Thursday, July 05, 2007

The World Bank has been Apprised of Robert Zoellick's NAZI Connections

My article on Robert Zoellick and the German Marshall Fund, a surviving appendage of the Third Reich, drew some interest. Who checked in to read the Nazi Zoellick article but some of the tellers at the World Bank:

District Of Columbia, Washington, United States ( ( (

I tracked them with my TIA software. And who's this? (


My agents are combing Washington, DC for the answer - could be a communist or agent of Saddam Hussein, so i'm issuing a BROWN ALERT - this one means that we should start soiling our pants.

The World Bank has been informed that their chief executive is a Nazi slug. Let's see if they do anything about it.

And while they're at it, the Bankers should take a good hard look at the Lexington Comair crash last year, just so associates of the WB - which serves the fascist industrial sector - KNOW what can happen to them if they act too overtly and aggresively to purge Zoellick. Don't fly is my advice to them ... but purge the Nazi. Just do it defly and in an organized fashion, so no one gets hurt. I don't want to have to post an article about a planeload of World Bankers going down over the District of Columbia ... well, maybe I do, to be honest, but I don't want it to be my fault ...

Article: "World Bank's Robert B. Zoellick is from the Nazified German Marshall Fund," by Alex Constantine

- AC
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