Saturday, July 14, 2007

Schwarzenegger Pictured Wearing Nazi Jewelry

There is a lot of buzz on the Internet over this week's issue of Time Magazine which pictures California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger with a Nazi belt buckle. There are many that are outraged that he would wear something like this for such an important photo shoot.

The cover of the issue shows Governor Schwarzenegger with his arm around Mayor Michael Bloomberg. The caption on the picture reads, "Who Needs Washington?" It is an obvious reference to many of the changes that the two politicians have made in their personal political beliefs that do not go along with what the White House or Congress would have wanted.

If you look at the waist of Governor Schwarzenegger, you will see a large silver belt buckle around his waste that appears to be a type of skull and crossbones. This is a symbol that was used by the Nazi officials during World War II to instill fear.

It is not a secret that Governor Schwarzenegger's father was a member of the Nazi police before and during the war. His father most likely would have worn this symbol on his hat from time to time. There is ever a chance that the belt buckle could have belonged to his father at one time.

The criticism that is circling is about the fact that he would wear such a symbol on his belt during a major photo shoot in the first place. Since the symbol was used by the Nazi's to instill fear and hatred, Schwarzenegger is giving a poor representation of himself by wearing it.

There are some that are coming to his defense in different blogs and in forums stating that he must be wearing the symbol as a sign of toughness. Granted, there are many types of symbols that can be worn to show toughness. There are many that are stating that he should watch his jewelry more closely since it is well known that his father was a Nazi.

Early in his acting career, Schwarzenegger had to do a lot to combat the rumors that he was a Nazi sympathizer. There were many that believed that he might follow in his father's early beliefs.

We will most likely hear some kind of apology in the near future from Governor Schwarzenegger about this ordeal. It is likely that he will be forced to since there are more and more sites around the Internet that are picking up on this story. For some people, though, an apology will not be enough.

Time Magazine, June 25th, 2007