Coe, Author of the Theresa Duncan Hit Piece in the LA Weekly, is a Self-Avowed Anti-Semite

By Alex Constantine

Kate Coe, as noted in a previous post, works for Rupert Murdoch and was a friend of CIA-subsidized, FASCIST National Review's Cathy Siepp. (Note to children: The Review was founded by the CIA's William F. Buckley and continues to be a fascist propaganda fount in "conservative" drag. That's why your Uncle Bob talks so strangely ... )

And let's not forget that Ms. Coe publicly excoriated the Weekly for "political correctness" in not covering black-on-white crime enough - this is a tactic that the Neo-Nazi National Alliance has used against the media for some time.

Come to find that Coe - who has shaped public opinion on the case, found flaws in Theresa Duncan's character - has adopted a few Nazi beliefs herself:

Gabriel, Don't Blind Me With Your Charisma

"Kate Coe says that when her chef husband worked at a restaurant in Santa Monica, food got sent back all the time [because of all the picky Jews]. When he moved to a restaurant in South Pasadena, that almost never happened.

"[Kate writes: 'Oh, Luke, I'm the anti-Semite in my household. My husband thought the sending back was due to the insidious influence of show-biz, not Judism. He'd never say anything mean about anyone--that's why he married me.']"

It's my unfortunate duty to report that Kate Coe is a Nazi.

(How may bloggers fell for the Kate Coe hit piece? Almost all? If you fit this description, Nazi disinformation appeals to you, triggers the primitive emotions, the worst in you, makes you a fascist collaborator. How does it feel?)

MORE TO COME (oh, yes ... )