Saturday, June 23, 2007

Response to John Valentine

John Valentine, in a review of The Covert War Against Rock, writes:
"... My brother-in-law used to say, 'Don't look now, the paranoids might be after you.; Yeah, well, try reading this book. Constantine takes a few facts, some great music, mixes it all together and--aided by mega doses of caffeine--ends up with a diatribe like Covert War. ... This is one dense, cynical document, and while I'M NOT DISPUTING Constantine's 'facts,' let's just say that the paper trails don't always support a cover up. BREAK IT ... "

John, you admit, "I'm not disputing the facts," then in a general, non-committal way, suggest that I am a liar.

"Let's just say" that you're looking in the mirror on that one.

John, it is left to you, having defamed me, to convincingly debunk the research that you dispute and don't dispute at the same time, or - like ALL of my other "critics" - you have dubunked yourself by refusing to back up your smear.

The London Observer found the same book to be among "the best music books ever written." But in his lofty critic's tower, John Valentine knows better and will have no problem proving his very generalized detraction - or admitting just as publicly that the ignorant wanker is himself mistaken and perhaps even a brainwashed zombie who but craves public attention and will have it by smearing people who have risked their lives and taken punishment to enlighten him in the course of fighting for HIS human and civil rights.

Fact is, All "Good Germans" hate anti-fascists, Mr. John Valentine. I don't expect anything more from you. But you've wronged me, and I'm not happy about it. In my experience, everyone who has called me a liar was in fact himself a liar. You are the latest example.

John Valentine is over at Indy Week, the author of such searing political works as "Time to crank up the power tools," and "Summer Slumber Party Issues." He also wrote "Sartorial Splendor," "Roofing-tin gardening," and other hard-hitting articles for the chain. Obviously, the man knows his fascist conspiracies ... and now he has a chance to back them up, because I may just go legal on this one.

You want to "break" my book, Mr. Valentine? That's a personal affront, and it's coming back at you. Let's just say that I may break Indy Weekly's assets column - and put the funds toward stopping fascism. (I wanted to write for a retraction, but the e-mail address of Indy Week's publisher is not public information and I'm not set up to mail from the site. I'll just have to fax it ...

... and, John, your brother-in-law was wrong - there is not one paranoid bone in my body. The CIA beat the fear out of me years ago. Now I beat back. You are way out of your element, but I welcome a response from you. The url to this was page was sent to the last e-mail address I could find for John Valentine.)

- AC