Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The CIA Takes Out the Trash

Note: I've been told that Operation Mockingbird is given short shrift in the old documents released this week by Gen. Michael "9/11" Hayden, but the interaction of intelligence officials with publishers and shills in the press is an "OFF-THE-SHELF," not an official, program ... as off-the-shelf as, say, the Bluegrass Conspiracy (search the archives), or the murder of George Polk, the CIA's first known political assassination, in Greece.

Explanation: Nazi collaborator and intelligence czar Allen Dulles went happily to work piecing together Mockingbird in 1946, a year BEFORE the CIA was created, and he kept it separate from official CIA business to maintain plausible deniability ... "If caught, we will disavow knowledge ... " (In fact, the Mockingbird network had existed for decades, since the early part of the century when the Robber Barons silenced "yellow journalism" by snatching up and launching all publications of consequence. This went on throughout the first half of the century. Dulles made pro-Robber-Baron-PR and -fascist propaganda an intelligence function ... shifting the cost of disinforming the public to tax-paying recipients.) The files on CIA state propaganda operations are STILL classified, STILL a function of secret government, and the retreaded garbage released by Michael Hayden is (could it be?) an attempt, in part, to skirt exposure of the classified sector where Mockingbird remains ... except the liberal hand-wringing book-worms already know, and maybe a limited hang-out will shut them up for awhile if timed with the release of Vincent Bugliosi's box of rain ... - AC
CIA details spy scandal in old documents
By MICHAEL J. SNIFFEN, Associated Press

WASHINGTON - The CIA released hundreds of heavily censored documents Tuesday about its spying on Americans, foreign assassination plots and other misdeeds that triggered a scandal in the mid-1970s.

Known inside the CIA as the "family jewels," the documents were released with vast sections blocked out by agency censors. As a result, they were far less revealing than the reports issued in the mid-1970s by the three investigations which obtained unedited versions of these internal CIA documents a generation ago.