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Almost since its inception, the successful revolution ip the Soviet Union in 1917 came under attack.[1] The Romanov family was spirited out of the country, along with the royal treasury.[2] The monarchists, the White Russian counter-revolutionaries, and the colonial powers of France, Germany, England, and even the United States saw the great wealth of Russia as a prize worth regaining or winning.

From 1918 to 1932, that royal treasury, as well as funds from rich monarchist families, international investors, and U.S. investors led by President Herbert Hoover, poured into the secret plans for the military rearmament of Germany.[3]

Monarchists from around the world, and White Russians began an international network of reaction known as the Solidarists. Inside the Vatican, relying on an alleged apparition of the Virgin Mary at Fatima who warned the Pope about the fall of the Tsar, powerful forces worked to assist in toppling the new Bolshevik rule.

A group of the most fanatically conservative elements of the Catholic Church, men who still supported the inquisition in Spain and who used flagellation as prayer, formed a lay order known as Opus Dei, the Works of God.[4] These were joined in rank by the ancient military order of the church ' the secretive Knights Hospitallers, or the Knights of Malta.[5]

Their ultimate objective was the downfall of the new Soviet government. No method or means was too extreme, so these forces backed and helped to create Franco in Spain, Mussolini in Italy, and Hitler in Germany. Some of the U.S. firms continued their financial trade and support of the fascists throuphout all of World War II, with Russia as the target.[6]

But the fascist offensive failed at Stalingrad, though the cost had been enormous, with 22 million Soviet citizens dead. At this crucial turning point, they retreated and retrenched, adding to their ranks the embittered revanchists of Eastern Europe, the "cold warriors" and Klansmen of America, and even worse elements.

From 1943 forward, plans began to escalate the "cold war" of propaganda and paramilitary spying into the nuclear exchange of World War III.[7]

Still, no other goal was so important as the "recapture" of Mother Russia into monarchist and fascist hands. But now they had also added the perspective of the eugenicists and the "scientific" racists of the Third Reich, who saw most of the non-white world as expendable.[8] The term "useless eaters" was applied by the Nazi doctors to their concentration camp victims, and later by former CIA director William Colby to the peoples of Mexico.

Add to this international fascist cabal the following sources of power: Kameradenwerk, Die Spinne and Odessa -- the secret webs of Nazi SS men and mass murderers who escaped justice after the war and found a home in Europe, South America and the obliging United States.[9]

Project Paperclip -- A successful American operation which brought to the U.S. literally hundreds of top aerospace and munitions experts from Nazi Germany to form the corporate leadership and the expertise behind the technological and military advances of a growing military-industrial I complex.[10]

Belarus Brigade -- The dreaded combined forces of Nazi and White Russian troops in Byelorussia during World War II, a counter-revolutionary stronghold since World War I and a Nazi-infested army against Russia. The top government officials, nearly 300 of them, were brought to the United States and given important government and intelligence jobs by our thankful CIA and OSS.[11]

Dictatorships -- Arisen in South America and throughout the world whose fascist rhetoric and genocidal direction come directly from Nazi collusion and training, not historical chance.[12]

The Gehlen Network -- A black orchestra of spies whose infamous dealings during World War II had put the Nazi spies in bed with every major intelligence network in the world from British M15 and M16, to the American OSS and the heavily infiltrated KGB.[13] Under the evil genius of Allen Dulles, whose espionage attacks on the Soviet Union date back to the 1920's, $200 million in Rockefeller and Mellon funds was directed into the hands of Hitler's spymaster Reinhard Gehlen and his 350 Nazi spies, who formed and founded our Central Intelligence Agency in 1947.[14] Later, these same forces created post-war European intelligence , our Defense Intelligence Agency, our Na tional Security Agency, and covert groupings here and abroad whose very initials are considered classified information.[15]

Assassins -- An international fascist network of terror, congealed in the grey underworld of Mafia murders, drug trafficking, gun smuggling and political murders worldwide.[16] These mercenary armies still draw their ranks from the refugees encamped everywhere, still operate with names like Alpha 66 and Omega 7, [17] AAA or DINA, the Kuomintang of Chiang Kai Shek, the Somocistas along the Honduran border now, the Hmong peoples of Laos and the reactionary ranks of the Vietnamese, the Phalangists in Lebanon, and even the Grey Wolves of Turkey whose members include Mehmet Ali Agca, the attempted assassin of the Pope now so falsely accused of working with the Soviet KGB.[18]

Interpol -- An international police intelligence agency begun at the end of World War II in collaboration with Nazi war criminals and our own J. Edgar Hoover of FBI fame.[19]

These elements meet internationally under the aegis of organizations like the World Union of National Socialists, the Asian People's Anti-Communist League, and the World Anti-Communist League. Their cover is provided by "journalists" like Claire Sterling, [20] and Marvin Kalb of Opus Dei.[21] Their legitimacy and recruiting is aided by evangelical fronts like "World Vision," which runs many of the refugee camps and includes John W. Hinckley, Sr.[22] They draw their funds from the illevl and profitable world heroin and cocaine trade, [23] and their training from CIA experts like Mitch WerBell, Edwin Wilson, Frank Terpil and unreconstructed Nazi torturers who provide 'lechniques." [24] Their weapons come from an equally lucrative gun smuggling trade, assisted by intelligence agencies.[25]

This is the real historical framework of current events, that follow from "cold war" to "COINTELPRO" and "CHAOS," [26] from the framing of the Rosenbergs to "Operation Garden Plot," [27] from Alger Hiss to the "Houston Plan," [28] from McCarthy to "MK-ULTRA," [29] from the Third Reich to the Fourth. What the demon Dulles brothers engineered, [30] the massive cold-war lie [31] that justified any excess in the direction of fascism, is the root of Malcolm X's statement on Vietnam, that "the chickens are going to come home to roost." Under the current rubric of the World Anti-Cummunist League," [32] the Solidarists, the Nazis and other fascists, the reactionary forces in every part of the globe unit to bring us a legacy of deception and murder, of war profits and starvation, of open dictatorial rule. Their now three-quarter-century-old goal of crushing the Soviet revolution has brought us to both financial and physical ruin, and to the brink of World War III.[33] To attain that goal, fascism has come home to roost.[34]

During World War II, the Nazis in France gained collaboration and capitulation by going first to the task of corrupting the courts, compromising the judges, and turning the slim hope of judicial justice into a political weapon.[35] In our own country, the most respected Justice of the Supreme Court was unable to solve the obvious case of conspiracy in the assassination of President John F. Kennedy. The primary role of the state police has become spying and suppression of legitimate attempts to challenge the undemocratic and secret rule of the national security state.[36] The purpose of the law now is to put the protection of profits above people at all costs, even to the point of police destruction of the evidence necessary to reconstruct the crime.[37] Do you think we are in some better or more holy condition in our own courts today? What special sort of American chauvinism leads us to blindly assert "it can't happen here?" For it has.

In a recent editorial in the Boston Globe, dated February 14, 1983, we can see the delayed reaction of the established press shortly after the extradition of Klaus Barbie, [38] the Nazi "Butcher of Lyons," from Bolivia to France:

Barbie is only one of many notorious Nazi leaders who were welcomed like prodigal sons into service with Western intelligence agencies after the war. Their unspeakable crimes against humanity were implicitly forgiven and conveniently forgotten. They were paid and protected so that they could return to active duty in the anti-Communist crusade which their fuhrer, Adolf Hitler, had temporarily discredited with his extremism.

Their names compose a rogue's gallery of fascist thuggery. Hitler's master spy, Reinhard Gehlen, was made chief of the Western German intelligence agency (BND) and shared his Nazi intelligence data with his protectors in the CIA. Otto Skorzeny, a Nazi specialist at organizing terror networks in occupied countries, was employed in the U.S. Army's historical division, which served as a way-station for former Nazis who would go on to serve in the Gehlen-CIA intelligence network. Skorzeny used his tacit immunity to shepherd old Nazi comrades out of Europe, working through cover organizations, known as Odessa, Kamaradenwerk, and Die Spinne.

As the years went by, Gehlen, Skorzeny and their network of old-boy collaborators accumulated enormous influence both In Europe and Latin America. Skorzeny shuttled between Franco's Spain and Peron's Argentina, where he served the Argentine dictator as a gray eminence. His goal was to foster the growth of a fascist Fourth Reich centered in Latin America.

He could count on such loyalist operatives as Josef Mengele in Paraguay, on Adolf Eichmann and Hans Ulrich Rudel in Argentina; on Walter Rauff in Chile; and on Klaus Barbie in Bolivia.

Rauff, who is charged with sending 97, 000 Jews to their death, has served as a revered adviser to the fascist dictatorship imposed on Chile by Augusto Pinochet after the overthrow of Salvador Allende, and was instrumental in setting up the infamous Chilean secret police agency known as DINA. Barbie, in Bolivia, organized paramilitary death squads and drug smuggling networks for a succession of military r6gimes.

To grasp the full meaning of Barbie's belated appointment with justice, his career may be seen as an emblem of the unchecked metastasis of fascism. It is particularly mortifying for Americans to be reminded that our government put Barbie on its payroll a few years after he worked for Hitler.

Erhard Dabringhaus of U.S. Army Intelligence sheltered this mass murderer, paid him $1700 a month to run a spy network in France, and helped him escape to South America. "I am a good American of German extraction and I did my job," he said recently from his position as a German history professor at Wayne State University.[39] These people, and those who aided them, have names, addresses, and connections to the top levels of the United States government. They figure prominently in the hidden history of our police-intelligence state, and in the rash of political assassinations and other crimes that keep it in place. The names of the men most responsible for bringing them here read like a roll call of the world establishment, and those who collaborated with them fit together like pieces of a puzzle in decoding events since World War II.[40]

Allen Dulles -- Who collaborated with Gehlen's spies, headed the CIA, and later sat on the Warren Commission investigation of J.F. Kennedy's death.[41]

John J. McCloy -- A High Commissioner of Germany after the war who pardoned key Nazi criminals like Krupp, Abs, Dohrnberger, Schacht, and others.[42] His long career has made him a "Godfather of the American establishment." He sat atop the World Bank, directed construction of the Pentagon, worked with Earl Warren to set up the Japanese concentration camps in America, blocked any military attacks on the Nazi death camps as Assistant Secretary of War. He stopped the summary execution of Nazis in favor of the Nuremberg Trials which he later thwarted, and also sat as a member of the Warren Commission.[43]

General Lucius Clay -- The military commander of Germany at the end of the war, Clay helped undermine the prosecution of Otto Skorzeny, and later worked with Nazi generals at Oberammergau to train Eastern European revanchists, Nazis and American GIs into the 5,000-strong "Special Forces" against communism. This team later became our Green Berets.[44]

Henry Kissinger -- Worked with General Lucius Clay at Oberammergau, and then with key stateside Army Intelligence and CIA units responsible for bringing in the Nazi spies.[45] Kissinger, who came from Germany to join U.S. Army Intelligence during World War II, had as his "mentor" the mysterious Fritz Kraemer.[46] Kraemer's 30-year silent career in the Pentagon plans division includes the prepping of Alexander Haig.[47] It may also conceal his real identity -- prisoner #33 in the dockets at Dachau, the special Lieutenant to Hitler, Fritz Kraemer.[48] Mr. Kissinger still relies on his advice, and did so while Secretary of State.

C.D. Jackson -- Joined Nelson Rockefeller and Richard Nixon in the scheme to bring the Byelorussian government here. He worked for the Henry Luce publishing empire, and for Life magazine when they published the doctored photos of Lee Harvey Oswald holding a rifle. Both Time and Life were owned by Luce, and were responsible for much of the cold-war propaganda that allowed the national security state and the Pentagon to grow untouched.[49]

Richard Milhous Nixon -- Former President whose work with Navy Intelligence at the end of World War II included the importation of Nazi criminals through the Gould family estate on Long Island. Among them was Nicolae Malaxa, whose collaboration with Hermann Goering was apparently no problem for Nixon, who defended Malaxa's U.S. citizenship.[50] In fact, a special bill was introduced in Congress to secure the citizenship by Senator Pat McCarren of Nevada. McCarren and Senator Joe McCarthy later introduced legislation to set up "detention and internment camps" in the U.S. in times of war or national emergency for "internal security." [51]

Other figures involved in this dirty little secret connect to the highest levels of our government and intelligence agencies. The solemn pledge to end the Nazi régime was completely betrayed.[52] Instead, the British and American spies saw a more important function, that of finding a new common enemy. The cohesiveness and control offered by this scenario seemed to urgent and so appealing that they even considered creating the illusion of an enemy from outer space.[53] For the less inventive, the communist revolution still served as suff icient scapegoat, and historical target.

Frank G. Wisner -- An official of the OSS and a CIA veteran who brought the Byelorussian government here, the Latvian Thunder Cross, the Hungarian Arrow Cross, and the Roumanian Iron Guard among others. As many as 5,000 came to work at Radio Free Europe and Radio Liberty, the CIA, the Voice of America, the Defense Language Institute, "for the United States in defense of liberty.[54] Allen Dulles said of Gehlen, "He's on our side now." Bobby Inman of the NSA and CIA networks today admitted recently that these fascists were "the bedrock" of covert operations in Europe in the 40s and 50s by the CIA, and molded the anti-communist policy there.[55]

J. Peter Grace -- A scion of the Grace fortunes, he is currently head of Reagan's commission to study domestic economic cuts.[56] For 30 years his company employed Otto Ambrose, a Nazi war criminal from the German drug cartel I.G. Farben. Ambrose, a chemist, developed "Zyklon B," the actual gas used in the chambers to kill the Jews and others deemed "inferior." [57] The German steel group, Flick, which has extensive Nazi ties in the past and whose scandals are rocking German politics today, hold a controlling stock interest in the Grace company.[58] The Grace family is intimately involved with the formation of the anti-Communist American Institute for Free Labor Development (AIFLD).[59] AIFLD played a key role in the Kissinger plan to overthrow Allende in Chile, and insert the ruling fascist Pinochet.[60] After the coup, which involved American Green Berets, [61] Kissinger sent a Mr. Rauff from the State Department to advise the newly formed Chilean secret police (DINA). Rauff had been in charge of the "mobile ovens" used to kill Gypsies and Jews, homosexuals and political dissidents in Eastern Europe for the Nazis.[62] These same forces were later involved in the assassination of Chilean diplomat Orlando Letelier in Washington, D.C.[63]

Helene von Damm -- Personal White House appointment secretary long-time personal secretary to Ronald Reagan, she stands to be appointed Ambassador to Vienna, and controls all cabinet level appointments in the Reagan administration.[64] She came to the United States in the 1950s in the company of Albrecht Otto von Bolschwing, and worked for him as a translator.[65] Von Bolschwing gave the direct orders to Adolph Eichmann in the dread Eisenstatz, group, the SS killers.[66] Helene's husband, Christian von Damm, ran the Bank of America in La Paz, Bolivia, which defaulted on a huge U.S. loan.[67]

Errol Flynn -- The famed actor, whose exploits included meetings with Nazi sympathizers, and the Duke and Duchess of Windsor, and Nazi spymasters during the late 30s. His roommate and constant coM anion at the time was actor Ronald Reagan.[68]

Anna Chenault -- A Nixon confidant, and head,, of the old "China Lobby" that got us involved in both Korea and Vietnam.[69] Her husband, General Claire Chennault, formed the Flying Tigers in World War II, which later flew heroin for the CIA from Vietnam as "Air America." [70] She sits on the board of 20th Century Fox with Henry Kissinger, William Rogers, Gerald Ford, and until recently, Princess Grace Kelly of Monaco.[71]

Evita Peron -- Once a ruler in Argentina, Evita got her funds from the Nazi treasuries stolen by Martin Bormann at the end of the war, and put hundreds of millions in the "Evita Peron Foundation" and Swiss bank accounts. This money aided war criminals like Josef Mengele, Heinrich Dorge, Hjalmar Schacht (who had worked under Herman Abs at the Reichsbank), Rudolf Freude, Dr. Fritz Thyssen Dr. Gustav Krupp, Otto Skorzeny, and others.[72]

Peter Drucker -- Well-known industrialist who began the multinational corporation concept, he was responsible for bringing Nazi leader Fritz Kraemer from Frankfurt to the Pentagon.[73]

General George Patton -- An American hero of World War II, whose credit for invading Sicily was later tarnished by the Kefauver commission study suggesting that he traveled into friendly Mafioso villages as part of a secret deal between Navy Intelligence and mobster "Lucky" Luciano.[74] In his assignment to construct a history of the war, Patton assembled Nazi Army officers and had "admiration, affection and sympathy" for them. He picked the "best brains," Von Manteuffel, Brandenberger, Count von Schwerin and Fritz Kraemer.[75] After the war, Patton worked closely with John J. McCloy. In relation to Russia he said, "Anyone who says there won't be a future war is a goddamn fool.[76]

George Bush -- Former head of the CIA who employed, among others, U.S. Army officer, Capt. William Rhine of the Bay of Pigs operation. Rhine is really top SS spy Helmut Streicher, who worked directly with Hitler, Gehlen, Otto Skorzeny, and then U.S. Army Intelligence from October, 1945 on.[77]

General Douglas MacArthur -- Another World War II hero, he helped to cover up Japanese war crimes involving chemical and biological experiments on American_prisoners so that we could use the secret results.[78] This operation and others directly involved MacArthur's chief of staff, Colonel Charles Willoughby, who is in reality a Nazi criminal, Kurt Weidenbach.[79]

J. Edgar Hoover -- Who formed the FBI, and without whose help Nazi criminals could never have entered the U.S., worked in Interpol with founder Reinhard Heydrich, SS head of Nazi police from 1940 to 1942, and his successor, SS officer Ernst Kaltenbrunner, later hanged at Nuremberg.[80] Hoover's career involved extensive mob connections, [81] and his death has yet to be fully investigated.[82]

Thomas Dewey -- The "gangbuster" New York prosecutor who put Luciano in jail, and then later petitioned for his release and deportation to Italy in honor of his "wartime services." [83] In 1948, Dewey ran for President in a close race with Harry Truman. Dewey's vice-presidential candidate was Earl Warren and his campaign manager was Allen Dulles.[84]

Historically interconnected with the Solidarists and the fascists, powerful elements in the Vatican continued their work through high church officials, Opus Dei, and the Sovereign Military order of Malta, the Knights of Malta.[85]

Monsignor Montini -- An OSS operative in Southeast Asia at the end of World War II, he was later appointed Pope Paul VI. He used Caritas International is, a welfare organization, to provide refugee travel documents to such Nazis as euthanasia killer Hans Hefelman and Hitler's secretary, Martin Bormann, aiding in their escape to Argentina.[86]

Pope John Paul II -- Worked at Auschwitz in a rubber plant run Nazi financier Hermann Abs for Solvay Drugs of I.G. Farben.[87] Farben, which also employed Fritz Kraemer, has 750 subsidiaries worldwide, including U.S. firms.[88] In the wake of the recent Vatican Bank scandals, Pope John Paul I I appointed a four-man committee to study and run Vatican finances, which included Hitler's personal banker and the pontiff's old boss, Hermann Abs.[89] Nazi hunter Simon Wiesenthal protested this recently.[90] The Pope also elevated Opus Dei, with 72,000 members in 80 countries, to the status of a religious order.[91]

Cardinal Spellman -- Religious leader in New York, he was a protegé of Cardinal Pacelli, Pope Pius XII, who is often accused of collaboration with the Nazis.[92] Spellman is the U.S. spiritual leader of the Knights of Malta.[93] He is responsible for introducing Ngo Dinh Diem to Allen Dulles, and then proposing his presidency of South Vietnam to President Kennedy.[94] When Diem resisted the introduction of American troops into Vietnam, Dulles told General Westmoreland to go ahead anyway, and our CIA helped to kill Diem.[95]

Father E. Walsh -- His Georgetown University Center for International Affairs and Strategic Studies became the first major CIA training center.[96] This Jesuit priest was the motivating force behind Joe McCarthy's campaign against "communism" in the 50s, and he is a long-time member of the Knights of Malta.[97]

Avery Dulles -- Son of John Foster Dulles, then Secretary of State, and a nephew to Allen Dulles, then CIA director. Avery worked with Martin Bormann to help his escape to Argentina, and is now working as an advisor at Georgetown University. He also is a member of the Knights of Malta.[98]

Roy Cohn -- The key lawyer in the prosecution of the Rosenberg case the alleged "Atom Spies" executed in the 1950s, [99] he worked with Joe McCarthy and David Schine to spread the "Communist Menace" lies. He currently sits on the board of the anti-communist Western Goals Foundation, and his law partner, Tom Bolan, is a member of the Sovereign Military Order of Malta.[100]

Alexander Haig -- A long-time protege of the Pentagon "Iron Mentor" Fritz Kraemer, [101] Haig extended favors and NATO links to the fascist cell in Italy known as P-2 or Propaganda Due, whose "puppetmaster," Licio Gelli, worked with Franco and Mussolini and shares dual citizenship in Italy and Argentina.[102] The involvement of high government officials in this secret order of Free-Masons scandalized and rocked the whole Italian government, and opened the ensuing scandal of Banco Ambrosiano and the Vatican Bank's missing billions.[103] Many of the key figures are either imprisoned (Licio Gelli and Michele Sindona, former head of the Vatican Bank) or dead (Roberto Calvi, known as "God's Banker," found hanging beneath Blackfriar's Bridge in London.) [104] Haig has just been knighted into the secretive Knights of Malta, which includes his brother, and prestigious members like William Colby (CIA), William F. Buckley (CIA), J. Peter Grace, John McCone (CIA), General Vernon Walters (Reagan's "roving ambassador"), James Angleton (CIA), and others.[105]

Charles G. Bludhorn -- The founder and chairman of Gulf and Western conglomerate, he came from Vienna in 1942. He worked closely with Michele Sindona and his boss, Licio Gelli, had secret dealings with Antonio Guzman of the Dominican Republic, and knew Vatican Bank scandal figure Archbishop Paul Marcinkus.[106] Bludhorn bought Music Corporation of America (which gave Reagan his start), Madison Square Garden, and much more. His financial manager, Kirk Kerkorian began with a $50,000,000 loan from West German banker Otto Schoeppler to buy MGM. Alexander Haig was soon on the board.[107]

Michele Ledeen -- Reagan's appointed state department official is the unofficial source for the "Bulgarian Connection" like about the KGB role in the shooting of the Pope. He is the major source on "Soviet terrorism" misinformation to Claire Sterling, who deftly covers up fascist terrorism and state terrorism alike.[108] Ledeen has close ties to Alexander Haig, the Georgetown University grouping, Henry Kissinger, Licio Gelli Opus Dei, and the P-2 Masonic Lodge scandal.[109] He is also close to Francesco Pazienza, suspected to have set up "God's Banker" Roberto Calvi for murder.[110] At the time of his death, Calvi was director of Banco Ambrosiano, and his family members openly claim he-was killed by Opus Dei.[111]

Joseph Lehman -- A brother to John Lehman, currently Secretary of the Navy. John Lehman is involved in a growing scandal involving contracts between the Pentagon and the Abingdon firm (a front for Lockheed and Boeing), which employs Joseph, Christopher and other Lehman family members.[112] A cousin of the family, Princess Grace Kelly, was knighted into the Sovereign Military Order of Malta shortly before her death, and her home at Monaco was a center for fugitive Nazi activity for many years.[113] The Lehmans have worked openly to curb the Catholic bishops who favor a nuclear freeze, scaring them with the "KGB shot the Pope" nonsense.[114] In this effort, Christopher Lehman works closely with Senator John Tower of Texas. Senator Tower's brother-inlaw is Samuel Cimmings, a CIA gun runner to international fascist terrorists, including "Carlos," Frank Terpil, Ed Wilson, Gregory Korkola, and others.[115]

Once the cast of characters is clear, the interconnections continue. One of the front companies used by Wilson and Terpil in California, TCI, was founded by Helene von Damm and Otto Albrecht von BoIschwing.[116] The relative importance of von BoIschwing cannot be underestimated. He was placed in charge of the Gehlen-CIA network in the United States when Gehlen returned to Germany to set up their post-war intelligence agency.[117] Many of the people mentioned already have direct or indirect links to the assassination of John F. Kennedy, later political murders, and their coverups.[118] Others make the connections of the international fascist cabal very clear in the murder of John F. Kennedy and many more progressive leaders.

Werner von Braun -- Whose infamous "Rocket Team" developed the first intercontinental missiles at Peenemunde, and were then brought here to develop NASA rocketry, and the growing aerospace industry.[119] The NASA security teams are implicated in several sources in connection with the murder of John F. Kennedy.[120] The actual physical capture of von Braun, who had used slave labor to build the rockets, was done by American,; troops in Switzerland led by Clay Shaw, later charged by District Attorney Jim Garrison for his role in the Kennedy killing.[121]

General Walter Dohrnberger -- A Nazi murderer convicted at Nuremberg for working with the "Butcher of Auschwitz" to kill 6,000 Jews, he was scheduled to be hanged according to British prosecutor Shawcross.[122] He had been a "mentor" and friend to Von Braun throughout the war, getting materials and labor denied at times by Hitler for the rocket works. Von Braun refused to work on NASA rockets unless we intervened to save Dohrnberger. Of course, we did, and a full pardon was arranged by John J. McCloy.[123] General Dohrnberger came to the United States, worked at NASA briefly, and then became director of the Helicopter Division, Bell Aerospace, in Dallas and Houston, Texas.[124] He still trains pilots abroad, working with dictators like the Shah of Iran. Dohrnberger employed topranking military intelligence agent Michele Paine, who housed Marina Oswald in his home in Irving, Texas.[125] Marina, who married Lee Harvey Oswald in Russia, lived in Minsk, Byelorussia, and was the niece of the top officer of the NKVD, the Soviet secret police.[126] Her family was openly anti-communist.[127]

George de Mohrenschildt -- His whole family was Byelorussian, and rabidly anti-communist after their fortune was lost to the revolution at the Nobel family oil fields. They moved to Germany and worked with the Nazis during World War II. George was a spy, carrying papers from Nelson Rockefeller after the war, and his cousin Baron Meyerling was a Nazi film propagandist. His brother, Von, was put to work at the Pentagon after the war, and now sits on the CIA's Tolstoy Foundation. His wife was related to CIA and OSS employees, and her father ran the railroads in China before Mao took power. George later lost another oil fortune of his own in Cuba following the ouster of Batista by Fidel Castro.[128] He was the contact for the Oswalds to the White Russian Solidarist community in Dallas, and the CIA "babysitter" and best friend to Lee Harvey Oswald. De Mohrenschildt introduced the Oswalds to the Paines, and it was Ruth Paine who got Oswald the job in the Texas School Book Depository, and lied to the Warren Commission about "Oswald's rifle" and set him up as the patsy in the Kennedy assassination.[129]

Leon Jaworski -- Considered by some to be "the most trusted man in America" due to his role as special prosecutor in the Watergate and Koreagate scandals, he spent 20 years with the CIA's M.D. Anderson Foundation.[130] A lawyer at the Nuremberg trials, Jaworski undermined prosecutions, then worked with the Red Cross international rescue division to move the Nazi Odessa network around the world.[131] He was later Special Liaison between the Dallas police and the Warren Commission.[132]

Otto Winnacker -- The actual author of the Warren Commission Report, he was taken away from his job as an official Pentagon historian (recall that the U.S. Army historical division was the waystation for the Gehlen operation), and he had come to the United States after years of faithful service as one of Hitler's official historians of the Reich.[133]

Believe it or not, these are only a few of the thousands of connections that history has hidden, only a few of the thousands of fascists brought to light, their worst crimes still unexposed.[134] This is the dirtiest secret of post-war America: our vast intelligence networks were a haven for, and eventually a tool in the hands of international fascism. The increasing challenge to simple Constitutional rights is a direct result of the legislative and political role, played behind the closed door of "security" by these elements. The growing threat to the already damaged economy by the military-industrial complex is out of control. All is geared to a new world war, a bloodbath in section of the Third World, a reduction of population worldwide. The attacks in Congress and the courts on rights are the prelude to open martial law and fascist rule in America -- a new "final solution." [135]

"When they came for the Jews, I did nothing for I am not a Jew . . . when they came for me, who was left to defend me?" asked Martin Niemoller of Germany in the 1940s. The continuing murders of labor leaders, musicians, political dissidents, progressive thinkers, Black and Hispanic leaders, and others here in the United States parallels the hundreds of political murders in the late 20s and early 30s in Weimar Germany that preceded Hitler's rise to power.[136] When the came for the socialists and communists in the 1950s, the targets of the Smith Act and other repressive treatment, many of us did not act since we were not members of such organizations. Will be make the mistake twice?

Hanging solemnly over the mass murder at Jonestown, Guyana, was the George Santayana quote, "Those who do not remember the past are condemned to repeat it." [137] We are not far from the open collusion of the courts in all aspects of state repression. Recent events must be seen for what they are, an attack on us all, spearheaded by the very forces of reaction that threaten life and freedom worldwide, hiding beneath the cloak of anticommunism. To sit back now will put us in &category akin to Klaus Barbie's Army Intelligence contact, Ernst Dabringhaus. Will we be "Good Germans of American extraction" and "do our job," or will we rise?

--John Judge

(Based on my own research and that of Mae Brussell, [138] and the few researchers looking into the truth of what became of democracy in America.)


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The interconnections multiply, and the Joe McCarthy story is but one indication. Fr. Walsh, his "mentor," worked with the Papal Relief Mission in the 1920s, along with Herbert Hoover, as a cover to rearm the monarchists. McCarthy was supported directly by Nazis here in the U.S., including Frank Seusenbrenner, then President of the Board of the University of Wisconsin, and Walter Harnishfeger. In turn, McCarthy took over the Senate hearings on the Massacre at Malmedy to cover the Nazi criminals. Other examples of interlinks abound:

Charles Willoughby, really Weidenbach, helped found Young Americans for Freedom in Dallas in 1963, which had a role in the JFK assassination. Also involved there was Robert Morris, a Navy intelligence psy-war expert in World War II, who chaired the Committee to Restore Internal Security, assisted in the McCarthy purges, and linked to the Dallas YAF plot. Fr. Walsh himself had ties with a Nazi Major General, Karl Houshofer.

Sven Kraemer, the son of the notorious Fritz Kraemer, links closely with Rev. Moon, the World Anti-Communist League, and the Pentagon.

Mike Burke of G&W's Madison Square Garden had CIA connections, worked in an early plot to overthrow Albania, and links to Sonny Werblin at the Garden, an early Hollywood publicity agent for Reagan. (New York Times, 4/17/82)

Banco Ambrosiano is now further scandalized by the recent discovery of guns and drugs at their Milan headquarters, part of an international traffic that ties to Nazi smuggling operations and CIA plots. (LA Herald, 11/26/83).

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