Monday, December 21, 2009

CPAC Now Co-Sponsored by John Birch Society

By Kyle Munzenrieder
Miami New Times | Dec. 17 2009

​The John Birch Society is co-sponsering this years Conservative Political Action Conference. Don't remember them? They're the conspiracy-happy, paranoid anti-communist group that emerged in the late '50s, and then preceded to circulate a letter calling Republican President Dwight Eisenhower, of all people, "a dedicated agent of the Communist Conspiracy," had a president that once maybe said, "militant Jews have influenced the Freemasons, who are 'Satan's agents,' 'the enemies of Christ Church," and opposed the civil rights movement

William F. Buckley finally called them out for being maybe a bit too crazy, and they've been on the fringe of the right-wing for the past few decades. But with Buckley six feet under, and the right-wing moving closer to that fringe they're welcome back in the fray.

And our own [US Senate candidate] Marco Rubio is still scheduled to deliver the key note address. This probably won't hurt him in with his Miami base, as rampant anti-communist paranoia is alive and well in certain corners of this city.