Thursday, June 14, 2007

A Note on Joseph Bosco, Bill Wasz and Surveillance of Nicole Simpson

Mario G. Nitrini, at his blog, writes:

"Does Alex Constantine have it right? He says that Bill Wasz stole Paula's car (her 4X4 Toyota) and Paula's car was used by Wasz to follow Nicole Simpson. NOT according to Bill Wasz---Via Joseph Bosco and David Bresnahan."

For the sake of anyone who wonders if I was correct about Wasz and the stolen Toyota, Joe Bosco writes - verbatim:

" ... No one who has worked with the actual evidence, police interview notes, police reports, phone records, etc., doubts that Bill Wasz ... Deliberately STOLE Paula Barbieri's Toyota SUV from a pre-arranged site;

Mario's statement, as worded, suggests that I was mistaken about the stolen vehicle and Bosco's position on the episode, and this clears it up. The car was used to stalk Nicole Simpson. (For the uninitiated, the stalker was not OJ).

- AC